People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: facet ()
Date: November 25, 2020 02:53AM

In many cults and groups, the us and them division between the group any other outside human is further defined by putting out that the person does not agree with the group, does not join, or is simply dealing with their own daily life challenges as one usually would, is somebody who needs to receive ‘healing’.

Whatever energy, thought, or modality used is then utilised to send a healing to the said person, even without prior knowledge or permission from the person.

Not only is this occurrence a personal boundary violation, but it is high evidence that the person directing people to send healing, or who is sending it themselves feel absolutely out of control of the person or situation involved, and is trying to gain it, if not in person but in their minds.

The situation is often rationalised by gurus and healing modality teachers as non questionable helping of humanity, a generous service, and often that permission is given by the higher self of the person in place of the real physical person, if they say no in person, it means nothing.

There is a big difference between simply wishing somebody best, or wishing them well, and the sending “healing” energy which has not been asked for, nor permitted.

Controllers are hiding in sending healing practice, no matter how well meaning that they say or think that they are.

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Re: People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: Resilient ()
Date: November 29, 2020 01:44PM

This is true, and there is no harm praying for someone's wellbeing, offering incense or a candle or simply thinking of them in a compassionate way.

It is difficult enough for people who take initiative to book an appointment with their practitioner, show up, and are receptive to change to co-create the conditions for healing.

Serious practitioners would never waste their precious time or energy on someone who doesn't genuinely want the facilitation. It's not going to work, and they're probably creating more problems for themselves when that energy riccochets back to them.

Once I was taking part in a group meditation and a woman announced she wanted to bless the water jug being used for refreshment by the whole group. I suggested she bless her own glass of water, and be sure to drink every drop of it, because it's not a good idea to pour blessed water down the drain. Like, thanks, but no, and mind your own business.

Re: People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: facet ()
Date: November 30, 2020 08:56AM

It's not going to work

Totally, it requires being witnessed, acknowledged.. and the participation.

Resilience, the water thing at meditations and similar gatherings, it’s a trend.

I’ve witnessed a few times the same thing, the most memorable worst for me was someone who arrived with a big tankard thing from an Amma hugging gathering (those gatherings are pretty big) they had collected water reportedly “blessed” by Amma, and then metered it out between the shared water jugs about to be used by about 50 - 60 people. Ergh.

Recall being in huge relief of having my own water bottle ha ha, simply for not wanting to drink water from a source I didn’t know anyway let alone the blessing stuff.

Control is insidious, and I know each of us must have some form of it, however to wield over others beyond the necessary for bringing up children, etc, is problematic.

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Re: People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: Resilient ()
Date: December 15, 2020 10:04PM

I'm not averse to blessed objects - it depends on who is doing the blessing and how and why and what I've got to do with the process.

It is wise to bring your own water bottle to such events! I would never fault anyone for refusing an offering of any kind - tea, water, whatever.

Amma also has a shade of corruption over her.


"Inevitably, Amma and her ashram are mired in controversy and accusations of corruption. Gail Tredwell, who was Amma’s first western devotee and one of her closest assistants for twenty years, left the organization in 1999 and has now written a book about her experience, in which she writes of “backstabbing, cruelty, hatred and power struggles” and even claims to have been slapped and kicked around by the Hugging Mother, who seems to be cracking under the public pressure. The Ex-Amma Yahoo group describes itself as a “discussion and healing group for victims of the cult of Amma” and currently counts 380 members."

Re: People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 23, 2020 05:43AM

It’s true, a blessing is indeed a wonderful thing but the source of it (at the time) was a matter of drastic confusion for me.. which I can laugh about now. I recall being sat in that room completely confused as to why people would be so enamoured by the blessing as I had learned of Amma literally in the two weeks just before, a few days later I then spend around four days solid learning of some of the corruption and abuses involved, and I did not at the time get the intense worshipping and following. I think dissonance is the correct word as I sat in that room haha ! In laymans terms, it was wtf.

I realised that there were problems, but this one really showed me the extent, and at that point I did not understand as much as i do today.

I was also very protective over my water, as I was sure that the facilitator had been (previously) micro dosing it appropriately for him with lsd.. hence my importance on my own water that time around.

None of us can underestimate the extent of crap some people will go to in order to come across as someone who has a “special” power.

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Re: People Who “Send Healing”
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 03, 2022 12:07PM

Word to the wise get away from these self healing gurus my family 3 generations were ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars we lost houses , people got threatened if you did not stay in theses churches , you were forced to give anything these self made millionaires wanted even to the point of bankruptcy ! We lost everything and everyone came against us in the end ! To not even try to reason with them they are psychotic and will destroy your marriage and family , my sister in laws daughter now has a heart problem from the stress and the Waco diets and isolation ! Stay away from any church laying claim they can heal they are self serving evil bastards ! They delight in seeing you own nothing and like it

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