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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: snookie ()
Date: March 08, 2007 06:23AM

I would like to talk about a group called Universal Knowledge, initally called Life Integration Programmes, and subsequently Survivor Principles. It is an Australian group that is small but has been around for about fifteen years. The leader is called Natasha Lakaev and owns the property in northern New South Wales called Omaroo from which the group is run.

The group offers numerous "personal development" courses, which are very expensive. The first course you do, called The Next Evolutionary Step is almost identical to the five-day large group-training seminar as described by Margaret Singer in her book "Cults in our Midst".

If you go on to do the course called Personal Mastery and Metaphysical Counselling Certificate you are really opening yourself up to abuse. From personal experience, I never realised that enrolling in this course, which is sold as a one-year commitment, would take over the next five years of my life. Apart from the money and time I lost, it was the loss of self that was the most destructive. My identity and boundries were eroded during my time in this group due to living a life defined by methods of mind control.

In retrospect although good can be gleamed from bad, it was a negetive experience. I experienced physical and mental abuse but most devistating of all was the emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of one manipulating woman. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress and anxiety and panic attacks is one consequence.

Another questionable company which she spawned was called Light Speed Investments in the late 1990's, which was basically a horse betting scheme where investments were around twenty thousand dollars per person - most people never saw a cent again.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: tryreality ()
Date: March 24, 2007 09:00PM

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to the information posted here about Universal Knowledge by Snookie and further information on Universal Knowledge posted by this same person on anoither website I am aware of the people who have written these emails as I know them personally.

I think that you need to be aware that the information that they are portraying about Universal Knowledge is incorrect and that your website is putting yourself at risk of defamation cases when you post this kind of information with out checking the information.

I am happy to give the names and contact details of other people involved with Universal Knowledge so that you can check the truth of these stories.

The events that they talk about did not actually occur and I would like the opportunity to talk to someone so that they can see how the facts have been misinterpretated and twisted for personal benfit. Please be aware that this spreading of misinformation can be very damaging for peoples lives and that you need to check the facts before posting this kind of information.

Please read the posting on titled 'How I found Universal Knowledge'. It was written by a girl [...] from Brisbane Australia. I would like to point out a few things about what has been written in that posting to give you an idea of how the information on that website and on this one have been twisted and how much Damage this kind of posting can do to someone such as Natasha.[...]

[The girl]...talks about Natasha constantly as being to blame for her situation. Natasha has not been involved with Universal Knowledge since 1998. The company has a different director and Personal Mastery Course is a self directed course directed by the participants. Natasha is only involved on rare occasions when she is hired to provide assistance/teaching when it is needed.The way that [girl] constantly states that Natasha is to blame, is defamatory and totally untrue.[...]

[That girl] states that everyone has to do what Natasha says. This is the exact opposite. Everyone does what they want and they keep coming back to Natasha's property despite her constantly asking to just be left alone so she can live her life with her family. This woman is highly sought after for her intuitive, humble and truthfuil advice and she gives so much of herself to assist people with their development and she gets no time for herself despite the fact that she has not been involved with the organisation for 9 years.[...]

In all of [that girl's] posting she constantly refers to all the metaphysical aspects of the information and energy and intuition, guides, beings etc. She has wrongly portrayed what this information is about. Although these aspects are there and you learn to get in touch with them, one of the founding principles is that it helps you be more grounded and shows you how to be more responsible in every aspect of real daily life, such as holding a full time job and working to look after your family and looking after your health and creating a better world around you in your daily life and in your dealings with people. That is being grounded and dealing with reality and not hiding in the metaphysical. [...]

This is why I say to you that you need to be carefull what you post on your site before checking the facts as it is leaving you organisation liable for defamation.

I have actually done all the courses that Universal Knowledge has to offer. [...] Since doing the courses and learning the information I have been able to take my education and earn a good salary in the profession that I studied at university. In fact I am so much more grounded that I have been able to do incredibly well at my profession as an Environmental Scientist. A very satisying and positive thing. I come from a family with an academic background. A scientific analytical way of thinking.

When we did the courses with Universal Knowledge we were cautioned to not get egoic and not take the information and becoime a 'Guru' as if you know it all and are above it all. Stay grounded The way that the information of the courses has been twisted in this posting and the confidence.[...]

