Could there be a Wiccan connection?
Posted by: Schwarzie ()
Date: November 29, 2006 04:59PM

By the way, wildswan, thanks for your input.

Some of the things you're saying kind of hits me as 'spooky', but that's because I don't really know much about Wicca.

I have kept my eyes open to materials about the whole group. Haven't really developed an opinion about it all yet.

I don't want to 'over spiritualize' my niece's condition ...I do think that bipolar needs to be dealt with medically and with psychotherepy. But I can't help but feel so unsettled internally that things 'just happened at the same time' ...and now that the next sibling is showing signs himself, my internal instincts get rattled again.

Only time will prove things I guess. I just feel so badly for my sister-in-law who has to cope with all this.

Could there be a Wiccan connection?
Posted by: kath ()
Date: November 29, 2006 08:02PM

Something that still eats at me is her connections with Wicca ...even though it's a somewhat benign organization /group, couldn't individual members cause a problem?

Of course. Every religion has it's 'bad eggs', and this person telling your daughter she'd cursed her can be very intimidating and frightening, particularly if someone is already vulnerable mentally.


Reason asking: Now it looks like a younger sibling is showing signs of manic-depressive episodes. My sister-in-law is already getting him analysed and vitamin therapy is already started't with a psycotherapist is on the horizon.

I can't help but wonder if there could have been something more to this 'curse' thing than meets the eye.

Firstly there's no proof of vitamins doing anything, medication is the best treatment for bipolar.

And the reason another sibling may have mood problems is that bipolar is often genetic, and other family members genetically prone to it. No spiritual 'curse' from outside involved :D

One of the first things shrinks asked my family when I first had a manic episode was 'is there a family history/ have other family members have problems such as this?'

People are at greater risk of mental health problems of all kinds if there's a family history. Having said this it may be the first time any mental health problem has turned up in your neices' family. But normally there's a history, at least of depression, in their mother's or father's families.

Here is one of the 1,160,000 :) articles online when one googles for bipolar + genetic:-


Remember this is just a risk, it would also depend on the life stresses a person has had and other circumstances. It's not a genetic 'curse', more like a risk, like other families have a higher risk of heart disease.

Hope this helps,
P.S. If you really don't feel happy about a 'curse' it would be easy to find a local wiccan who would do a ritual, probably for free, to break any chance of a curse and put your mind at rest.

Could there be a Wiccan connection?
Posted by: Schwarzie ()
Date: November 30, 2006 04:22AM

Thanx, kath. I hear what you're saying about the vitamins. My sister-in-law is really into alternative health measures, and so, while we wait for her son's appointment with a psychotherapist to arrive, she brought her son to an alternative health practitioner who suggested a few things. We'll see how that works ...he hasn't been diagnosed bipolar as of yet -we're just recognising some symptoms. The appointment is a few months away yet (out where we live, there's at least a 6 month waiting list).

I'm somewhat aware of the genetic nature of bipolar, but I guess I didn't really stop to think that you could have several in the same family of the same generation all at once. There are 5 kids in that family ...I'd hate to see all 5 of them get this.

Anyways ...thanks for the article link. I'll keep researching things.

Could there be a Wiccan connection?
Posted by: kath ()
Date: November 30, 2006 09:54AM

There are 5 kids in that family ...I'd hate to see all 5 of them get this

That'd be statistically impossible or something, don't panic :) I know how scary it must be to have a family member fall ill, most people would tend to worry excessively about the others.

Make time for relaxation and fun for yourself,
best wishes,


Re: Could there be a Wiccan connection?
Date: October 30, 2007 03:52PM

Many people with depression or bipolar disorder seek religious and spiritual fulfilment that they were not able to find with "traditional" religious groups. So, there are a lot of people with bipolar disorder and depression in the Pagan and Wiccan community at large.

But I think the same can be said for members of any religious group. Bipolar disorder is a physiologic disorder and has nothing to do with one's religious preferences. However, manipulative religious practices can and do affect a person with depression/bipolar disorder in a more intense way than it seems to do with individuals who are not afflicted with depression/bipolar.

I had been a practicing Wiccan for a number of years. It was my path at the time. No one ever in any shape, way, or form manipulated me into doing anything. However, I did not belong to a coven. I was what is known as a Solitary in the Wiccan community. I did at one time belong to a circle of Pagans who gathered to celebrate the eight Pagan holidays and the occasional full or new moon. It was a small group, all friends, which pretty much disbanded when we moved away.

From what I hear, everyone from the old group still practices the Craft. We do not, but I hear our old friends still practice. It will always be a part of me and was probably the LEAST controlling or manipulative spiritual path I have explored in my lifetime.

Oh, and not all witches are Wiccans. :) Wicca is a religion established in 1954 by Gerald Gardener. There are a lot of websites and books that teach basic Wiccan belief. So just because someone practices the Craft does NOT in any way mean they adhere to the concept of Harm None. There are LOTS of 'Pagan Bullies' out there, just like there are Christian bullies or Muslim bullies ... they're everywhere, and it sounds like your niece was unfortunate enough to befriend some people that fit that description. I agree, though, that it is likely a coincidence that her contact with Wiccans came about in conjunction with her mental breakdown. I am sorry for her pain and I hope those bullies who messed with her will pay the price.

If they are Wiccans, they know there will be a price, for another basic core belief in Wicca is that all our actions come back on us... some Wiccan traditions say it is equal, others say we get it back 3-fold... for good or ill, our intents come back upon us.

I hope your niece's recovery process goes well. :)

And as the Wiccans say ... Blessed Be.

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