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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: pinkunicorn ()
Date: March 23, 2010 12:25AM

The severely brainwashed are the only people who can rationalize away the most current actions of Raniere.

It is the only reason the cognitive dissonance that should be generated within a follower as a result, could be submerged. Such feelings can only be evoked if a follower who holds the leader in such high esteem can consciously realize that that the leader's actions contradict his image. If they are unable to do this, this leads to the brainwashed follower believing any type of irrational reason they come up with, even those the leader himself gives to explain away his actions.

Raniere is one of the top problem solvers in the world. How could he possibly have gambled away $100 million dollars? Someone in the market must be out to get him. Other people's "negative feelings" have caused such a failure, etc.

It could never be for the "actual" reason that he's a compulsive gambler and that his mathematical model is baseless.

That's not possible. Do you know who he is? He's one of the top problem solvers in the world.

Constant begging of the question.

There is a possibility that some of those who are members of NXIVM do not hold him in such regard, so their disassociation from the group would be easier to engender.

Regardless, his own deceit perhaps has become the start of his own downfall the precipice: an exemplification of the proverbial fable of the "wolf in sheep's clothing."

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Macumazahn ()
Date: March 23, 2010 04:57AM

The severely brainwashed are the only people who can rationalize away the most current actions of Raniere.

It is the only reason the cognitive dissonance that should be generated within a follower as a result, could be submerged. Such feelings can only be evoked if a follower who holds the leader in such high esteem can consciously realize that that the leader's actions contradict his image. If they are unable to do this, this leads to the brainwashed follower believing any type of irrational reason they come up with, even those the leader himself gives to explain away his actions.

   If they consciously realise that, it does take an additional effort to suppress it again. Should they fail to push it out of their minds though, the contrast will eventually result in an ‘inconsistency’ that might lead to their disassociation from NXIVM.
   However, in my experience such internal discord can arise not only consciously but also in conflict with the subconscious, even contained solely therein. One may feel a ‘cognitive dissonance’, yet is not able to pinpoint its origins in such a case, for the source is hidden behind not only teachings and other influences, but also behind the self-defence mechanisms that are protecting your ultimate sanity.

   That Raniere is self-conceited and deluded is in my opinion almost mentally self-protective. He must think so highly of himself and needs all this admiration or he’ll loose his grounds for any sort of self-respect; they're the only ones he has!

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: pinkunicorn ()
Date: March 23, 2010 06:27AM

One can only wonder about what type of ramifications the said set of events are having on those within NXIVM outside of the inner circle and what those in the upper echelons of the power structure are saying to them to rationalize the current situation.

As an outsider who just comments on forums about the situation who is getting tired as a result, one can only imagine the extent of the weariness of those who are actually involved in actual litigation with NXIVM. Frankly, I have concern only because I know of some who are in it, and I don't want them to be abused or hurt any further, financially, emotionally, or mentally. I just hope it's the end game now and that people will be unconditioned enough to see through the sham, and those who are friends within it can dissociate and remain as such with healthy relationships amongst each other without the confines the shackles this organization seems to place on them.


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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Macumazahn ()
Date: March 23, 2010 01:26PM

   They probably rationalise the current set of events with the usual ‘…"them and us" attitude…’ (ESP Training Materials as on public record with the patent application for Rational Inquiry™ (1999) at WIPO, ‘Mission’ module, pg 206 bottom).

   The world has conspired to ‘destroy’ the ‘values’ of ‘knowledge’ (Raniere’s vision, ESP’s Mission, NXIVM’s efforts to that end, etc.) and ‘money’ (The Bronfman’s investments, Raniere’s system of commodities trading, etc.) and so on; is in fact out to ‘destroy’ all the ‘values’ that make up ‘civilisation’! It is instilled love of the ‘mission’ and by extension of self (that is the group and as its focal point Raniere) and well-induced fear of the loss of either, on which the rationalisations will be targeted. These triggers will be activated and emotions mirroring Raniere’s narcissism and paranoia thus kindled. It will make the espians believe that we all truly are out to get them, to ‘suppress’ their goodness and altruistic intentions because we have ‘very low self-esteem’ (‘Shifter’ module, pg 180, ‘Suppressive: …’), which means that we're 'totally reactive' since we don’t have the same realistic ‘range of possibilities’ as they have in this ‘given context’ (‘Self-esteem’ module, pg 128, ‘Self-esteem is the …’), and hence want to destroy what they’ve been working for. After all, we don’t have anything good to say about whomsoever (again ‘Shifter’, pg 180, definition of ‘Suppressive’).

