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2 years ago
Just as Osho inspired Michael, Wild Wild Country has brought life back to this forum, as awareness is growing. All around the world, specifically in America, mindfulness has become a "hot topic" - this is something we as a people should take pride in. Osho would be proud, and i believe so would Michael, in the strength the collective consciousness has amassed. Disclaimer: there a
Forum: Large Group Awareness Training, "Human Potential"
8 years ago
Hey. My advice, being from a similar situation, is to find a parallel of some kind to pre-educate a counselor about the isolative and social effects of a cult or 'High Demand Religion' (HDR, which seems to be the new PC buzzword). The largest corpus of work about cult survivors (and we tend to be exactly that: 'survivors') is from the Children of God/The Family. In your case y
Forum: Recovery from Destructive Cults and Groups
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