Universal Knowledge provides some of the most truthfull down to earth information that can be applied to every aspect of your life. If you wish to read more about it they have a book out called The Next Evolutionary Step which is very straightforward. And there is also a book called 'The Woman they call a Cult Leader'. You should read them and then make a decision on what you post on your site.[...]

[b:ba3c355970][moderator warning: Flaming (personal attacks) is against the rules you agreed to before posting here and will not be allowed. Posting personal contact information is also against the rules. Please read the rules again.][/b:ba3c355970]

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Date: March 24, 2007 09:07PM

Check out a recent BLOG claiming to expose a cult that controls peoples minds and their lives.
The information provided by an anonymous crusader is shown below:
Make sure you check out the responses this BLOG has generated - What do we believe?

Close Encounters with Universal Knowledge
(Name withheld)

Universal Knowledge is a company owned and operated by Natasha Lakaev. It is located at Burringar in northern NSW under the name of Omaroo. It operates under the guise of offering personal development courses where one can get in touch with their intuitive self and at the same time develop their psychic abilities, but really has all the elements of a mind control group with Natasha being the sole leader and guru of the group. Although she is not the Director of the company (for obvious reasons that if Universal Knowledge were to be sued she would not be liable), all decisions are made by her. The company originally started in the early 1990’s under the name Life Integration Programs.

After Natasha was exposed on A current Affair in 1998 the company name was changed to Survivor Principles. The name was again changed to its current name Universal Knowledge. Other companies that Natasha operates are Omaroo Weddings, Sunsence Environmental Consulting Company as well as the now defunct Sun earth Tours. From its beginnings the structure of the programs within Universal Knowledge has remained the same. Natasha believes she is a shaft of Jesus Christ and is one of the twelve members of some intergalactic council. In her program Survivors she teaches her students about the possibility of an Armageddon type scenario in which the current world as we know it will move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension. During this time of extreme instability she advocates that the only safe place on the planet will be her property ‘Omaroo’ at Burringbar. Consequently, her students give unconditionally of their time and money to maintain and improve her property in preparation for when such an event occurs.

Universal Knowledge falls into the category of a “New Age” Mind Control Group. Extracts from “Captive, hearts, Captive Minds” by Tobias and Lalich (Hunter House Inc. Publishers 1994) state that New age groups are “ founded upon belief in the “you are God” philosophy, in power through knowledge, wanting to know the future, find the quick fix. Often the leader presents himself as mystical, an ultra-spiritual being, and a channeller. Members may use crystals, astrology, runes, shamanic devices, holistic medicine. Techniques used include altered states of consciousness, peer pressure, sleep deprivation and strict dietary requirements often vegan and low in essential proteins which interferes with the person’s ability to think logically.

My experience within Universal Knowledge - How mind control works

Singer (2003) states there are six conditions that are needed to create an atmosphere in which thought control processes can take place.

1 Keep the person unaware of what is going on and how she or he is being changed one step at a time. Natasha advocates that using your intellect to make decisions means you are being restricted and controlled by outside forces while following your intuitive, emotional thoughts brings you happiness, peace of mind and keeps you going on your evolutionary path of development as you blindly follow your own personal truth. When the right brain is shut down mind altering techniques easily infiltrate the left brain and the parameters of what was “normal” to you are changed markedly. Therefore, you are unaware of what is going on around you and how your thought patterns are being manipulated. Over time you become increasingly dependant on Natasha for your decision making and less capable of making any decisions for yourself. As children tend to function from a more intuitive, emotional level and don’t have the wealth of knowledge or intellect that an adult has they are very easily mislead by this information.

2. Control the person’s social and or physical environment; especially control the person’s time, information and contacts. Through a process called ‘accessing’ (releasing suppressed feelings and emotions) students have realizations about family members and friends including how you were treated as a child by your parents.. You soon come to the realization that parents and friends are of no longer any use to you and you need to spend more time and money at “omaroo” doing courses to correct your lack of parenting skills and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes that your family and friends have. Hence, you very willingly cut ties with family, friends and spend more time at “omaroo” where Natasha can have complete control over you. Natasha advocates that time does not really exist and is only a figment of your imagination. However, I never had any time to see my family and friends, read the newspaper or listen to a current affairs to find out what was happening in the world. I progressively become more and more isolated and reliant on my new family at “Omaroo” who had complete control over what information I was receiving.

