Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: Cactus ()
Date: October 24, 2007 12:21AM

Has anyone heard what Bill and Patsy Freeman are doing in Spokane, Wa?

Since a dozen newspaper articles began appearing in 2005, they appear to have gone further underground. Yet, word on the Spokane streets near Whitworth College is that members of the Freeman group have purchased at least 10 homes within blocks of Whitworth.

Freeman shifted from targeting Whitworth College students after a dozen articles appeared in the Whitworth College student newspaper, The Whitworthian.

College-age members of the Freeman Group now attend Gonzaga University and Eastern Washington University. Several articles discussing the Freemans also appeared in the Spokesman-Review. Freeman continues to refuse comment.

Several members of this group also run a software company called Olive Tree Bible Software. Olive Tree develops software for loading versions of the Bible and Bible helps onto cell phones and PDAs. However, this abusive group uses this business facade in financial support of their ongoing purpose of targeting young college students.

Re: Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: trust ()
Date: November 06, 2007 05:17AM

In response to: Has anybody heard what Bill and Patsy Freeman are doing in Spokane?

They are most likely fixing up the houses they have purchased near the campus in Spokane using church labor so that the assets are more valuable when they have the opportunity to sell and find somewhere else to set up shop.

I know specifically of at least four marriages, two in Arizona, one in Lake Oswego and one in Washington State that are, at the time of this posting, currently being affected negatively --> wives not willing to pursue any Christian fellowship outside of this group and pressuring their husbands by withholding affection or threatening separation (In one case in Arizona, a wife has filed for legal separation. The husband, tired of the 8-year long battle, responded to the document by amending it to divorce. The wife, though playing hardball for 8 years and initiating the legal separation, is now telling others that "he is divorcing me"). This behavior is happening because the husbands will not 'submit' to either relocating to Spokane or in other ways submitting to the authority of Patsy Freeman and the group).

These types of things are happening while Bill Freeman still continues to preach about the "oneness of the body of Christ" to whoever will listen even though his wife, Patsy, still influences these sisters contrary to Titus 2:3-5.


Re: Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: Cactus ()
Date: January 08, 2008 03:00PM

Now we see the lasting fruit of the Freeman ministry: divorce and sadness.

Fuller Theological Seminary was correct in their 1978 letter to William (Bill) T. Freeman. Bill had reapplied to Fuller after dropping out after only 3 years. However, Bill's GPA had fallen below 2.50 and Fuller was not able to accept Bill directly into their Master of Arts program. They also expressed concern "regarding the incompatability between Fuller's commitment to the whole body of Christ in its many manifestations and the exclusivist, even antagonistic position of the Local Church toward other churches."


Bill Freeman later testified during the God-Men litigation regarding arranging marriages. He stated for the record that the Church in Seattle kept the receipts of the marriage certificates in a file in the church, so they had a record of every marriage performed from 1972 to 1980. The records indicate that the most marriages in one year was twelve. The most in one month was four.


An exhibit provided by William (Bill) T. Freeman during the God-Men trial also listed 72 marriages performed by the elders of the Church in Seattle from August 20, 1970 to November 13, 1979. Most notably of the 144 individuals comprising these marriages, only 8 individuals, 7 of which are women, remain Freeman loyalists today.


All eight (8) of these individuals are either divorced(4), separated thru death(1), or in a present state of marriage(3) that is teetering towards divorce thanks to Patricia (Patsy) A. Freeman's interference. Should anyone be surprised to learn that Patricia (Patsy) A. Freeman, in her depressed and weakened state, has been reduced to arranging divorces? Yes, the number of divorces that Patsy is presently arranging and working on right now is at least four. If God hates divorce, then these 'sisters' are silly women and, sadly to all that know them, are the most deceived.

Did anyone ask who is the Deceiver?

Re: Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: lom_nal ()
Date: March 03, 2015 05:34AM

Bill (William) Freeman had a high position in the Local Church of Witness Lee and was close to Witness Lee. But later they had some disagreements and Bill Freeman was excommunicated (using the Local Church term, "quarantined"). The same story happened with some other of the former Local Church leaders, and Witness Lee had a habit to blackmouth and slander his former associates who disagreed with him.

After leaving Witness Lee, Bill Freeman created his own group, which can be considered as a splinter group of the Local Church. He continued to use Witness Lee's teachings and Local Church's version of the Bible (Recovery Version).

The Contending for the Faith website, used as the source of information in the post above, belongs to DCP (Defense and Confirmation Project). In the very bottom of that website, you can read the following statement: "DCP is a project to defend and confirm the New Testament ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and the practice of the local churches." DCP is closely related to LSM (Living Stream Ministry) and so-called Blended Brothers (the current leadership of the Local Church, after Witness Lee's death). Director of DCP is Daniel Towle who is also one of the "Blended Brothers" and who was very close to Witness Lee until his death. DCP websites present the official position of the Local Church leadership and are not reliable sources of information. They are full of lies and disinformation.

Re: Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: lom_nal ()
Date: March 03, 2015 06:36AM

Regarding this story about Bill Freeman and marriages & divorces, I do not know what really took place there. In the Local Church, divorces are strictly prohibited. Therefore, this story must sound very terrible for their members and it is quite possible that it was made up in order to make a very negative impression about Bill Freeman.

Re: Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: Cactus ()
Date: November 26, 2015 10:20PM

Bill and Patsy Freeman have caused over three dozen (36) divorces among the congregation of women who follow them. When they moved from Yorba Linda, CA in 1969, a handful of women left their husbands behind and moved with the Freemans to Seattle, WA. These women chose to move with Patsy Freeman rather than stay in California with their husbands and children. These women abandoned their relatives in order to follow Patsy and what she claimed to be "following the Lord."

Likewise, in 1987, Bill and Patsy were confronted by the eldership of the Local Church for meddling in marriages within their congregation. Did Bill and Patsy Freeman apologize and repent? No. They simply picked up their marbles, moved to Scottsdale, AZ and continued their ministry of deceit in exile.

Likewise, in 1998, Bill and Patsy Freeman were again confronted regarding the growing number of divorces among their Arizona followers. This number soon included 4 out of 5 of their own children. Can you imagine? Patsy Freeman files for divorce from Bill Freeman. Four of the Freeman's own children get divorces, and Patsy Freeman still claims that she is "following the Lord."

Clearly someone has a few loose screws. Someone is self deceived. Someone has been operating a ministry of deceit rather than a ministry of God's word.

The names of these individuals have been withheld. However, the number of broken families and abused children is exponential. Bill and Patsy Freeman have operated an abusive "ministry" for over 40 years. Can you imagine? They've left a wake of broken families and broken believers across three western states. Shame on Patsy Freeman. Genuine churches don't destroy families, cults do.

Like so many of the programs being aired on television about fleeing the FLDS, leaving the Freeman group is a journey towards freedom. Patsy is clearly a sociopath. Like Warren Jeff, she has no conscience and will hurt those who she can simply because she can, for her own personal gain. She has no sense of shame and no sense of remorse. If you heard her screeching voice when she "prays", you would easily understand why so many call her the wicked witch of the west.

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