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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 05, 2012 10:36PM

That other item -


whales sacrificing themselves to help clear karma and lift vibration ( hence so many since the dawn of the new age 2000 no doubt),

What a clever way to sidestep the grief of facing our collective human responsibility for the extinction or close to extinction of whales.

Instead, sidestep our human responsiblities and sidestep the grief of all this by claiming the whales sacrificed themselves to help clear karma and lift vibration.

I cannot speak for whales.

I do know that when people "sacrifice" their lives, this does not clear karma and lift vibrations.

Instead, it traumatizes the communities and famlies these persons belonged to and leaves a dark legacy that puts survivors at risk of depression.

But...I am just an inferior mind, trapped in prana.

And I am ever happier to stay exactly that way as I see the damage done by those who claimed superiority to the human condition.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: May 06, 2012 11:44AM

I wasn't intending on posting anymore but felt I needed to say well done to Concernedpartner. I have picked up that book along with his others many times to only put it back down several pages later because of the absolute utter nonsense that is written. It is pain staking to read and make sense of his "energetic" style of writing. It's as if he invents words and has his own style of grammar. Usually his sentences run into each other and are full of contradictions. For you to be able to sit down and read it and show patience is impressive. Thanks for the summary.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 06, 2012 11:07PM

Small story.

This is an example of an innovation in medicine. It produced beneficial results. The first who started it did NOT themselves have to proclaim it. The beneficial results emerged on their own and in unexpected ways.

A couple of weeks back, I was reading a book that was published decades ago. It was a history of how emergency room medicine developed.

This was something that developed in a fumbling way. And was at first greated with suspicion. The first physicians in emergency medicine were professionals. At the same time, they were mavericks, the kind of people who wanted more challenge than a conventional office practice could give.

So there might be some parallels with New Age modalities that claim results.

Lets look at the story further.

Prior to modern emergency medicine, there were no doctors who were assigned specifically to the emergency room, except for medical interns, and residents - trainees. Often a doctor in private practice had to respond to midnight phone calls, then follow a patient to the hospital or phone and arrange for admission. This was rough on everyone.

Only in the late 1940s and early 1950s did a few board certified MDs begin volunteering for time slots in emergency rooms. This was something new. These ER docs would see people as they came in by ambulance, treat them, stablize thier health, then refer them to their outside physicians or if the person was seriously ill, admit them and then refer them to the surgeons or direct them into the care of the Internal Medicine Department.

This new speciality was greeted with suspicion, both within hospitals and by physicians in the community.

There were fears that these 'emergency medicine' docs would be stealing patients from other practitioners. Didnt happen.

One of these early specialists reported an unexpected result. He was at a doctor's party.

One of the wives came right up to him, a total stranger, hugged him in front of the crowd and told him, "Thank you for saving our marriage."

(This was in the late 1950s, early 1960s)

These emergency medicine doctors were making it possible for the docs in private practice to give thier best at the office/surgery, whilst enabling them to get home at a reasonable hour and be there for their spouses and kids.

Their innovations in emergency medicine, combined with what was being learned on battlefields in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, seeped over and led to the top quality training given to paramedics and EMTs today. Many of us are alive, sane, sentient and ambulatory because of this.

When something new is genuinely beneficial, the results will emerge on their own and on their own when someone you do not even know comes up, hugs you at a party in front of the crowd and informs you that your work has saved a marriage.

A nurse who does sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies told me that a lady hugged him at the supemarket and told him that the procedure he did on her led to early detection and cure of what would have otherwise been a fatal cancer.

If the results are for real, not a jumble of mere subjective "experiences" or "energies" total strangers will step forward and speak up in the most unexpected ways.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 10, 2012 02:13PM

We're all a bit quiet maybe wondering what to say next. I think if it is important to you that UM doesnt get to keep recruiting people and having negative effects on those people and the people around them ( and maybe to curtail the money making machine it has clearly become) it is worth the time to keep posting as it will keep this blog ranking here and with Google ( which likes content)
I'm re-reading the " master work" for a review of the cosmology and will have something up in the next few days.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: May 11, 2012 08:34AM

I look forward to your appraisal of that, as your earlier one was so insightful.

As I have said before, it's a shame more supporters of UM do not post here, so we can open this debate up to a wider audience. The experience of those that have, shows this forum is open and honest. Sadly, I suspect that while the powers that be at Universal Medicine are monitoring this thread (and other sites) they will not contribute because they have no real defense of the untruths they are peddling.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: May 11, 2012 09:26AM

One other thing that you may notice with UM members is their views on death and more particularly their numbness or neutral nature around it. As an example you may notice when a natural disaster happens and there are deaths from it they show very little sympathy or emotion around the loss of human life. This could just be exclusive to my ex however i doubt it as when i question her on it she replies that "she doesnt feel sorry for them as they will be reincarnated"

Its a little disturbing to be with someone who shows next to no emotion when death occurs.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: lifetruetome ()
Date: May 11, 2012 01:43PM

I think they believe (correct me if I am wrong) that when someone dies its the soul wanting to go back to its true source?? The whole premise of UM is no emotion just feelings. It makes it hard for a UM follower to break down into tears when they hear of death. I wonder what they would think about the death of someone really close to them? There is also this whole thing with UM that you don't give anyone your love you are just love ie don't put your love onto someone. I wonder how this effects UM parents with their children?

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 11, 2012 08:51PM

Feelings vs emotions? Sounds like an in group language is developing

Here is a possible clue to this numbness and distant response being described in UM devotees.

What UM calls 'the Inner Heart' may be a sort of distancing strategy by which UM devotees can, at will, distance themselves from whatever is deemed unacceptable, unpleasant, threatening, not part of the program, etc.



