Games people play in the middle of the night
Posted by: Mourning dove ()
Date: October 05, 2023 08:04AM

Husband and I have now CPTSD he has PTSD himself from being in a high mind control ring of " latter reign " type people , it's so damaging we need extensive therapy cause they made us feel if we left we were going to hell

Some are coming out and trying to form groups talking and sharing about it
Others still to damn scared to say anything cause of their veiled threats and possible loss of jobs .

They are narcissistic people if they can get into your head it hits your heart and they own you
They will destroy your soul if you let them don't you let them !
Life as a outsider is far better than being mentally , financially and spiritually abused and used to the point some have committed suicide others take drugs or drink to deal with their mind games .

They will never tell you to your face
They use social media and triangulation techniques to keep tabs on you
They are flat out master manipulating your very life .
Never ever going back even if I end up all by myself .

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