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Re: Samuel Sagan Clairvision
Posted by: oneclickwonder ()
Date: July 13, 2021 05:00AM

mesche Wrote:
> Years ago I was in this school of meditation and
> there were good and bad times.
> The good: I learned to meditate and work on some
> of my personal problems.
> The bad: I walked away with new and painful
> personal problems.
> I experienced:
> Kindness
> Warmth
> Purpose
> Relaxation
> Open-mindedness
> Protection
> Insight
> I met people I would otherwise never meet
> But also
> Arrogance
> Abuse
> Stalking
> Surveillance
> Being drugged
> Cold misogyny
> Gaslighting
> Scapegoating
> Emotional blackmail
> Thought Policing
> Manipulation
> And yes, brainwashing.
> Paranoia
> People I wish I had never met because they
> violated my trust in disgusting ways.
> Also, while being in the school, I sometimes
> became a person I'm not proud of having become.
> I don't know how to sum up all that happened back
> then. But when I read this I see that the school
> still deflects responsibility by claiming that a
> questionable culture within the school was tied to
> a certain phase or that they are in the process of
> dealing with ethical issues. Even now after all
> this time I have a feeling I might guess what type
> of nonsensical response senior instructors would
> come up with if presented with negative feedback.

you mentioned surveillance, stalking and being drugged, as well as other concerns. could you share more bout these very disturbing incidents.

I'm scarred, these are not the things I saw when I was there but im willing to believe you.

I think people need to know in case they choose to get involved with the school just what kind of techniques are being used and how.

please feel free to share without giving away any personal information that could lead to your identity being outed.

I hope you're well and fully recovered after these incidents.

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