   I guess that is about along which lines the internal defence will run; these are after all arguments that have already been made available by the teachings and therefore merely need to be pointed out to activate. You can see the somewhat disassociated results of the current rationalisations (and other long-term mechanisms) in action on Mark Hildreth’s blog entry ‘the ones i love’ dated March 9th 2010.

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Monitor NXIVM ()
Date: March 23, 2010 09:27PM

To enufalready (and everyone else who thinks it's time for the Vanguard circus to be closed down):

Of course you can register your comments with the AG anonymously. In the worse case, just create a new gmail address and use it.

Once again, send your can send your comments to Andrew Cuomo at: And don't forget that he'll be announcing next month that he's running for governor.

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Macumazahn ()
Date: March 24, 2010 12:28AM

   For anybody who wants to register a comment with the NY AG…

   These are a couple of passages that in my opinion may contain some written statements/evidence that may be worth an investigation for legal points (from the ESP Training Materials as on public record in the patent application for Rational Inquiry™ (1999) at WIPO; the US Patent and Trademarks Office has the same document on file):

- MLM/ponzi or pyramid scheme: page 60, ‘2. Promotion: …’. This paragraph contains concepts that are clearly designed to stipulate recruitment. Especially the last sentence points out that rewards/promotions are given for immediate commencement of that activity. Additionally, the pyramid effect is described by mention of ‘additional educational modules and special information’ that only becomes available with promotion, which is based on recruitment apparently since no other method is described in any detail. See also the communications modules, which are mostly comparable to sales tactics (‘Scripting’, ‘Building Rapport’, ‘Building an Excited State’, and less obvious in many other modules).

- Possible tax evasions: page 207, ‘Our society is…’ and ‘Obligation is…’ under the ‘Important points’. These are clearly libertarian dogmas about the evils of the redistribution of wealth, how by taking the results of the one’s labours the person is in fact enslaved by the state.

- Possible removal or impairment of the concept of justice, right and wrong in the espians: Mostly in the modules ‘Good and Bad’ and ‘Crime and Punishment the teachings may in fact lead to an alteration of the understanding of right and wrong in the espian’s mind. The changes are introduced subtly and unnoticed by the espian; and if one reads between the lines rather for the benefit of the organisation than in the individual’s best interest.
   E.g., since NXIVM/ESP is teaching them ‘ethics’ the following from page 174 under ‘1. Review working Concepts…’ is indicative of the approach, setting (NXIVM’s) ethics above the rules, which after all are only fear based and for people who ‘follow rules to avoid consequences’ (from the definition of ‘A Rule’ in the ‘Good and Bad’ module, page 134, again in the ‘Mission’ module on page 207 ‘It is one of ESP's goals…’, etc…). The module ‘Overcoming Difficulty’ even glorifies a by affective memory and physiological manipulation artificially induced high alike to the adrenaline rush one feels in extreme danger situations. This ‘Switch’ ‘moving the individual into lower brain […] activity’ (‘Intensity’, page 103, ‘The Switch is…’) will trigger the ‘Power State’ in which a ‘Flight or Fight’ response should lead to the accomplishment of ‘almost superhuman feats’.

   This is not to say that espians are bad people, only that unbeknownst to them, their perceptions of right and wrong may have been adversely influenced by NXIVM and its teachings so that they may better fulfil whatever mission is stipulated by the organisation’s leadership, recruitment mostly.

   These are but a few (with just a couple of the many examples each) that seem questionable and worth an investigation from a legal point of view. A closer inspection of the up-to-date ESP Training Materials as well as the videos and other sources would probably bring to light many more.

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Macumazahn ()
Date: March 24, 2010 04:31PM

   On re-reading my point about the impairment of right and wrong, I felt as though I should clarify it somewhat, as though I had inadvertently directed it too much at the espians rather than at Raniere/NXIVM.

   In Raniere (and maybe/probably several of the highest leadership of the organisation as well), this sense of justice, the perception of right and wrong is apparently utterly absent. He runs a ponzi, manipulates people’s lives in abhorrent manners and takes whatever money wherever and whenever he can, using the justice system for his own avaricious purposes with lawsuits mostly aimed to gain, but otherwise in all probability is having a laugh about it, sniggering at its irresponsiveness and inability to catch them – at least so far.

