Bryan de Flores Discussion
Posted by: adamwolinsky ()
Date: June 15, 2012 12:01PM

I worked for Bryan for 9 months between 2006-2007. I created the animations for his screensaver and did various web design and audio/visual assisting for his live workshops.

In April 2008 I posted on a thread on a site called Xtrememind in reply to some people who were questioning if Bryan's work is positive and safe. I did not use my actual name at the time because like many people I was afraid to speak out. After posting my story, other people joined in and added their own. After over 26,000 page views, the thread mysteriously disappeared one day. And over time I have noticed the pattern that when people do speak out on various sites across the web, their threads are taken down.

And although when you type his name into Google, Google autocompletes with "Bryan de Flores Cult" and "Bryan de Flores Evil" there are currently no surviving threads online that say anything critical about him or his Accelerators.

Just this week I saw another thread mysteriously "disappear" and I do not feel that it is right for the truth to be white-washed, hidden away or buried over.

Using I was able to recover the original Xtrememind thread that had been taken down. You can read it as it appeared on May 15th, 2008. It may take a moment to load: []

I went by the name "PHprism" on the site. I will repost my story below.

The truth can not be hidden any longer.

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Re: Bryan de Flores Discussion
Posted by: adamwolinsky ()
Date: June 15, 2012 08:50PM

I originally posted my story on a thread entitled "Question about Bryan de Flores" on the Xtrememind Forum. You can view it in its original context on this page: [] It may take a moment to load.

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:25 pm

I left his group about a year ago. I followed his work and went to every teleclass and in-person workshop for 3 years. I also worked with him professionally for 9 months.

In the beginning, I was attracted to his work because I felt a very powerful energy from looking at his website. In fact, I even felt something heal inside me the first time I saw one of his images. I then attended his workshop in Sedona in 2004 and was really impressed with him. He really seemed like he was in his integrity. I really admired his self-discipline, which I felt that I lacked at the time.

There were a few warning signs present at his workshop that year, although I wouldn’t discover the full depths of who he really was until 2 years later. During a woman’s presentation about nutrition, in front of an audience of about 300, he interrupted her mid-sentence and kicked her off the stage, supposedly saving the audience from “hooks” that this woman was supposedly placing into us. I honestly didn’t know what to think of this at the time, but was horrified as the entire audience erupted into applause.

On a break after this drama unfolded, I remember sitting on the curb outside the hotel and feeling sickened. We didn’t know the back story of what was going on, so why was everyone so happy that the supposed “bad guy” had been banished? There was something very Nazi-like about the whole thing.

Nonetheless, I left the workshop feeling impressed and even looked up to him.

2 years later I attended a smaller class where he gave out “destinies” to people. These were pieces of paper with a one paragraph description of what we were put on Earth to do. Some of his teachings that year were decent. Including teachings about going directly to God. But some of his tendencies to control were starting to be apparent. When you go to the workshop he restricts when you can leave the hotel, and where you can go. For example, the first 3 nights you were not allowed to leave the hotel and were not allowed to go into town. All of this is portrayed as orders “directly from the Angelic Hierarchy.”

It was at this time that he started to introduce his Ascensionist prophecies, saying that in 2012 the world will be split into 2 and unless you are on your destiny vibrating in the 5th dimension you will be demoted back to a caveman level of consciousness.

There was a lot of rhetoric implying that “we are the special ones” (the ones at the class) and he really emphasized the cosmic importance of our group of 20 people: “This class is the great cosmic experiment…” etc.

During the class he also began to make a lot of promises. Like we are the ones who will live forever, and that if you follow your destiny you will have 3 houses. He said that spiritual teachers are being taken out of power for not being in integrity and that these new openings are intended for us, the special ones.

One of the greatest aspects of that class for me at the time was the bond that I felt with many of the other 20 people who attended. One of the things I learned through this whole experience is that the isolation and need for community that many “lightworkers” feel can actually leave them vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

Up until this point, at least in my perception, his group wasn’t a cult yet. But directly after the destiny workshops in which around 80 people attended in 4 different classes, he started adding telecalls to make sure that we were on track with our destinies.