3. Systemically create a sense of powerlessness, dependency and fear in the person. As you become isolated from your usual environment, you become increasingly dependant on the friends you have made at Omaroo. You see yourself and your new friends as enlightened and evolved and anyone outside the organization as unevolved and unenlightened. You are told by Natasha that anyone who leaves the organization does so because they do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their decisions ( which are always manipulated and under the control of Natasha). At the time I fully believed that it was my choice to be at Omaroo and that I was not coerced in any way. However, the reality was I was completely under the influence of mind control, unable to make any decisions without Natasha’s input and completely driven by fear and guilt which are the two emotions that keep you in such an environment

4 Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments and experiences in such a way as to inhibit behavior that reflects the person’s former social identity. I.e. suppress old attitudes and behavior. The ability to express your own beliefs and values prior to contact with the group is quickly suppressed as you take on a new cult like identity where you act and behave in a certain way, use loaded language, have conditioned responses to situations and have very strict rules as to what you can and cannot do. For example, when someone expresses a belief about something that is contrary to Natasha’s thinking group force is used to control you into submission. People are physically and mentally abused until they give in and are pulled back into line. This process of punishments is designed to instill fear in every student so that they would not question what was going on. People are afraid of the consequences of being themselves and truly voicing their own opinions. I very quickly took on a cult identity which included using specific language that made me feel unique and special, dressing in a particular way ( avoiding the dark energy of the colour black).

5.Instill new behaviors and beliefs Through the process of the Personal Mastery course which is a year long course I became totally dependant on group members for support, acceptance and advice. The power of peer pressure is extreme and I found if I did not agree with the new beliefs and behaviors that I had to abide by I was physically and emotionally punished. It is a normal human reaction to want to belong and I found it much easier to agree with new information that to stand up for what I truly believed in.

6. Put forth a closed system of logic and an authoritarian structure that permits no feedback and refuses to be modified except by leadership approval. In mind control groups it is always you that is at fault never the organization. I never once saw Natasha take responsibility for anything during my time at Omaroo. She was always right and I was always wrong.

Loading the Language- The Real Meaning - How Universal Knowledge uses Language as a form of mind control!!

The use of language in mind control groups is very powerful tool in gaining control over the way a person thinks and responds to situations. Every group has their own specific language. Listed below is some of the terminology commonly used within Universal Knowledge. As part of my recovery process I had to retrain my mind as to what the true meaning of various words was. I found it a very useful exercise to write down words commonly used with the definition that Universal knowledge would give as well as the correct definition.

Victim Consciousness

Universal Knowledge – you are fully responsible for absolutely everything that happens in your life from getting a tooth ache to getting run over by a bus. Natasha will be happy to give you the answers as to how to overcome your circumstances (only after paying to see her in a private counseling session) but we will not help you in any way, feel sorry for you, show any compassion or listen to you at all if you don’t take her advice as gospel and do as she says without questioning her. She as the leader is always right and you are always aspiring to be like her.

Real Meaning - To suffer harm or injury

Martyr Consciousness

Universal Knowledge - you do and give to others on a continuous basis without regard for you, but in doing so are filled with resentment, pay back towards the person you are helping and can therefore never be happy or enlightened.

Real Meaning – Someone who gives selflessly of themselves to help others in need by putting their circumstances second to that of the person in need of help. Their life is filled with purpose and meaning as they gain new understandings about people, human nature and the world around them which they can apply to their own life to make them feel a more fulfilled and happy person. I.e. you only get out of life what you give!


Universal Knowledge - someone who does not accept Natasha’s advice as Gospel and tries to think independently by using their right and left brain together is seen to be someone who is a controlling person.

Real Meaning – someone who uses their right and left brain to make decisions, can evaluate circumstances, seek advice from others but ultimately make decisions for themselves


Universal Knowledge – someone who is manipulated by Natasha or their personal mastery group into believing something about themselves or a situation which may not necessarily be correct. The general rule which applies is that if two or more people say the same thing to you then it must be truth.