   What I tried to describe was the devastating tragedy that is being played out by him and the NXIVM leadership at the cost and on the backs of the espians, how they manipulate the espians’ ‘ethics’, the concepts of right and wrong, and the basic behavioural patterns for their own materialistic and power/control purposes as well as narcissistic pleasures and desires. They do this by founding the justification, veracity and significance of their teachings on the premise that Raniere as one of the smartest guys in the world (on his own well-documented insistence) is the ‘Vanguard’ of the only movement that may save the world from another, final fall of civilisation (NXIVM homepage; ESP pg 208, ‘Human civilization has had …’; etc.). The following are some of the many misleading arguments resulting thereof that are used to manipulate the espians into following this ostensibly altruistic course; you may have to read between the lines a bit to see the true nature and meaning of these teachings and statements.

   One of the major points in ESP’s mission is to teach humanity the meaning of value and its ethics. However, values are but a limited and often limiting set of factors: money (as described in the ‘Money’ module), knowledge (pg 120 ‘The difference between humans and animals: …’, and throughout), and through that civilisation (pg 136 ‘The willful accumulation …’, and others). But essentially money is both how value and trust are built and why such values exist in the world (pg 203/ 204, '1. Review working conclusion:...'). To ensure that these values are not destroyed, that civilisation does not suffer its final fall, they define part of their mission as to ‘have the resources of the world controlled by value-oriented ethical people. …’, meaning espians and hence NXIVM and thus Raniere (pg 209, ‘Supporting Ethical business practice: …’; and as to who is ethical, here’s a telling passage on pg 162, ‘Most people (non-Espians) …’, creating a ‘them…us’ attitude).

   The recruitment targets a wide variety of people, ranging from the more materialistic success oriented to the honestly altruistic. Yet throughout the documentation, it seems as though their personal desires and goals are denigrated (e.g. bottom of pg 74 and top of pg 75), turned into mere preferences, which are not that important to the person, and thus aligned with the desires and needs of NXIVM; it is in a sense another example of the erosion of individuality, a form of Gleichschaltung (from Wikipedia; see also my post on the misuse of desires in ESP’s teachings on another forum). Along libertarian lines, charity is deemed only non-enslavement, when it is done of freewill (e.g. pg 120, ‘Working Definitions: …’ containing also the definitions of ‘A right’ and ‘A Privilege’, and ‘Contribution: …’; or in the definition of ‘Producer’). At the same time though, the list of those considered worthy of such charity is at least limited by concepts of parasites and shifters. (The three Producer/Parasite modules (also in patent description, ‘ESP 52 module 10 includes…’ and continued on the following page); Shifter module (also in patent description, ‘ESP 52 module 14 includes…’). NXIVM doesn’t want too much of the espians’ money to go in that direction after all…

   By the way, if one reads between the lines of these modules, one can see the shackles that NXIVM puts on the espian. They are honour bound to do what they are told or they will immediately become parasites or shifters by definition, not taking their responsibilities seriously or being accountable, etc. And of course, if they doubt, think otherwise or even dare refuse to do as told, the labels of 'suppressive', 'defiant', etc. are applied, dire warnings such as to the endangerment of their 'personal integrity' issued, and their ‘commitment to persistence’ (implicitly in the mission) questioned. In light of these examples out of the many more, I’m frankly impressed that some espians are still capable of doing good, of staying true to their altruism and not only talking about it in abstract and high-flying, often incomplete, befuddled and inconsistent terms; an achievement to be proud of in the face of all the debilitating obstacles put in their way by NXIVM’s teachings and organisational goals and structures!

   In general, the definitions of good and bad are rather black and white with little regard for or understanding of nuances, circumstances or other influences and variations; you’ll find this evident even in the examples of the ‘Producer/Parasite’ (three modules) and ‘Shifter’ modules that are supposed to give the espian strategies to respond to many ordinary human situations. Simplistically generalised and confoundedly formulated, good is defined repeatedly as ‘pro-survival’, ‘forward’ and ‘building of value’, while bad is ‘counter-survival’, ‘backward’ and the ‘destruction of value’ (Good and Bad module; pg 207, ‘Working Conclusions: …’; pg 30, patent description, ‘ESP 52 module 9 includes…’; to name but a few examples). Evil is defined as coming from intelligence (pg 137)!

   And the list of examples could go on and on and on and … many of them still hidden in the 'special information' for higher ranks and the videos!