It was at this point that people started to turn into mindless followers, albeit very slowly. He was the guru and we were to ask him questions about every little decision in our lives.

“If I get this brand of shoelaces, will that further me along my destiny?”

In fact if you did not ask him questions then he said you were not committed to your destiny and would be “flatlined”.

It is in my opinion, that at this point he really started to turn. If his work was ever positive, it definitely began to get murkier and go into a darker grey area. I believe he became addicted to the power of having control over these details in people’s lives. He got off on it.

My spouse and I had gone to all of his classes up until this point together. And at first we were held up as the examples that everyone else should be like on these calls. “You two get special dispensations from the hierarchy because you will be moving,” he said on one telecall.

Several months later, when we hadn’t moved he made the grave and angry prediction: “The window has closed.”

By this time I had started to work with him professionally, and would spend many hours with him on the phone. He would call at any time of the day or night and give me hours and hours worth of “free psychic advice” which I greatly appreciated at the time.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t see was that he was slowly working an agenda to encourage me to break up with my spouse and move across the country. It was a very slow and subtle process, but there was one specific phone conversation in which he crossed the line into my relationship. “Where do you see your relationship going?” he asked.

Instinctively, I began to shut down when he asked me this and he said, “You’re blocking me.”

Because I was working with him, he started to act as if he had a say over every aspect of my life. He told me that I mustn’t use my computer or cell phone after 12pm each day or I would be “helping to build an evil energetic grid.” All of this was in spite of the fact that he would often use his cell phone or computer after noon on a frequent basis.

He eventually gave me a deadline to move across the country. He told me that I had to move away from my spouse and that if I didn’t move I would “no longer be safe” where I was living at the time.

He began to put together small hand-picked groups from the original destiny classes called “destiny teams” made up of the special people he chose. These groups were supposed to train under him to learn how to become the “new kind of spiritual teachers.”

As crazy as it sounds, he was grooming me to be something like an overseer of these groups and wanted me to control their energy like he was doing. He would say things to me at the time like, “You have to run the energy of the whole group,” but what he was driving at didn’t compute to me at all, because my mind doesn’t work that way.

Sadly, many people fell for his tactics and did uproot their lives thinking that this was God’s plan for them. But of course, it wasn’t God's plan. It was his plan.

He also put together another secret group called the “power of 12”. Again these were hand-picked special people, that he put together to do psychic protection for him everyday. He sold it by making it seem how much we all would benefit and how it would put us on the “fast-track” for our destinies.

The rules of this group were very strict. You had to get up at a 5am and state each person in the groups name and then do protection about a certain aspect of everyday life that you were assigned.

In the first meeting of the group, he stated how important he was and that all of these “dark forces” were out to kill him, but luckily a UFO appeared and saved him. All of this sounds completely crazy, but the fact that no one hung up the phone is a testament to the amount of mind-control that was going on.

All of this culminated in a class in 2007, in which he waited until the two of us were alone and gave me the prediction, “I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I think [your spouse] is going to die.”

He is so sick and so detached from the emotional bonds that people have in relationships that he expected that I would simply leave my spouse on the spot.

Up until this point, his agenda had been very subtle to me, but this tactic was so blatant I could finally see through it.

When I confronted him about it, he countered that the “hierarchy was very disappointed in me.” and “after all I’ve done for you to further your spiritual growth” this is the way you repay me, etc.

I know of at least 5 or 6 other people who received nearly the exact same letter when they dared to question him.

For people who are not in the inner circle, it can be harder to tell what he is really about. But I ask people just to do a simple reality check. Of all the things that he promised would come true for you a year ago, what has actually come true? Do you have the 3 houses that he promised?

It’s not like when you start going to his classes he tells you to break up with your spouse or move right away. It is a very slow, methodical and insidious process.

It’s starts out with him telling you that certain foods are higher energy than others. And that in order for you to do your spiritual work, because there is so much “infiltration” during the day, you have to wake up at 12-3am and work all night long.

