Abuse in God's name - another boot camp for teens
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: March 07, 2010 12:15AM

From HEAL newsletter

Shepherd's Hill Farm is a hell-hole--February 27th, 2010--Got problem kids? Man, when they hit those teenage years they all get rebellious and willful, and start thinking independently, and often start doing things their parents would rather they didn't. This is one of the tough responsibilities of being a parent — you have to be willing to let your children grow into independent human beings.
But let's say you never got that memo, and you think your job is to raise children who are just like you: insecure, a little bit angry, shackled tightly into a fearful belief system that says all human beings are evil. Independent thinking is the last thing you want in your obedient little repressed child-slave! Well, there's help for you: Shepherd's Hill Farm, an accredited Christian boot camp that will stomp his wild soul right back down into the mud of conformity and obedience.

It's way out in the middle of nowhere, so there will be no place for the wayward teen to escape to…and no one to hear them scream.

Shepherd's Hill Farm is a counseling center, so they will also take care of the mental health of your child. Trace Embry, the director, knows absolutely nothing about mental health and even gives dangerous advice against all the evidence, but you don't have to worry — he's a very vocal Christian. God will forgive him.

We have testimonials from inmates residents of the camp about the other benefits of attending. Does your child have special medical needs, like seizures? They will take his medicine away, but their staff is well-trained in being able to simultaneously wrestle a child to the ground and pray for him. Is your child a bit on the hefty side? He will get 'special meals' — a can of beans, a bit of vegetable, and a piece of bread — until they reach that ascetic ideal. Your child will be 'brainwashed in the blood of the lamb,' so it's all OK — even the beatings serve to transfigure hooligans into robots for Jesus. For complete story, click here, [www.heal-online.org]

Re: Abuse in God's name - another boot camp for teens
Posted by: data1 ()
Date: October 15, 2011 02:33PM

Oh my, parents should be aware of what a certain boot camp like this can offer their kids. It's pretty disturbing that such programs are opened for anyone to become victims of human abuse, and the most scary part is, our kids might be victims if we're not careful enough. It would be wise to inquire about a certain school or programs from accredited organizations who will guarantee their authenticity, to make sure of the safety and welfare of our kids. Parents should make sure that there are no real complaints against that certain school or program that they want to sign their kids up for. It's best to be vigilant about these types of programs for the sake of our kids.

Re: Abuse in God's name - another boot camp for teens
Posted by: zxybangla ()
Date: May 29, 2012 01:28AM

ya, everyone should stop abuse it

Re: Abuse in God's name - another boot camp for teens
Posted by: stars ()
Date: June 15, 2012 01:34AM

This reminds me of the time in elemantry school when I was questioned about whether I had a bat mitzvah or not, and after I said no because I couldn't remember after all the abuse the teacher placed us through, they placed the whole class in a boot camp class during school time...while I had heart and ear problems.

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