Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: April 22, 2011 10:23AM

First let me say, I would so appreciate it if destini would emphasize not to use run on (and on and on.....and on ...and on) sentences. I would think with Daryl's background he would be able to tutor them in writing an understandable paragraph.

I am glad to read that Andrew, the artist behind the halloween costume, is admitting that destini is indeed a pyramid scheme. I'm sure that this type of thing is illegal in SA, am I correct? I think all here know why bernard is changing names so often. You're no online fool are you bernard, ....or are you? Some of these followers of yours seem to really seem to want to change the world to be a good place for all. But just between you and RR forum, we know that's not true, right? You have no desire to do anything but control and fill your own pockets with your follower's money. You shouldn't take a cent from Andrew for drawing up your silly costume, you have something to hide behind and that's worth alot to you now isn't it bernard?

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