Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 12, 2006 02:03AM

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Psychotherapy cults

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Joined: 17 Jul 2006
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Posted: 07-17-2006 01:49 PM Post subject: Psychotherapy cults


While everybody is focusing on 'New Religous' cults the psychotherapy cults are slipping us by.

Here in the UK we are doing all we can to bring a charlaten therapist by the name of Derek Gale to justice.

He has been operating for over 20years with his crackpot combination of psychobabble, 'voice therapy' and a bastardisation of Psychodrama.

Derek Gale has caused untold financial and psychological damage to his 'family' that centres on the Gale Centre in Loughton, Essex, UK.

If anyone has similar experience or knows anything of this charalten please get in touch.

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Posted: 09-05-2006 08:46 PM Post subject: Chuck Hawkins, psychotherapist - mind control cult in Hawaii


From the years 1976 through 1983, I was the victim of a criminally destructive mind control cult - the Chuck Hawkins cult. This cult started out in Honolulu, later fled and lived on a coffee farm on the Kona Coast of the Big Island , and yet later fled to San Francisco .

Chuck Hawkins was a psychotherapist.

My child was removed from me from birth through six years of age at which time I made my escape and rescued her.

Child molestation occurred on a daily basis.

One child, Andrea Altiery, was the daughter of then Hawaii state senator Mason Altiery (Altieri). Mason left his two preteen girls in the care of this cult and the guru, Chuck Hawkins, who sexually molested these two girls for years. Andrea later became a prostitute and eventually fell victim to serial killer Robert Hansen of Anchorage , Alaska .

The Hawaii Observer published an article dated 1.27.77 titled: "Psychological Warfare: Regulating The Therapist" in which Chuck Hawkins (Dr. Charles Hawkins) was interviewed. I have a copy of this article if you are interested. In this article, Chuck Hawkins discusses an investigation of him by the Hawaii licensing board which regulates psychotherapists on charges of psychological abuse of cult members, encouraging members to take LSD, and abusing the role of the psychotherapist.

In the fall of 1979, a very angry ex-cult member exposed the atrocious goings-on - behavior defying the imagination and the law - to the press in Honolulu and perhaps in Kona . One morning, the cult woke up to find news helicopters flying low over the coffee farm where they lived - a scene straight out of "Apocalypse Now." It was at this time that the cult fled en masse to San Francisco .

The story of this horrific mind control cult is told on my web site at

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Posted: 09-06-2006 03:34 PM Post subject: Derek Gale, psychotherapy Cult, Loughton


We have a Son who is very much involved with Derek Gale and his family.
He has even married one of Gale's assistants. Unfortunely we are so far away we are unable to persuade them to to leave,
Our Son has totally banished his true Family for reasons we can't believe or even understand.

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Joined: 08 Sep 2006
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Posted: 09-08-2006 08:38 AM Post subject: Derek Gale's response


I am Derek Gale and am not posting under the protection of anonymity
because I have nothing to hide.
Lordship's post is complete rubbish. I have devoted my life to helping
people and the vast majority of people I have helped have been satisfied.

Lordship's post in my opinion contravenes this site's rules on flames,
but Rick Ross refuses to delete his or her post.

I am therefore openly posting my rebuttal of all he says and invite
anyone who is interested in my work to go to my website

I also invite anyone who thinks they have been harmed by me in any way
to email me directly.


derek gale

Last edited by derek.gale on 09-11-2006 03:04 AM; edited 1 time in total

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Posted: 09-08-2006 10:10 AM Post subject: Mr Gale please take this opportunity to explain yourself


Dear Mr Gale,

As you are very aware you will be given ample opportunity to rebut any claims made by your former clients and the families of current clients as you are currently suspended from your ethical regulatory body, the UKAHPP, and a hearing is pending with regards to your suitablity to practice.

You are also aware that the Health Professions Council is investigating your practice and that you will very soon be given a very public forum from which to state your case in open court.

The Charity Commission is also giving you plenty of opportunity to explain your failure to file accounts concerning the soliciting of contributions from members of your cult family, sorry, 'clients'.

I am also not hiding Mr Gale. You know that evidence provided to me by yourself and your colleagues forms part of the complaint from the UKAHPP.

But as you have chosen this public forum to discuss your practice please take time to explain:

Why do you openly refer to your psychotherapy clients as your Family?

Why do you take frequent holidays with your clients?

Why do your clients have to justify themselves to you and your Family when they wish to finish or reduce therapy through what has been defined by professional interogators as nothing less than a psychological inquisition?

Why do you sexually abuse female clients with threats and intimidation?

We look forward to your answers?

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Joined: 17 Jul 2006
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Posted: 09-08-2006 11:00 AM Post subject: PS



Sorry Derek I forgot to add that it is duly noted that you encouraged any complainants to contact you directly and not follow the procedures laid down by your regulatory bodies with regards to complaints procedures.

