Posted by: jesus247 ()
Date: January 22, 2011 07:54AM

First I want to apologize to Victory Outreach Santa Rosa and especially to the Senior Pastors Jose and Kimberly Guadarrama. Back in October 2009 I posted something on this website that accused them of all kinds of things that I should not have said. At the time I was very hurt by the way I had left the church and was looking at any way to pay them back for my hurt feelings. I acted irrationally and emotionally and that was wrong.

I cannot be the spokesperson for everyone that leaves VOSR. Although I spoke of other people's experiences as they left VOSR I cannot honestly say that I have 100% proof that those things they told me are valid and true. As a matter of fact I propose this question. If their experience was so horrible than why haven't they come forward about it? They have no problem telling me and others about their experience with VOSR but when the rubber meets the road they have nothing to say.

Even though my departure from VOSR was like a bad divorce it doesn't mean they are a bad church or a "cult" for that matter. From the time I entered through their doors till I left there wasn't one person that wouldn't give me the shirt of their back if I needed it. They are good people. They were like family to me at one point. I do regret the things that I said and I sincerely apologize for my actions. One thing that you learn in Christianity is that there isn't a perfect church. I am thakful for VOSR and all that they deposited in me while I was there. I just pray that the Pastors, the leadership and the rest of the congregation can forgive me for what I said and any trouble I have caused.

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