   Overall, by generalisation, deletion and distortion, the students of ESP are slowly and imperceptibly but inexorably deprived of their individual take on justice and the values of right and wrong, which have been given to them by their upbringing, society and their respective histories, by civilisation to put it bluntly. Other mechanisms may rob them of their personal desires, goals, meaning and purpose. All this is done to benefit but one entity, NXIVM Corporation and by extension its leadership and its leadership alone! Disguised as ethics, altruism and proper human communications, the espians are taught but ideals and methods that facilitate recruitment, make them responsibly (or rather obediently) follow orders, and help perpetuate this process. As I said in the beginning, the espians are (in most cases) unaware of this alteration, of this Gleichschaltung to the unstated missions and goals of Raniere and the top leadership of NXIVM!

   (As usual, unless otherwise stated, all references are to the ESP Training Materials as contained within the patent application for Rational Inquiry™ (1999) on public record at WIPO.)

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: enufalready ()
Date: March 24, 2010 09:59PM

I like the Gleichschaltung analogy. I don't have time to address most of the questions or get into a discussion - I am still digging myself out of the financial hole and feel they have wasted enough of my time, energy and money ... but in case no one was aware, a large part of the philosophy comes from Ayn Rand. Atlas Shrugged was like their bible. They also stole from many other disciplines as well and combined into one, but all of this can be found for free elsewhere.

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: Macumazahn ()
Date: March 26, 2010 09:39PM

   This is a long one, sorry…

   The system of Gleichschaltung actually was best visible in the handling of information flow or propaganda. Newspapers were at first silenced by personal attacks, denunciation and outright intimidation of the owners and their employees; then infiltrated by loyal members, who made certain that only well-aligned values, appropriate thought and approved rationale would prevail; and finally either shut down for good or simply taken over by the party and integrated into their political system to propagate their ideological content and directives as they pleased. Information control is indeed the first step in any form of social control; the first thing any revolutionary mob or conquering army does, is to capture the media centres. The term may have been coined in another era, but its validity and continued usability are evident everyday. Here for example is a story reported on CNN, March 25th 2010, ‘Chavez critic arrested in Venezuela’.

   How does this old term apply to NXIVM though? What elements can one find within the teachings and practices of ESP that lead to those methods? There are in fact many elements that can be found in the ESP Training Materials (as contained within the patent application for Rational Inquiry™ (1999) on public record at WIPO). These teachings and practices are applied in the standard twofold way, internally (on the individual as well as the group itself) and externally (on ‘non-espians’ for recruitment and on detractors to repel).

   ESP assimilates the students into the NXIVM collective, turning them into espians; in a sense, by recruitment they are appropriated as sustenance for the leadership’s interests and absorbed into the system. This process is designed to be slow and imperceptible, thus not conducive to incite resistance. Once started, it becomes ever more difficult for the student to detect or break free form it. Some examples of the methodology as applied internally on the students and the group as a whole:

- Pretty much the first thing they do as newly recruited students is to sign their Non-Disclosure-Agreements. From now on, all they may proliferate to the outside world are carefully supervised and subtly imparted propaganda messages. Their communications skills are trained as to convince unsuspecting ‘non-espians’ of joining the organisation so that they may partake in the effort to establish a ‘world ethics’; which will only be revealed in full once they join since it is of such historic importance and should not be passed on without prior instructions in the skill. It keeps members from communicating internals by blinding and the threat of persecution.

- The individuality, emotional make-up, mental autonomy, personal interests, and in many ways free will, in essence the elements of personality, are disassembled systematically through the concept and techniques of ‘disintegrations’ and then ‘integrated’ into the ‘consistent’ ESP matrix. Their individually ‘consistent human internal existence’ is compared to the provided ‘matrix of consistent reality’ and if ‘a difference is detected, a disintegration is said to occur.’ (patent description, page 5). Basically, the elements of their truthful personality are declared ‘disintegrations’ and then replaced with modulated, simplified, abated, and more suitable ‘integrations’ of often little residual individual relevance, making the espian more malleable in the hands and interests of the NXIVM leadership. Henceforth there is no or only diminutive generation of original thought, information and concepts by the espian. (See my post on the example of desires and their use in the teachings of ESP on another forum.)

