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Posted by: Free from this cult
Date: 08/01/2017 04:21PM
I HOPE I CAN REACH OUT TO THIS COMMUNITY. My son is talking like a zombie and as entrapped in the cult called "GRATITUDE TRAINING." WHO has experience in getting their kids out of a cult? WHO CAN HELP ME PROSECUTE GRATITUDE TRAINING BY NOT PAYING WORKERS AND THROUGH THEIR ROUTINE USE OF EXTORTION?

It is a “FOR PROFIT" Company and the founder Jo Englesson has been profiting madly off the exploitation. She is a charlatan, charismatic, conniving, very wicked.

My son is caught in the "80 day" induction phase and his life is completely consumed by this cult. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He is only 19. My son is a newly "out" Transgender and his best friend (Jules McCartney recently in Miami Herald) is also Transgender. The cult is exploiting this dangerous transition time of both!! It is absolutely sickening to watch.

I was part of their organization until when, with my extensive business background, I called them out on their ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES. Two Hours later I was frozen out of the entire community. It took seconds. I live in Boca Raton FL. I love my son so much and this cult has ensnared him. I have written a comprehensive evaluation of this cult and I guarantee it is eye-popping." Go to the FB page called GRATITUDE TRAINING EXPOSED or go to this link: []

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