Derek Gale 2 - Update
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 25, 2007 03:35AM

Since we first posted on this site concerning the 'psychotherapy cult' run by Derek Gale in Loughton, Essex, UK, there have been some quite interesting developments.

Thanks to the Health Professions Council (HPC) the regulator for Art Therapy in the UK, Gale has been suspened pending a full inquiry.

You can find the HPC's conclusion in full here:


You will note that the conclusion acknowledges that Gale is considered to be a potential threat to his clients and the public.

Mr Gale celebrated being suspended by taking his core "family" off on holiday to Greece.

However you can see the press reaction here:




and in great detail here:


Enjoy your reading.

If you are a former client of Gale or family of a current client please do not hesitate to get in touch. Derek would love to hear from you through the HPC complaints process.

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Derek Gale 2 - Update
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: September 26, 2007 09:03PM

"love to hear from you"

Heh heh heh .... that's kinda funny! :-P


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