Teresa Descilo; MasterTraumatizer or master trauma councillor? www.teresadescilo.com/ex-founder and fired at Trauma Resolution Center in Miami.
Posted by: Arenaltruther ()
Date: May 13, 2020 01:54AM

Founder of Trauma Resolution Center, Miami they threw her out. The final fate of many dictators. I am wondering if anyone else gets the same bad vibes I get around Teresa Descilo? I mean, aren’t ‘therapists’ supposed to fix something in you, that's gone wrong? Is it just me or is she the type of individual that has many people lining up, to go SEE a quack? Maybe it’s a male thing. With 5 ex-husbands, I hear the master councilor has deduced that everyone of them is; ‘an asshole’. Heal on!

A friend told me that her kid was playing at a restaurant and Teresa, who had spent half an hour, at least, boasting about her prominence within in the field of trauma counseling at the next table. Rubbed her son’s head and the kid looked at Teresa like he had been hit on the head by her. He ran to my friend and didn’t move. She had to leave the restaurant with her kid. She told the story to a mutual friend and his kid had the same experience! ‘For their’s is the kingdom of heaven’ until Teresa spooks the little ‘un’s with a bit of her magic hands/wands. Those not old enough to be seduced/confused by her high profile, personal propaganda.

I mean a buddy at the lake (Arenal, Costa Rica) told me he spent three days high after going to one of her sound healing sessions. Eventually he went to another healer who saw her (Teresa) in ‘her minds eye’ wearing Mussolini headgear with hoofs on her feet and in a general ambience of hell, fire and brimstone. He realized that he was so intimated after one of her sessions, he smoked for three days non-stop, just to get himself back to normality. He said she was his worst nightmare. She grabbed his hand like a headmistress and showed him how to ‘round’ his wand around the bowl like the ‘feminine moon transversing the mother earth’. ‘Not like a demolition artist destroying Michelangelo’s David’. He said he felt like he did when he was 3 years of age.

I have seen her at the market and she gives me chills up the spine. She writes on her profile; ‘I have retired from the daily battle of keeping a trauma specific-agency alive (by traumatizing my staff) and thriving in the aspect of the world that has no interest in healing (no sound bowls allowed)’. This was a Trauma Resolution Center in Miami that I have heard kicked her out. Mussolini anyone? And there is more; ‘My focus now is my own growth (don’t we stop growing around 16?) and healing, as well as facilitating the healing and growth of those individuals and communities (of lost souls easily fooled) who are really willing to make the commitment (to my bank account).’

www.teresadescilo.com. Knock yourself out! But I, for one think, it’s may be safer; skydiving?! Am I alone here?

Re: Teresa Descilo; MasterTraumatizer or master trauma councillor? www.teresadescilo.com/ex-founder and fired at Trauma Resolution Center in Miami.
Posted by: Olderwizzerd ()
Date: May 29, 2020 01:36AM

I have to say I totally agree with you. A while back in the States (Miami), I had several sessions with Teresa Descilo. On the advice of a friend, I went to her for some relationship guidance, as my marriage was going through a rough spot. In hindsight I wish I had trusted my gut instinct. I had a very strange cold feeling around her, but it took me sometime to put my finger, on exactly what it was.

The language she used was professional and she was clearly very knowledgeable about trauma related issues. Yet something just felt off for me. I have seen many therapists throughout my life, so I feel comfortable talking to them. But I never felt comfortable with Teresa. I found her approach and therapeutic style to be very domineering, with very little love or compassion for both myself and especially my husband.

I was seeking therapy to work on my own issues that were contributing to the conflict in my marriage. I was not there to blame my partner, as I knew that was just going to create more pain. However, Teresa kept encouraging me to focus on the negative aspects of my husband, insisting that it was really his inability to listen and his insensitivity that was the root cause of our problems. When I told her that this was not the full story and it did not feel right, she shut me down immediately, saying that it would take time to step out of denial and see the truth of what she was saying.

I felt so diminished and disempowered, I just became silent and felt very unsafe. I started to feel dread around going to see her, and the issues in my marriage became worse as I followed her advice. Interestingly, I started to develop migraines after each session, and felt so stressed all the time. I had sought this woman´s help, yet things were going downhill and fast. My husband noticed this too and eventually he asked me to stop seeing her, as it was clear that it was just creating a lot of division between us. That was a godsend, as it gave me the courage to trust myself. I realized that I had opened myself to a therapist, who in my opinion, is in no way qualified to counsel people.

My personal observation of Teresa as a therapist is that she is quite angry and I´d even; bitter. Especially in relation to men. She seems to have a lot of unresolved personal issues that contaminate the people she works with, as it did with me. She is a very difficult person to express yourself with, especially if she feels challenged by what you are saying. She becomes very reactive and defensive, so for me it never felt safe to be honest with her. In fact in the end, I honestly felt terrified and intimidated around her.

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