Holy Trinity Church
Posted by: HTCX ()
Date: July 20, 2004 10:04AM

I feel the need to warn others about Holy Trinity Church in Winston-Salem, NC. I had been a member for a couple of years. Like many, I sat by and watched as people left, angry and bitter. I believed the pastor, who said, "We are better off without them... they are trouble makers, they are enemies of the church and you should not talk with them".

Somehow, I let myself be blind to the truth. When I visited this web site, I was shocked to see the pastor of Holy Trinity was a 10/10 for "Ten Signs of a Dangerous Leader". When I questioned his authority, he flew into a rage, told the group all kinds of lies about me, and discredited my morality. I went from somone "special" as he used to call me, to "a goat, an evil person" He went as far as to say that "the Holy Spirit told me you were up to no good."

There are still people there, at Holy Trinity, that do not know the truth. Deep in their hearts, on some level, they are concerned, but they take the stance that the pastor has done nothing wrong to THEM, and everything else is hear say.

I want to say that that is the same ideology that the people used when sticking their heads in the sand when Hitler killed millions.

I am asking people here, what can be done to stop the pastor and what can be done to help those left behind. I know they will be hurt and I wish I could stop that.

Holy Trinity Church
Posted by: HTCX ()
Date: July 21, 2004 03:51AM

It continues to be a wide gamet of spiritual, sexual, and therapy abuse at Holy Trintiy Church in Winston Salem, NC. The man leading this brigade is Jack McConnell. He has instructed his followers to call him "Bishop". I guess he is into giving himself titles. To my knowledge no one has ordained him Bishop. So, this is about the "Bishop" and his dangerous dynasty at Holy Trinity Church. I feel called to warn anyone who attends this church or anyone who is thinking about attending. I was affiliated with Holy Trinity for quite sometime. While I was there I saw and heard things I never thought I would about this man. He called me his little angle. He told me that no one would love me like he could. He said things like "no one can love you like we can here." I believed it. I believed it. I believed it. Then things started not adding up. When I was taken under his wing, I started to see what was really happening. Manipulation of church money, over-riding the church governing stucture, defamation of church members, powerful mind control from the pulpit, breaking confidentiality after private therapy sessions and using that information how ever he liked, purposely piting people against each other, using the weak for his own personal gain, using the oldest Elder so he can get his money when he dies, and worse...sexual impreprieties with male members of the church. This went on then, and continues today. More than 2,000 people have passed through those doors. It is so scary the influence he has had on so many people. When I read your listing of danger signs of a leader and group. Jack McConnell and Holy Trinity Church hits them all. How could I have been so blind? Those who still attend do not believe that Jack does any of this. But as it has been with so many, when he attacks them personally the spell is broken, and they see him for who he really is. This has happened over and over and over. Then those who are attacked become enemies of the church and other church congregates are instructed not to have anything to do with them. They are told that those people are evil. How can a man like this be stopped? He is destroying peoples concept of church. He is injuring peoples souls. How can he be kept from continuing to to hurt more and more people?

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