Netflix documentary about Jonah Hill and his therapist: do you see any red flags?
Posted by: NomeBee ()
Date: January 18, 2023 06:35PM

A new documentary popped up in my Netflix feed about a celebrity (Jonah hill) and his therapist. I read some reviews and alarm bells went off at phrases like:

- therapist talking about ‘life force’ and ‘The Tools’.

- quotes to the effect of ‘these tools can help everyone’(simplistic/totalistic?)

- ‘friendship’ between Shultz and his psychiatrist/therapist (unprofessional boundaries?)

- therapist being directive and ‘jokingly’ saying ‘do as I say’ (potential coercion/ undue influence over client?)

- very long time in therapy, five years. (Sounds pretty lucrative for the practitioner to keep someone coming back?)

What are your thoughts?

Here’s an example of a more glowing review I’ve seen of the documentary and the therapist’s methods: []

Here’s one article that raises some concerns: []

I’m new on this forum so please repost if you think this fits better in an existing topic.

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