Real meaning – Being open and honest about how you feel and what is happening without fear of reprisal. Also truth in endearing over time


Universal Knowledge - Logic interferes with your ability to make decisions intuitively. Through a process of mind control your logic is gradually taken away from you. This is done through a number of processes including prolonged sleep deprivation, strict vegan diet low in protein which has been scientifically proven to slow down brain functioning, and a strict regime of exercise including running 10 km per day every day without exception.

Real Meaning - Being able to think clear and rationally and use your power of reason to make sense of a given situation


Universal Knowledge- Someone who lives their life by abiding by Natasha’s rules and does not questions any of the decisions that she makes or what she recommends you do to remain honest to yourself

Real Meaning - The quality of being upright and honest


Universal Knowledge – All children are born perfect. It is the parents that infect children, destroy what is perfect and hold them back from reaching their full potential. Therefore, it is the parents responsibility to continue with their evolutionary development to ensure their children have a clearer path, are more uninhibited, intellectually smarter and can reach there full potential in life. For example, through a process of accessing out your biological cellular memory (which is all the patterns that you don’t like from your family lineage e.g. my mother was lazy) you can ensure that these traits are not passed on to your own children. Furthermore, the thought of being told that you are just like your mother or father is enough to make most people want to do something about ensuring that doesn’t happen. The role of the parent is gradually eroded away to a point where Natasha becomes the sole parent of all children. You are incapable of making any decision about what is best for your own children without first getting advice from Natasha. In reality the children involved with Omaroo are frequently left to parent themselves as their parents are kept so busy doing things within the organization that they rarely spend any time with them.

Real Meaning- The most important job that you have in life which involves looking after the most precious possessions you have. It is a continuous learning curve of achievements and mistakes. It is something you learn through your own experiences as a child and how you were parented. It is not always an easy job but the rewards are indescribable.


Universal Knowledge - To justify how you can continue with your involvement in Universal Knowledge and all the beliefs of the organization and the cult leader you judge everyone who is not involved in the organization as being unenlightened They are therefore stuck in their patterns, on a devolutionary path, going nowhere, not to be trusted as they would not give you honest advice

Real Meaning – the ability to act wisely, with discretion when forming an opinion or coming to a conclusion about incidences in your life based on using a combination of logic and instinct and based on your previous experiences.

The Road to Freedom and Recovery
When I left Universal Knowledge I felt completely helpless, confused and alone. It was like being stuck between two worlds, neither one that I could now relate to. How could anyone possibly understand my experience? How am I going to relate to people around me whom I have been taught to be skeptical of. One of the worst feeling I experience was the guilt. I was completely guilt ridden by the way I had treated my family and friends. To my absolute gratitude it is those same family and friends that I left behind in my journey for enlightenment that were there for me unconditionally when I came out. I am forever indebted to them and ex members of Universal Knowledge for the continued support and understanding. Through every stage of my recovery process they have been there for me, always supportive, never critical. I have learnt many valuable life lessons since leaving the group and now understand the true meaning of being unconditional, what true friendships is and how my family loves me no matter what.The road to freedom is a long a windy one with many hills to climb but the view from the top is exhilarating. I see the world with new eyes, am less critical and more accepting of people and the situations around me. I never judge people or circumstances, for I too know how easy is to join a group that seems to offer love, support and understanding only to realize I had joined a mind control group.



In reference to the alleged exposure of Natasha Lakaev on a Current Affair - the actual facts are that there was an out of court settlement between A Current Affair and Natasha Lakaev in which ACA agreed to no longer run any further articles as there was no evidene to back up their claims. In addition to this, a video is available showing the original unaltered taping of the ACA interview and the 'edited' version that ACA produced. Feel free to contact me on my email. I have watched it all and that this is nothing but a witch hunt originally generated by Ken Jacobi (second partner of Kula Violaris), Aldona De Reik and Kate Dash amongst others and each had been involved in unsavoury acticities. This hunt was instigated by Nicholas Alexander Violaris, and Kula Violaris.

On further investigation, this attack is actually a political attack, not a factual attack that is associated with a book called "Sandline" and is about the mercinary killings in Papua New Guinea.

