Taking the Needy and Hurting them
Posted by: RecoveryFlorence ()
Date: October 09, 2006 12:02AM

I think it's that the needy and the emotionally desperate seek help and wham! There will be someone ready to pounce on their "limited resource" status to hurt them with it. This is precisely what we're dealing with in Florence, SC right now and we're growing increasingly frustrated. Here's who many of us have contacted and sometimes more than TWICE!
[list:2e9c26345e]- SCDHEC
- The Governor
- The Police[/list:u:2e9c26345e]
The place I am talking about is even operating under section 501 (c) 3 for tax exemption status though investigations have revealed that they have not filed a financial report and are they even [b:2e9c26345e]required[/b:2e9c26345e] to do so as a 501 (c) 3?

Since the website began revealing information about this place ["The Owl's Nest"], it was September 21 that the agent of record changed! So now, if someone wants to *speak* with someone, it won't be one of the original owner's [father and son I think], but someone else altogether - perhaps an attorney on retainer?

A friend said recently: It's like Al Capone. A big gangster that was finally put away for tax evasion. If anyone has any other ideas or who to contact with what, that'd be great. Here's a link to the original allegations of where we started. [And unfortunately it seems we'll have to angle it toward the money - isn't that ridiculous? It's like even the United States won't pay attention until you talk to [b:2e9c26345e]them[/b:2e9c26345e] about [b:2e9c26345e]them[/b:2e9c26345e] not getting [b:2e9c26345e]their[/b:2e9c26345e] money.]


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