Q anon in my church ?
Posted by: cultsurvior7 ()
Date: June 13, 2023 09:18AM

I'm deeply concerned
Our pastor keeps playing videos of Donald Trump and Conspiracy type videos he starts out with teaching Gods Truth but goes on a tanget saying we needs to follow Donald Trump's Example of a Leader ?

What is Q anon and is the Trump apart of this ? How can I help my pastor steer clear of this conspiracy that idolizes Trump like a savior of America .
When in truth he is very Charismatic and is influenced by Paula White , Todd White and the N.A.R .

My husband is still attending the church I am not cause he is showing dangerous signs of seperating the church and choosing His own faithful followers , castigating those who will not come to him and repent . And those that are questioning are considered troublemakers.

Some women in the group are also being groomed by him ,flirting with them
And allowing them to dress in short skirts and sexy clothes . He will not correct but those who question him .

What can we do and when is it time to leave
The other day he screamed " God will strike you dead if you come against leadership "

It seems the only thing we can do is leave ?
Cause he's arrogant and will not take criticism

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