We are witnessing the complete muzzling of Natasha Lakaev every step of the way.

You need to go back to the facts!!

In fact, do these people actually have the facts?

I have no idea of any company known as Sunsence Environmental Consulting company in operation within Australia? Who is Sunsence Environmental Consulting?

We have now all heard in some form of the 'Inconvenient Truth' a documentary presented by former Vice President Al Gore (Clinton Administration). An informative and scientifically based look at the future of the planet, global warming and how to survive the environmental changes.

Is it not sensible to prepare our families for a self sustainable future. To learn skills that will benefit our future. In fact, most of the information provided is pre-technology. Skills passed from father to son in the days of basic farming and survival.

Universal Knowledge falls into the category of - UNIQUE.

The courses provided give people the opportunity to deal with their lives in a safe and supportive environment. The number of success stories far outway those few negative experiences being splashed over the internet. The success stories are out living their lives to the fullest, not blogging about the life their dont have.

The information provided by Singer (2003) is certainly relevant to a real cult......

However this does not apply to us or our situation.

POINT 1. Keeping people unaware of what is going on and how he/she is being changed one step at a time.

Everyone that actually participates in any programs run by Universal Knowledge are given the truth. Testimonials have revealed that people actually have increased awareness of themself and their environment.

POINT 2. Control the persons social, physical environment - especially control persons time, information and contacts.

People who choose to do programs run by Universal Knowledge come voluntarily. As to the accusations of splitting up families or friends, again, whole familes claim that the closeness they feel to each other and their environment - the connection that they reestablish with each other is something they never thought possible.

POINT 3. Systematically create a sense of powerlessness, dependency and fear in the person.

I have witnessed people that have never done a Universal Knowledge program come into the course room with these feelings already in place. The UK courses and input from the instructors actually shows a client to move past these life numbing inhibitions.

POINT 4. Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments and experiences.

Anyone on any program is allowed to express their feelings however they choose.

POINT 5. Instill New Behaviours and beliefs.

What new behaviours, what new beliefs? What? A vegetarian / organic iet

POINT 6. Put forth a closed system of logic, no feedback that refuses to be modified except by the leader of the group.

All students are continually asked if they have any questions and given the opportunity for feedback at the end of each program.

For the complete picture, go to:

Victim Consciousness
Martydom Consciousness

Ultimately, we are who we chose to be. We are conscious of the decisions we make and that is why we must take responsbility for ourselves, our loved ones and those around us. Kindness, respect and human decency are necessary for our world to keep on turning.

In all fairness, we felt that a full explanation from a different perspective is warranted as this type of hype generates a very negative environment for all parties involved - especially the children which are being dragged into something that should be kept as far away from their innocence as possible.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: Bob Evans ()
Date: March 26, 2007 08:40PM

Reading this article dated March 7 I suddenly had a strange sense of de ja vu. I remembered an article very similar to this almost 10 years ago in the Sunday Mail. I then realised it was the same article. So whoever has posted this article there has had an obvious intent to mislead readers straight up.

So 10 years on from that article nothing has changed about the deceptive and slanderous way a minority group of people have tried to bring disrepute and financial ruin to an organisation that has been for many people the only place to find freedom, truth and real peace.

The article has taken events and processes from a program called The Final Step (specifically the 1998 Final Step) and twisted or exaggerated the events or the way in which they occured during that program to make them sound cultish or sinister.

Every student is aware that they will be travelling to an unknown destination in a blacked out bus prior to the commencement of the program. The article makes it sound like there are 80 – 100 people crammed onto one bus which is rubbish. Depending on enrollment numbers, suitable transport is arranged. So when there have been 80+ students enrolled, 2 full sized coaches have been used for the event.

This article constantly insinuates that students are put at risk the whole way through the program (holding rocks above heads, no adequate medication, overcrowded buses, naked swimming etc etc. The truth of these matters is that safety, preparation and precaution are the number one factors for the duration of this program. All instructors and support personnel are fully trained in advanced first aid and resuscitation. Full and extensive first aid kits and medical supplies follow the students wherever they go. No sttudent swims in any water that hasn’t first been examined and thoroughly explored by support personnel. Any one who knows Ms Lakaev will tell you if there is one thing she will NEVER compromise, it is the safety of the students. She will and does go to extreme lengths to ensure every student is in the safest possible environment AT ALL TIMES while they undergo this process.

