119 Ministries
Posted by: JustKaren67 ()
Date: June 04, 2013 04:47AM

Has anyone ever heard of this ministry enough to know what they are all about? Seems like they are trying to pull back to the old testament only. Some things just seem really off so thought I'd ask.

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Re: 119 Ministries
Posted by: JGIG ()
Date: June 18, 2013 04:11AM


You're discernment is right on - there are several things that are 'really off' about the 'ministry'. They are a Judaizing sect such as Paul so firmly preached against in his letter to the Galatians. They claim that they believe in the core beliefs of Christianity, but it's everything that they preach in addition to those core beliefs that nullify the core beliefs. It boils down to "you're saved by grace through faith, but then there are things that you must do (in this case observance of Old Covenant laws), or you really are not saved".

They preach circumcision for believers while trying to make it look like they don't preach circumcision, re-interpreting Scriptures that clearly teach that physical circumcision is not required by God for those in Christ. They also have a video where they teach a linguistic progression that actually says that Torah is God (see minutes 6-10). That particular video also teaches followers that it's okay to be divisive/divide from their families/friends/churches for the sake of their new-found 'truth'.

119 'Ministries' is rife with the redefinition of Biblical terms (using root word fallacies and outright substitution of definitions found in Hebrew/Greek) and builds on false premises to reach what they say is 'truth'. I started studying the Hebrew Roots Movement about seven years ago, and 119 is one of the newer but more prolific 'ministries' out there. Passion For Truth is another one, led by Jim Staley. In fact, the guys who run 119 sat under Jim Staley's teaching before severing that relationship. But there is much overlap in the teachings of both ministries; you will find that folks who like 119 like Staley's PFT and visa versa.

In my capacity as JGIG (I have a site that examines beliefs found in the HRM), I've received lots of emails from folks who have family/friends in both groups (and the HRM in general), and without getting into second-hand details, I've been told that both 119 and PFT exercise cult-like control over followers that they are directly involved with. Both ministries have facebook pages on which dissenting opinions or debate are not permitted, and those who challenge their doctrines are banned.

Feel free to PM or email me - I don't know if I'm permitted to post a link to my site here - my purpose is not self-promotion, JGIG is not a revenue-producing site in any way - it's in free blog form. JGIG does not refute specific teachers in the HRM, but examines specific teachings/concepts taught in the HRM and other Law-keeping sects to see where they deviate from Biblical Christianity. If a link is permitted, the following article is a good place to start:

Hebrew Roots Movement - Salesmanship 101

Hope that helps!


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