The American College of Orgonomy
Posted by: tracer ()
Date: October 27, 2005 02:42AM

Are there any plans to add the American College of Orgonomy to the list of Contrroversial Groups in the Rick Ross information database?

The A.C.O. has several cultlike attributes, including the notions that:[list:9748ce9d32][*:9748ce9d32]They, and they alone, hold the keys to happiness;
[*:9748ce9d32]All the other groups that claim to follow Wilhelm Reich are corrupt or harmful in some way; and
[*:9748ce9d32]You shouldn't tell anyone that you get therapy from one of their therapists, because outsiders don't have the emotional wherewithall to tolerate the A.C.O's Obvious Truths.[/list:u:9748ce9d32]
And, lest I neglect to mention the obvious, I myself endured several harrowing years at the hands of a couple of the therapists that they trained and endorsed, as detailed here: []

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The American College of Orgonomy
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 27, 2005 03:26AM

If you can find previously published newspaper or wire service articles forward them to the Ross Institute via email and they will be reviewed for possible inclusion within the archive. If there are quite a few articles there might eventually be a subsection within the database.

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