"......The Inner Heart is a space which provides calm and perspective in the storm of life.
September 4, 2011

This 'inner heart' seems an important catch all phrase. It not only refers to the bundle of practices in UM, but may refer to an escape strategy that is utitlized.

Will mention that this sort of thing can be taught and abused in traditional practices as well.

Someone who served hard time with a troubled western teacher who trained as a Tibetan Buddhist teacher tells how this man, in a moment of candor spoke of ways he could, when he wanted to, distance himself from anything or anyone he deemed to be unpleasant.


He joked frequently that what he liked about dzogchen was that when life got to be difficult he could just press the dzogchen button and nothing would mean anything painful any more. When in doubt just zone out, sort of thing

There a are a multitude of ways one can create convenient escape strategies. Its like having a way to get the effects of a drug without having to purchase booze or go purchase weed or happy powder.

And to call it Inner Heart?

Heartless indifference sounds more like it.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 12, 2012 12:19PM

Hi Corboy,

Being close to it I think I can explain it a little more.

As part of the UM/SB doublespeak it is often said that people 'numb out' or 'check out' with alcohol, drugs, religion, TV, sport, glamour and so forth. While of course there is a certain truth to that the implication is that by being esoteric and 'in your heart' you are doing the opposite and being in your 'livingness'. This is a strategy used by SB when wanting his 'way' to appear right. Simply point the finger at that which is clearly not, and then, obviously, what he says is.

(SB uses this often in his writings and talks. To be fair it is a common argument practice to say " that is wrong, therefore this must be right"- the point here is that he specifically uses negatives that resonate with the 'students' so that they are having the 'ah-hah' of agreement when he then delivers them his version of truth, which is a nice psychological cut to..)

Part of being "in the heart or livingness" is to do things that 'support' you to be in the livingness. These include keeping a serene, non race-y environment, eating certain foods, listening to Chris James and SB's families muzak, surrounding yourself with the Masters Art, being gentle, avoiding certain people and places, etc. While the student believes that this is supporting them in to their journey to their inner heart or fiery truth, in psychological terms it is called "mood making". That is creating a set of circumstances that keep you in the mood. This is why the Students also require constant treatments, courses, massages and keep re-reading the 'work', listening to his talks on keep them in the mood. Or as they think, ( my apologies, feel) in their Heart. Ironically the very fact that they require these mood enhancers indicates that no real change has come about 'within' them, because if it had, the way they process the world, in ANY circumstance would be altered. There are many studies into the effects of meditation ( remember, a generally no-no according to SB, unless done the UM way) that indicate that to be the case- for example, people being less anxious, less stressed, clearer minded, more energetic, giving up addictions, and so on.

The continuation of this mood or 'supported environment' is to have a certain attitude towards events around you, for example tragedy (Karma) Death (inevitable, and of course illusory because you are moving to your next incarnation). Obviously to maintain the mood you can’t let life effect you 'emotionally' as according to SB, emotions are not real and don't even belong to you. They are part of the pranic illusion. Therefore to express them is to show that you are not in your inner heart and is a step backwards, and as "the choices you make will reflect back to you" outpourings of emotion will simply bring that energy back at you, creating an endless cycle of false emotions and pranic entrapment. Furthermore, having emotional people around you can have the same affect and of course is a bad mood breaker.

I do 'believe' tempering your emotions makes sense and as you get wiser this is something you learn to do. (Another example of if it can be wrong, SB must be right) however being emotionless is clearly ludicrous and unachievable. -SB is known to show a few now and again himself- It is what gives our life tone and events meaning. [Watching UM students force their children to stop being race-y or emotional is clearly an example of a ideology being imposed on small people who need to be shown how to use their emotions, not deny them]

So while you and I, in our mortal pranic minds, see being in the 'heart' ( as practiced by UM students) as numb, they of course know it to be because they are closer to the truth...

So in the final analysis they are ironically, but not without precedent, numbing themselves to real life in return for an idea of being in their ‘inner heart’.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Pranic Attack ()
Date: May 15, 2012 07:30AM


I have read your posts with interest. I am concerned about a friend who seems to have fallen under the spell.

UM seems to control every aspect of her life now and she exhibits all the classic symptoms mentioned by others. Sleeping /eating habits, choice of reading, music and art. Although she may be able to promote all her new ideas, she finds it difficult to give any substantiated reasoning when questioned on anything technical. Almost as if the answers have been implanted although she was unable to grasp the whole reasoning.

Its worrying to see such a complete character change. Someone who was once caring and sympathetic now believes that hardship and disabilities are some sort of punishment for wrongdoings in previous lives and so sufferers deserve their fate and should not recieve help. Infact her only interest seems to be in promoting UM as some sort of disciple. Have to say she does think she is healthier and happier now though - loved by her new friends, loving herself and her 'truth', living life at a slower, more chilled and stressfree pace and several stones lighter (many womens wish!) - oh and those fun filled retreats ... Sounds too good to be true.

I have been following the UM postings on the net and find it interesting that they seem to want to attract people (mostly lonely women) who can afford their courses /retreats etc.
This especially as they were offering 'esoteric financial health', although all references to this now seem to have disappeared from the internet along with mention of the therapist who could help relieve you of the money problems! I believe they will offer to act as trustees, and maybe even next of kin/point of contact, in event of misfortune. Has anyone else come across this ?
I'm guessing that once UM have gained complete trust and control of the followers they may further boost the coffers with large legacies and inheritances ...

I suppose you must trust someone who sticks needles in you, and think the chants/music must have some hypnotic relevance, as they are not exactly the stuff you would want to listen to repeatedly, 1000's of times, out of choice. Also wondering what esoteric dreams may be ?

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