Speaking from experience, The Final Step for me was one of the most amazing and life changing events of my adult life. It was certainly confronting and challenging on all levels, but at no point did I feel that I was in any danger or that I was being forced to do anything. Nor did I feel humiliated or degraded, or sick , or punished.

I did feel that in the space of a few short days I had completely changed my world, my outlook on life and the way I related with others. This feeling and approach has stayed with me ever since and I have used it as a solid foundation on which to base my life and my future. I’m sure that I felt tired and found things difficult and confusing at times, but these things are small sacrifices for a short period of time to gain so much. In this day and age it is an amazing feat to be able to pull something like that off, and if you spoke to any one of those students on the day they come back from camp they would definitely tell you the same thing and more.

The fact is that these programs and the processes they contain, save lives. People have returned from this very program after being diagnosed HIV positive, only to find that their diagnosed disease has gone into remission. Cancer sufferers, people with arthritis, smokers, the overweight and clinically depressed have all returned from The Final Step to find that their habits and health problems have simply disappeared. So if this is what a bit of sleep deprivation and getting out of your comfort zone can do, I say bring it on. These kinds of results are ground breaking and nothing short of miraculous. Its funny how the Sunday Mail didn’t think that part of it was newsworthy. And neither did those who posted this mis-dated article on your web site.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Date: March 27, 2007 07:00AM

This is a response to the article posted, “Commune plan riles Burringbar”.
Just for the record, I am are one of the tenants on one of the properties that is intended for the proposed subdivision, and I have association with the so called “mysterious group” up on the “mountain”.
What’s this about a Cult!
These courses, all that I have participated in have left me in no other state than a better and more enlivened one and dare I say a more enlightened one!
What I see actually happening is that my neighbor, Mr. Warren Hayden has a problem with the natural progression of things around here, and has commenced stirring up some absolute ridiculousness in this community and has allegedly been apart of illegal and dangerous ongoings. What is he creating this for anyway, he has his home up for sale, it’s not like he wishes to reside in Burringbar in the future anyhow…..
I think people should seriously consider getting their facts straight before going in to tear down something that has been proven to be an invaluable contribution to the human race…..
Please feel free to contact me for any details (Personal contact link removed. Please read rules. --Moderator[/color:efa695ed73])

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Date: March 27, 2007 07:25PM

In response to this opinion, I would like to say that I have also completed the course called Personal Mastery, actually I have done it twice out of my own choosing, and have been involved with Universal Knowledge for the past 10 years. Am I in a cult and abused, controlled and negatively affected by this organisation? Well, if in this space of time, having created an amazing family, produced 2 beautiful children, built up my own business with limitless potential, grown up to become an aware and completely healthy, stable human being, living my life as I choose and please, having developed lifelong and invaluable friendships and connections puts me into the cult basket, there is something definitely amiss…..
I say be mindful, be aware, find out the facts before believing the negativity of a few jealous parties. Universal Knowledge courses and the information gained has led me to experiencing a full, real, challenging and beautiful life unlike any other I could have imagined.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: glenda k ()
Date: March 27, 2007 07:56PM

Universal knowledge Snooker [...]

I feel incredibly upset at these accusations of universal knowledge and being a cult. I am sick of fending off these accusations and feel in the end these people need to move on to something else now. I do not or have I ever tried to persuade these people to join any cult ounce these people stopped doing programs and specifically stop with there own personal mastery process. I have had no contact them so are they upset that I haven’t and thus that have been rejected but if I had then I could have been painted as hounding them so it seems to me a case of dammed if you do dammed if you don’t.

I strongly believe these people who have step away by their own choice and then pointed the finger at those of us who continue our personal mastery as a cult have taken form us the feeling of being proud of what we have achieve for instead of being supportive of those who continue or just stepping aside once they reached where they wanted to go they have come back in with these accusations which a purely designed to cut us down out of jealously of what they themselves have not allow themselves to achieve.
All these accounts are bases in misinterpretation of the facts at the very least if not out and out lies.