- Confounding terminology is being used to create a group specific environment (‘Schlauchapfel’ from the old era comes to mind). While creating a group-awareness, a feeling of togetherness, these terms however also allow for intrinsic group control. Even without much ado by the leaders, labels, dire warnings, and punishments such as social exclusion will be issued by the other members of the group if an espian steps out of line or dares to differ in any form; they are after all endangering the group’s ‘integrity’ and thus potentially ‘destroying value’. Data is standardised by the group and any deviance from that uniformity would result in chastisement. (See my previous post on the effect of shame and guilt techniques and many reports of former members here and on the web.)

- As though this intrinsic group control environment were not enough, by adding competition and other mechanisms to the mix, they create even more unperceived tensions among the members. There are even ‘handshake competition’ (page 59) and ‘Excited State’ contests (page 88, ‘6. Students vote on …’) presented as exercises, as well as questionably simplistic and distorted definitions on competition in life (page 144, bottom of the page; and again on page 196, ‘Competing with vs. competing against …’). The standardisation of actions and information is solidified by measurement within the group since no alternatives will present themselves and the peer pressure as well as other mechanisms will keep anybody from offering such.

… and there are many more such examples throughout the document and contained within the stories of former members. All these examples lead to tense relationships between the members of the organisation, often resulting unperceived in distrust, constant vigilance of wrongdoing (both the member’s own as well as everybody else’s), and eventually to denunciations (openly, secretly or even just by implication); which of course results in more shame and guilt, more suspicions, more paranoia even within this group of supposed friends, and subsequently more condemnations; a vicious cycle muting any meaningful dialogue within the group – and quite in the interests of the leadership. It is the ultimate standardisation and control of information flow; the only acceptable data can and will come from the top, which thus becomes the sole focus of the espian’s purpose and meaning in life, and of their knowledge; any doubts or questions of said propaganda are implicitly and explicitly pre-empted or forbidden. Naturally, it is done with a gentle smile, kind help, and ‘selfless’ offering of the founder’s teachings; he doesn’t even own a home, let alone a car, because all he wants to do is to give.

   Once the student is well on the way to being integrated into the ESP matrix or already assimilated and absorbed into the NXIVM system, they are ready to be sent out to spread the word, augment the leadership’s sphere of influence, and perpetuate the organisation’s existence. Out there in the world though, some additional or improved methods need to be applied, both on the espians as well as through them on anybody they might come in contact with. Again, a few examples only from the many. (They start to flow into each other by this stage, so sorry for the repetitions.)

- Once more, there are group specific terms that make communicating with ‘non-espians’ hard for the members, to say the least; the outsiders suddenly seem to speak in a different tongue and whatever an espian tries to convey – they don’t get it (or rather aren’t supposed to until they join). The list of labels is enhanced for that matter; and well-trained standard responses are created to address almost any behaviour considered inappropriate or deemed demanding, to counter objections, doubts, criticism, etc… (see the ‘Producer/Parasite III – Practice’ module’s ‘Patterns’ page 163 for some examples). In many cases, the taught responses seem emotionless, creating an even bigger chasm between the espians and anybody whom they meet and deem unworthy of membership in NXIVM, ‘parasites’ and ‘shifters’ mostly. But not only towards those is there a potential change; the exclusivity created by these terms fosters a certain arrogance and the well-played idea of ‘world ethics’ an elitist attitude, both of which are potentially driving a wedge even between them and close friends as well as family. These techniques hamper dialogue and give the espians a feeling of righteousness that prevents them from listening to any other opinion, or ever doubting their ‘own’ message, its contents and claims; after all, they’ve been educated that they are but doing good for everybody in this world! (See my post on the impact on outside relationships and on their defence against certain terms on the other forum.)

- Most of the communications skills they are taught as valid and ethical tools to success are in fact highly manipulative and directed solely at being able to convince the other person into a blind buy, so to speak.
From ‘Building Rapport: Among them are such methods as ‘pacing’ another’s emotional involvement; it creates a feeling of security and being respected in the other, thus giving her/him the impression of being in control; there is even an application to ‘pace’ somebody’s emotional state into another. Once that has been achieved, ‘leading’ is used to guide the unsuspecting person and direct the conversation to the intended goal. ‘Polarizing’ is used to oppose and cut any communication short.
Between the lines in the module on ‘Building an Excited State’ they are being taught how to generate excitement in themselves and then project it onto others. If the seller is excited about the product and manages to convey that, so will be the buyer; at least during the conversation. The same applies to the ‘Building Desire and Motivation’ module.
In ‘Intensity’ they learn how to increase or decrease their own intensity of involvement at will and irrelevant of the circumstantial justification, which again has a tendency of being projected onto the other person.
These techniques are all designed to facilitate recruitment, to make the espian appear all gentle and kind, concerned and deeply involved, and are merely disguised as tools to personal success. Sure, some of them might be applicable in a very limited set of professions or situations, but in general all these emotions should be organically occurring from the circumstances and justified by them; it would be a lot more ethical to teach them how to become aware of these factors in their natural forms in themselves, for only in these forms are they in fact truthful. (See also ‘Scripting’, ‘Communication and Being at Cause’ and ‘Honesty and Disclosure for further details on communications techniques taught; at times a little hard to detect between the lines though.)

