Between a rock and a hard place
Posted by: cultsurvior7 ()
Date: June 13, 2023 09:38AM

Regardless of how we Aussies spin it
Hillsong and these N.A.R new apostolic reformation churches are still here and getting worse ! Now they are even in small churches claiming the title non denominational but exercising the " gifts of the Spirit " but rather being unified and showing some sort of respect it's hirachy and complete chaos .
We have sat under a false prophet claiming he can hold people for 4 hours under his opioniated teaching that is so biased that he verbaly abuses those who are not like him on his spiritual level . All these stupid conferences that are nothing more than smoke screens to lure you into their web

So where do we now go to church ?
Espically when your in Australia and this Hillsong garbage is like sewage sweeping the
The answer is unless you can find some type of Christian church that is not pushing money making ,or shoving politics or gnostism in it or legalism
Your not gonna find one that is sound

We now realize we can agree on some things but disagree on others and if we can't go to a Sunday service without being treated like a punching bag with leadership abuse
Then we quietly stay home and read our KJV bibles with a cuppa and a bikki

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