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Re: shepherding..cultic?
Posted by: AGTG ()
Date: May 02, 2016 11:59PM

Igor72 Wrote:
> Sheperding can be good or bad.
> Good point is that it helps build better
> fellowships.
> In the hands of wrong people or badly trained, it
> can lead to control.
> We need to take responsibilites for our actions in
> what we do or say.
> We want to grow in Christ. If you have an issue
> then do not share.
> The sheperding is biblical but alas like with
> anything in the wrong hands it can become
> destructive.

Jesus plainly warned against submitting yourself to hypocrites. You're attempt to stifle this person only shows your partiality to wicked models of submission and authority.

This shepherding model is likely from John Bevere's unbiblical book "Under Cover."

It's an old trick by Satan, but he keeps rolling it out every generation to anyone who will embrace it.

The New Apostolic Reformation is wholly built upon this model of submission and authority, and it creates pyramid scheme ministries that built up into a larger pyramid scheme.

Stay away from them, as their manipulation and abuse wraps people in a delusion.

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