- Openness and rationality are being praised throughout the teachings (e.g. ‘Mission’ module, page 209, ‘In a free society…’), but undermined by the paradoxes and hidden associations between the modules, the terms and labels, etc., as well as by the undercurrents created by the truthful intentions of the organisation’s leaders.

   All these things are taught not in the above order or constellation, but in different modules at different times so that the relationships between them are not apparent to the student; and if, then far too late to see the unethical aspects since their understanding of right and wrong has been altered too much already by that stage. (See my previous post on modifications to the espian’s concepts of right and wrong.)

   What about the other elements, mainly actions not related directly to information, but to hampering or even prohibiting the outside flow of such? Well, Rick Ross and Metroland could tell you some stories on that one. Anybody who cannot be controlled by integration is being intimidated, sued or otherwise persecuted. There are ample examples on Rick Ross’s NXIVM/ESP page and throughout the internet. The current court case in California is another such prime example (Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Case No. BC384285).

   Yet there is a major contradiction, a paradox (or ‘inconsistency’) really, on which I’ve only touched so far:
To be able to form an ‘always ethical’ ‘integrated belief system’, ‘more accurate information’ should be given. When living in a ‘free society’ then discussion of any subject should be possible and even encouraged. If that is not possible, we should find out who is benefiting from this ‘lack of freedom’ and demand said freedom! (‘Mission’ module, page 209, ‘Conclusions: …’, the first two points.) According to this, the espians have every right, nay even obligation to demand such freedom, first and foremost from Raniere and NXIVM!

   In fact, this is something that is ostensibly taught throughout ESP, rationality, objectivity, discussion, it is even evident in the name of the teachings’ technology, ‘Rational Inquiry™’! How then can all this secrecy, the NDA’s, the exclusive terminology, the abundant labelling and so on ever be justified? They’re all outright ‘destructive’ to any form of rational dialogue! And since ‘knowledge’, one of the core ‘values’ of ‘civilisation’, is formed by dialogue, peer testing and correlation of resulting information, it stands to reason that this hampering of such is actually a ‘destruction of value’ of the highest order.

   How can a ‘world ethic’ ever be spread, when its proliferation is so impaired by the organisation that has officially made it their task to do so? Even further, how can this message, well-intended by most of the espians, ever be ethical if it comes from but one source, still a human after all, and is only accessible once you have joined the organisation under his total control? In what way are fees, too high for most humans and thus selecting and excluding, ethical? How can these ethics be applicable world-wide if only a single person from a single country with a singular mind-set and such a potential mental make-up has contributed to it? We are after all some 6.8 Billion people in hundreds of countries on seven continents with thousands of different cultural aspects and literally some 6.8 Billion personalities! It’s going to be hard enough to establish an ethical common ground if we do it in open discussion, in a common language and with the participation of the leading minds and people’s representatives; and I too strive to give my part to this future for humanity. But blind standardisation under one man’s system simply won’t work; and in exclusivity, subjected to the above-described limitations and control mechanisms, it’s outright impossible!

   Let me reiterate once again, I mean no accusation of the espians; in a sense, they know not what they do, not anymore. They’ve been assimilated and absorbed into the ESP matrix and with all the mentioned propaganda mechanisms in place and operating on them constantly, they cannot function freely, well and independently informed, and pass their individual thoughts on to others. Just remember the calls to coaches (‘Persistence’ module, page 92), another example of continuous control and NXIVM’s presence and influence in their lives! But, this process of ‘integration’ is well reversible and with time and help, espians can be returned to their former autonomy, to their former self, leaving them stronger by the experiences and lessons learnt. At that point, they may well be able to work truthfully towards a real ethical world.

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Re: NXIVM and the Dalai Lama
Posted by: bigskeptic ()
Date: March 27, 2010 01:44AM


Will this be it for nxivm?

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