One Man's Description How He Almost Became Radicalized
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Date: January 16, 2018 10:46PM

This remarkable autobiography is from a comment following an article in the Dhaka Tribune describing self radicalization amongst Bangladeshi youth.


I was a little kid then. I remember something came upon me, and I started to visit the mosque five times everyday.

I was becoming more and more forgiving, peace loving man. I was so much into religion that I started to go mosque earlier just to feel the spirituality.

I still remember as it is still vivid in my imagery the Dhanmondi Mosque right near the lake I used to go. I used to listen to the summons and love the estranged feeling of being purified.

One day, I thought to read the books in the Mosque little bookshelf. I took one, and started reading. One after one as I was finishing the pages, blood ran through me like electricity. The book was full of hatred against non-muslims, kafirs and kuffars. So many curses against the Jews and Christians. Mind you, those are all cross referenced by hadith.

Suddenly from that point of time I started to listen. Started to listen closely what the imam says after every prayer, specially right before and after Jummah prayers.

I dont want to share what I listened every time, cause that may spark controversy.

But, I will tell people to be aware in what kind teachings you are entering into. Spirituality is different, but using religion in every aspect of life is dangerous.

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For the full article, go here:

Why is self-radicalization a major threat?

Nuruzzaman Labu January 14, 2018


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