Cult in Queensland’s are like a powder keg !
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 03, 2022 12:23PM

How do I know this you ask ? You become a permenant resident of Australia and find out yourself , all the mega churches , home churches , are getting in on it thanks to these witches of Ozz called the Queensland prophetic council ! They think they are over God ! They are just flying monkeys ! God is watching them all those who are abusing people , espicalkt the Jews again ! This is sick and evil and they are forming firechurches thinking they have the Power over The God of Abraham, Issiac, and Jacob ! They got one think coming ! Jesus Christ is Lord of all this battle is not mine it’s Gods !
I have cried tried to warn them with love and Truth but they love Baal ! Money , power , and the highest position is what they want , not God but Baal and mollach ! I’m just standing back and staying in the ark God will shut them down He will expose them All HIS WAY HIS TIME

Unfortunately my beloved family is running into the flying monkeys trap and all I can do is Pray now

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