Q. audio tape 'teaching' and trance induction observation?
Date: February 11, 2006 03:23AM


Is it possible to observe if someone has entered a trance or altered state as they listen to a 'teaching' cassette tape.
I won't go into the details here, as it would take way too long, but this group has all the 8 criteria which Robert Lifton defined. All the Maragret Singer conditions for a coercive persuasion/thought reform group etc. etc. All of Steve Hassan's identifying features, and so on.
I am thinking of asking a group member to listen to a tape with me, for the purpose of observing their behaviour while the 'teaching' lesson occurs. (Each lesson follows a very strict pattern, which is the same for each lesson i.e. same initial phrase/suggestions to those listening, then the lesson, then the lesson closes with the exact same phrases).
I'm sure they would be glad to have me listening to a tape, as they have suggested i listen to them before in the past.
These group members listen to at least one tape a day, every day, and as long as they will remain in the group, they will probably listen to a tape for the rest of their lives. :(
And the person/s i will be asking, have been listening to these tapes for over 10 years.


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