Queensland churches indoctrinated with Gnostism
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 13, 2022 11:40AM

This may come a shock to you that are in Australia and are attending home based or charismatic ,latter reign churches .there is extreme isolation and brainwashing going on in Queensland and N.S.W militant leaders that are brainwashed Christians are being told to prepare for doomsay and you will have to die for yeshua that is nothing other than fabricated lies that a book of Thomas created by a atheist that hates Jews ! Is infiltrating this lie that All religions are acceptable except Christianity and Judism , including new age , and Buddhism and Mormonism 7th day adventists are also in it as well as the N.A.R new Apostolic Reformation of witches and occults that want to kill off the Jews and Christians ! This is not a joke
It's in mega churches espically the fire churches popping up around Australia and the UK , Africa and N.YC stay out of the churches ! All of them , this is militant and can be very manipulative and dangerous
Stay away please

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