Sure that was an oversight and you meant to say "If anyone feels they have been harmed by me they should contact my
ethical regulatory body which is:"

United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practiitioners.

They can be contacted at:

The complaints co-ordinator for Derek Gale's case is Ms Bee Springwood

Those concerned should note that Derek Gale also calls himself Hirsh D. Gale when it suits him.

Oh yes and one other thing while I am on and you seem to be in a communicative mood; Why did Infosekta, the Swiss cult information and monitoring service intervene to prevent you running workshops in Switzerland in February 2006?

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Joined: 17 Jul 2006
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Posted: 09-11-2006 09:22 AM Post subject: UPDATE



I have now updated my membership to allow e mails to be sent to me directly. Anyone that wishes to discuss Mr Gale in private can now do so.

We would particularly like to hear from any families that have had difficulties with Mr Gale or any former clients.

As a member of UKAHPP Mr Gale is obligated to abide by their code of ethics and consumer responsibilities as laid out here: []

If you are a current client of Mr Gale you may want to ask yourself the following questions;

How long have I been in therapy with Derek?

How much longer do I expect to be in therapy with Derek?

When will my therapy come to an end?

Have the issues I initially came to Derek with been resolved or have they just manifested into ever deeper and more complex problems?

Did I realise I had these deep seated problems before Derek helped me to discover them?

Do I feel that I am as mad as Derek and the group say I am?

Do I often feel depressed about being around Derek and the group?

Why are positive experiences outside of therapy and the group often turned into negatives, particularly when they involve my family?

Why does Derek encourage divorce and the breaking up of families instead of reconciliation, particularly where there are children involved? Why (in direct contravention of his ethical obligations) does Derek recommend Sheila Rose to be your divorce lawyer?

What happens to people that leave the group?

Why are so many people in therapy with Derek for so long?

Why don't many people progress with Derek beyond the need for therapy?

Why wont the group allow me to get a second opinion from an independent councellor and why do they say doctors are crap and discourage relationships with GPs?

Why do members of the group (that are supposed to be my friends) always support a view that keeps me in therapy?

Why do I feel that I would have to go through hell from the group if I wanted to stop my therapy with Derek?

Does Derek really know me better than I know myself?

Why do I feel that I have to constantly impress Derek and meet his approval?

Over the years how much money have I paid Derek (and People Unlimited) for sessions, workshops, psychodramas, social events, presents, charity contributions, holidays, food kittys, my labour for working on the centre...etc etc......?

How much more money will I have to pay out before my therapy is completed?

If just by asking this question I feel like I am being negative and obsessed with money, who benefits from those feelings? Who rounds off his group sessions with; "Now pay up and f***K off "?

Why did the group continue to pay Derek for sessions even when he was ill and didn't attend them? Was this fair and reasonable?[/color][/color]





Be strong

Abigail / Lordship

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Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: bb01234 ()
Date: January 05, 2007 02:48AM

Hi, I've just found this site and see your post was unanswered.

I'd be interested to hear more about this as I used to live in Loughton myself born & bred off Willingale Road in fact ( of interest to locals only )

Sounds distinctly worrying.

Please post a reply



Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: January 10, 2007 02:07AM

There is a clearer version of this thread here:


I will post a response there.

Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: media b ()
Date: February 05, 2007 11:36PM

I don't know a lot about Mr Gale's practices, although the distress of his accusers is obvious. He is featured in the Times Higher Education Supplement today with regard to Dr. Windy Dryden, an emminent academic connected to Goldsmiths College in London.
It always seems easier for the British to deal with eggregious individuals than organisations. Spectrum, mentioned elsewhere in the forum are connected to another academic at Goldsmiths Mr. Vic Seidler. Mr Seidler recently co-hosted Spectrum's 30th anniversary bash. This, despite the ablolute innappropriateness of doing so considering his dual relationship with the founder director, Terry Cooper. Not dissimilar goings on to those discussed in the Times HES.

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: ian_t_j ()
Date: December 04, 2007 05:52PM

Just by way of an update to this thread.

I should point out that Derek Gale referred to here and in the articles is also known as Hirsh Gale, or Hirsh D Gale (for example in the electoral roll).

Originally there was a complaint to the AHPP, one of the governing bodies involved, but they appear to have resisted any attempt to bring Mr Gale to account for his practice. They have contravened their own complaints process and delayed and stalled. Aren't they supposed to be there to protect the clients???

Now the HPC, the second governing body have got involved and on the back of some additional information from further complainants, they have served an interim suspension order on Mr Gale in order to protect the public while they investigate the serious allegations made. See []

In the meantime there has been activity in the UK media about this story, for example:

The Ilford Guardian has taken a slightly different approach/tone to the story.