He tries to limit what music you listen to and what teachers you can go to. And if you allow it, your will will be slowly eroded away.

He has tried to break up many couples. I recently heard from some friends of mine that he tried to do the exact same thing to them. He is a master manipulator. He is very good at picking up on your weaknesses and exploiting them. He seems to trigger the “I’m the only one in the class who doesn’t understand” or “I don’t want to get left behind” childhood wounds in people.

Unfortunately, when the things that he says don't come true many of us blame ourselves. There must be something that I didn't do right, and that's why it's not working. But this makes it all too easy for him to manipulate you as he will of course put the blame on you as well. He'll tell you how you're not measuring up, or that you're "almost there", but unfortunately, "there" never comes.

His classes are definitely not a space where thinking for yourself is encouraged. If anyone ever disagrees with him or confronts him directly they are promptly kicked out of the class, in the same way he did to his presenter in 2004.

One of the biggest lessons I got out of this whole experience is that just because you feel the “power” of something doesn’t tell you where that power is coming from. I feel the power, but where’s the love? This man does not show love. On the contrary he is a very sadistic individual, humiliating and degrading others for the sure enjoyment of it.

When he told me my spouse was going to die, he did so with a smile on his face!

This experience was the most difficult spiritual lesson I have ever gone through but ultimately the most valuable one. Perhaps in reality he really is a good teacher, because I learned from him that you should never put someone between you and God. No go-betweens.

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Re: Bryan de Flores Discussion
Posted by: nancy/michael ()
Date: June 18, 2012 10:53AM


From my experience with Bryan de Flores....I attended 2 of his workshops in Santa Fe, NM around 1999....I alway felt that I was getting psychic attack or feeling whacked out....I realized that I was getting severe what is working through Bryan is not a postive energy/force....Also I discovered when I happened upon his website in 2007 all of his activation codes or his paintings were being used as codes of de-evolution....these are reversals....actually doing the opposite...Alot of new age teachers are being used as twilight masters....they are being used by other energies and do not even know it...The whole New Age has been hijacked by dark forces....People you have to use discernment....enlightenment is a myth....or alot of these teachers talk about being self-realized when they do not even know about the dark forces on this, light & clueless.....We live on a planet of duality....

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Re: Bryan de Flores Discussion
Posted by: jedisharon ()
Date: February 23, 2018 02:41AM

a warning to anyone who wants to buy his work or start to work with this "man". I wish to god i had read a warning years ago.

This man is a malignant narcissist who is delusional. Back years ago he told all the people in his class that they would split off into to worlds in 2012. he also told so many crazy things in his classes i wonder how on earth i did not walk out.
right away. he is a bully and cruel. He has hurt many many people who are too scared to speak up as he destroys lives.

I took his so called healing pictures to person who is a dr who can read energy and see what things do- he said his pictures do the opposite of what he says they do. People have PTSD for years after dealing with this man. He has this side kick sheila whop proclaims to be a intuitive but is actually just a brainless shell that just says what he says. When i had a session with her i was amazed at how taken over and empty she is - the same with her sister meg who actually witnesses the abuse and yet continues to work for him.I had heard from people that left that he does psychic attack on members who leave. this is from people who finally left after they found out he was a psycho. The good thing i got from dealing with this evil man is i turned to god completely -completely- took years to clear layers and layers of stuff this man does energetically. there is a part of me that does not want to write this- just grateful i got out but then i thought i had wished i came across some warning on the internet years ago. God said to bless your enemies and so i ask for blessings for these sick people and i know i am protected in gods light from such evil now. I actually have to have PTSD therapy because of what this man and his group did so a word of warning.i agree with the woman above about dark forces. I too have been told that by the people who had to help me and clear me of all the damage done.

we are taught to bless those that curse us so i ask for many blessings for this man and those who work with him. and in that i am free. I also know i can warn others from going into the darkness. there is evil in this world and i choose light. and so if this helps even one person from not going down that dark path then that is reason to write this. In that i am free.

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