On the Ease of Creating a Cult
Posted by: Romanicus ()
Date: February 27, 2018 04:46PM

From reading websites like this and other similar places, it feels like that cults are truly everywhere in society. So I ask this question, is it really that easy to make a cult?

It is a fact that a cult requires a Charismatic Leader, how much charisma is charismatic enough? If a person has strong conviction with any belief system is that enough for him to make a cult around it?

I have met and seen charismatic people who don't run cults, is it more of an issue that they choose to not make one or that they are incapable of making one?

To summarize my question, we know that anyone can be a cultist, but can anyone be a cult leader? Or is that more of an exclusive position for the most charismatic and psychopathic among humanity's ranks?

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Re: On the Ease of Creating a Cult
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 16, 2019 03:54AM

I think it is that not all leaders are, or become psychopathic.

I guess it depends on largely on intention, someone is either leading to make a great change for the whole, or because they need the perceived position of power and adoration that they see in leading / teaching etc. They may not have received these things from peers as children and still seek to resolve them as they remain a painful gap in the persons emotional growth.

You have to watch out though, because some leaders may be wishing to make a change, though the example that they have learned from has been via a manipulator and they have not realised it, they are simply repeating the behaviour of those they looked up to and felt was ‘good’ or whatever.

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Re: On the Ease of Creating a Cult
Posted by: light34 ()
Date: January 25, 2020 06:52PM

A cult leader needs attention and control and to get that promises to their victims integration and community making part of something big that outsiders don't know and don't understand they promise them something greater it can be more money, healing, a certification, success, regaining power in their lives, being holly etc so if i know what your weakness is i will play with it so you get emotional thinking what you can achieve if you join me i will not let you be rational i will try to have you in the pick of your emotions before you think to much..

A cult leader will certainly look like hope, he will be friendly.. will praise you and then he will start to confuse you slow so you don't run way.. he needs to brainwash you slow so you will feel good and bad until you feel bad ..but after a long time you don't question because no one else does it should be normal and then you will think you have a mission you have to be there for them ! children who had manipulative parents and never were allowed to have a critical voice are more likely to join cults ..

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