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: Karen Smith ()
Date: December 19, 2007 04:07PM

Here is an excellent FREE resource, available ONLINE, called 'Dangerous Persuaders.'

It clearly and simply describes all the methods used to control group members and individual clients, including Confession and Secrets, Distraction, Rituals, Rejection, Dependency, Use of Language, Touching, Emotional Atmosphere, Guilt, Commitment.

Go to: []

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: ian_t_j ()
Date: December 21, 2007 04:56AM

This case was covered in the channel 4 news this evening.
You can see a streamed version of the the report at []

It should also be noted that despite apparently presenting for four hours on Monday (according to the HPC anyway) Mr Gale was unable to get his suspension overturned at the interim suspension review meeting with the HPC. So he remains suspended.

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: May 08, 2009 02:43AM

Mr Gale is currently participating in a series of disciplinary hearings being held by the Health Professions Council.

These hearings are open to the public and anyone can attend simply by contacting the council and requesting a visitors pass.


Although the schedule has been delayed due to the unfortunate illness of a hearing panel member they are due to resume on 21st May 2009. However of far more interest to the cult watching commuinty may be the summing up of the HPC case and Mr Gale's response which is due to be heard on 26th May 2009. The outcome of the hearings is scheduled to be announced on 1st June 2009.

For anyone interested in cults and cult leaders this is an ideal opportunity, rare in the UK, to come to a legally defined and regulated hearing to make up your own minds as to whether you consider Mr Gale to be a world renowned and revolutionary therapist working at the cutting edge of the human psyche as he has claimed or a charlatan who abuses his position of trust to exploit and abuse his clients.

The hearings start at 10am and would make an ideal day out for anyone visiting London.

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: ian_t_j ()
Date: June 02, 2009 05:08AM

The end of the notes regarding the allegations against Mr Gale. You can see the details at [] There are many examples of misconduct identified by the Panel.
The highlights come at the end in the lead-up to the overall decisions):

"The behaviour that has been found to constitute misconduct is various, wide-ranging and happened over a long period of time. Some of it was of a very serious and fundamental nature. It follows that the seriousness of the behaviour dictates a sanction is required and that a caution order would be an inadequate response. It is not appropriate to have conditions of practice to require a person to perform in accordance with the standards that the ordinary standards of registration require. It follows that the choice is between suspension and striking-off.
In order to explain the Panel’s decision it is necessary for the Panel to be clear about its assessment of Mr Gale. The Panel has already stated that it finds Mr Gale’s attitude to be cavalier, and this is so not only in relation to his clients, but also in relation to the justifications for his practice and in his ambiguous relationship with the truth. That this is so is demonstrated by a number of instances disclosed by the evidence. One relates to particular 1(b)(ii) – the disclosure of JB’s self-harming. Having persistently denied this allegation Mr Gale then admitted it. He said that he did not recall it but accepted the word of another person who had been present on the occasion. Whether Mr Gale did not in fact remember it (which would be extraordinary given his claimed good memory and the gravity of the disclosure) but did not recall it or he did in fact remember it and chose not to disclose until a late stage is immaterial. Either explanation reflects badly on him. Another example, is of course, his incredible evidence relating to the use of cannabis. Also, Mr Gale told the Panel that he had supervision in relation to all aspects of his practice. He claimed that his lone motorcycling trip with PC was therapeutic exercise, but it was clear from the evidence of his supervisor that he had no knowledge of that trip. His supervisor expressed great surprise and concern when he learned of it when giving evidence. These are merely examples of many. The Panel notes also that Mr Gale appeared just as affronted by GD’s contention that he could not sing well as he was by the very serious allegations relating to his clinical practice and his use of cannabis. The view of the Panel is that Mr Gale is capable of being evasive when he perceives an advantage in being so.
62. A suspension order could only be justified if the Panel could find that there is a realistic prospect that repetition would not occur. For the reasons set out above the Panel is not able to find that there is any such prospect. Mr Gale’s casual neglect of the HPC’s standards does not inspire confidence in the Panel that he would in the future comply with them either in spirit or in principle. The consequence is that a striking-off order is required. This is a decision arrived at not only by a process of elimination. Striking-off is also a necessary and proportionate response to the allegations because of the need to protect particularly vulnerable clients who might consult Mr Gale, and in order to ensure that the public can maintain the level of confidence it is entitled to hold in both the registered profession and the HPC’s regulatory process."

The result was that he was struck off by the HPC.

Re: Derek Gale - Loughton,Essex, England
Posted by: Auntie ()
Date: July 28, 2010 11:25AM

If any one is under any illusions about Gale's personality, the following website accurately and succinctly pin points all of his wonderful traits as a man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder:


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