Personal Mastery is not a cult and these people who are now no longer participating need to go get the life they want rather then telling me how to run mine. Surly we have the freedom to live our lives as we see fit we are causing no harm to any one else. And any one that chooses to better themselves though this process I fully recommend it.
For more information please visit

Yours sincerely
Get off our back

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: dave_k ()
Date: March 28, 2007 02:00PM

You guys sound like scientologists, jumping to defend a ‘godly’ leader! You are criticizing people who speak out against an organization that you don't even realize has you schmucked! Good luck. Groups like the one you represent will perish quickly. What goes around comes around sooner or later. How would I know?
I have perused your so-called 'truthful' web sites. They are jam packed with the kind of self-help drivel that enslaves millions all over the world every year in groups like your own. What’s more the majority of this info has been lifted from numerous other sources like L.Ron.Hubbard’s writing. None of it is original or ‘unique.’
None of you seem to realize that you are not part of a single 'unique' group that has sole custody to the truth. This is what every one of the millions of cults who share the same bullshit convictions say. You are part of an elaborate sham that uses the same info every other cult uses. Just take a closer look at Singer's work and you will find out that the info that applies to the cults she discusses also applies to your own group.
Trust me, I have learned the hard way in organizations like scientology. You might say that I cannot comment because I am not from your group. But you don’t realize until you look at this phenomenon closely that every single one of these groups without exception uses the same tactics to exploit people. That is just the way they operate.
It seems that Snookie would not have felt the need to create such a post unless she felt genuinely mistreated by your group. People do not go to the effort of doing such things unless there is a genuine need to do so.
Most importantly, it is never cults’ members who are at fault, it is their leaders who are solely to blame for the abuse that occurs within them.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: snookie ()
Date: April 04, 2007 10:20PM

Cults seek the idealistic and well-educated above all, for they are looking for leaders. Studies that show that a large percentage of people who are in cults have tertiary educations and are generally high achievers.

Cults usually provide some service to the individual that they desire, such as friends, community, absolutes to live by etc

Many destructive groups have varying levels of group involvement, often people who have little involvement or who are new are not aware of the extent of the involvement of the people who have been there for longer.

The seed of extremism exists wherever a group demands all the free time of a member – for example daily routines, weekend work, endless meetings etc

Once a member stops interacting openly with old friends, the group's influence is all that matters.

Cults have ritual and often public / group confession of "sins". The leader or other group members may criticize major and minor flaws of other members, sometimes publically, or remind them of present or past sins. They may call members names, insult them or ignore them, or practice a combination of ignoring members at some times and receiving them warmly at others, thus maintaining a position of power.

When leaders treat the member well occasionally, they accept any and all crumbs gratefully. Eventually, awareness of how dependent they are on the group and gratitude for the smallest attention contributes to an increasing sense of shame and degradation on the part of the members, who begin to abuse themselves with "litanies of self-blame," i.e., "No matter what they do to me, I deserve it, as sinful and wretched as I am. I deserve no better. I have no rights but to go to hell. I should be grateful for everything I receive, even punishment."

Many cults concentrate on good health. Some may foster sleep deprivation, hinder medical help or promote inadequate nutrition.

Make the person feel like if there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leaders.

Cult members will experience extremes of emotional highs and lows.

The person under mind control cannot visualize a positive, fulfilled future without being in the group.

Having a belief that the world is on the brink of disaster, is a trade mark of a cult. Having a belief that you will only survive coming changes through the teachings of the group is typical of most cults.

The group will claim to be the only true way to an Ultimate Reality; your Full Potential, your Way to Happiness or truth etc.?
Be concerned if you have had an ongoing desire to leave a group you believe may be abusive, but find yourself repeatedly drawn back in just at the moment you are ready to leave, by a call, a comment or moment of compassion. These moments, infrequent as they may be, are enough to keep hope in change alive and thus you sacrifice years and years to an abusive group.

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Universal Knowledge - Omaroo
Posted by: Boags ()
Date: April 25, 2007 03:20PM

It sounds to me like you describe most religions of the world as well, instead of just a blanket statment tell us what they actually do that damages people, give us examples. People have free choice to follow whoever they desire.

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