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Date: October 13, 2003 01:36AM

Some professing people cringe when the word "mind control" is mentioned. They feel their little invisible house meetings are under assault from bitter former members!

When workers repeat the same cliches, one liners, experiences and other stuff in meetings OVER AND OVER, you tend to either leave the group or start internalizing the lingo.

Professing people born in the fellowship that claims no name, headquarters or corporate status, weren't exposed to other religious views.

Leaving the "truth" is seen as leaving Jesus' only way according to many inside this fellowship. You cannot be saved if you leave the fellowship regardless of how religious or good you might be!!

Once people leave the fellowship, their professing families reject them as lost and hellbound heathen!

In meeting testimonies, professing people love to praise the workers and the group! And criticize those not a part of their group. Yet they don't want people outside the group really knowing how they feel about them until they have had time to internalize the rules and traditions of "the truth".

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