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Posted by: media b ()
Date: October 28, 2007 08:40PM

I am not so convinced about Ukcp's ability to deal with Spectrum. Ukcp is the keeper of a register of psychotherapists. These therapists are placed on there by their member organisations (MOs). The organisations are mutually protective and Ukcp is dependent on these MOs for its existence. I am aware that more than one leaver has informed Ukcp about Spectrum and no action has been taken against them. The essential difficutly, aside from the symbiotic dependency of Ukcp and its MOs, is that it is easier to impose sanctions on individuals than organisations and that Ukcp's formal processes will not impose significant sanctions on Spectrum. I am also not convinced that Ukcp is objective enough to make the difficult realisation that one, at least! of their MOs is a cult.
Spectrum leavers are largely still frightened, if their leaving is recent, or complacent, understandably, if their leaving is longer ago and they have rebuilt their relationships and finances after Spectrum's demands. They can be both; witness Skintab. All leavers have been the target of abuse in the organisation, and ostracisation after leaving; you might understand why no individual would wish to subject themselves to more. The only exception to this that I know of was one of Cooper's clients who, although expressing deep reservations privately, lent Specturm multiple thousands of pounds and moved out of London to facilitate a peaceful ending.
As I said in my earlier posting it's only through group action that we can find the resolve to expell this vengeful organisation from the company of ethical professionals.

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