Pierre Freeman Letter to AMORC French Grand Master Julie Scott........
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Date: March 21, 2011 06:03AM

Hi All,

I got this entry from the Blog of Pierre Freeman, entry of March 05, 2011
Pierre Freeman Letter to AMORC French Grand Master Serge Toussaint, AMORC English Grand Master Julie Scott, AMORC Spanish Grand Master Jose Luis Aguilar Moreno, AMORC Dutch Grand Master Nicholas Bakker, EGL Board Vice President Lonnie Edwards

The Prisoner of AMORC

I was interested to see you are writing a blog actively promoting the cult AMORC. So I have concluded that, unlike Christian Bernard, you are not hiding since the publication of my two books, The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked. To me, this evidences a kind of courage, perhaps based on your profound conviction that AMORC is the true and best way to develop Cosmic Consciousness and reach the apex of divine awareness. For this reason, perhaps, you are willing to meet me half-way and address my questions and observations about AMORC, developed after 24 years of membership.

Whereas because I understand that it is not safe for you to be critical of your Imperator, the Venerable Christian Bernard, I am not asking you to place your position in jeopardy by some kind of outright admission of the weakness of your Rosicrucian practices. Indeed, all I am asking for is a quiet, reasoned response to my questions based on your own honest evaluation of the meaning of these teachings. If quiet and reasoned enough, I am sure you, at least, are willing to defend the grounds upon which you stand.
Of course, to be safe, it might be valuable to inform your Imperator that your response to these questions will not, in any way, be perceived as a coup d’Etat against him, in any sense mirroring his successful coup against Gary Steward. You are simply being a responsible advocate of AMORC’s ancient traditions against an uncompromising dissenter, a gadfly who must no longer be ignored. Your explanation of your reason for addressing me will perhaps comfort your Imperator- and he will realize you are acting in the interests of all Rosicrucians by addressing attacks on the Order that can no longer be ignored.
Therefore, in the interests of truth and taking on a challenge to the integrity of the Order, you will serve both the Order and your Imperator, whose silence is now undermining the public perception of AMORC and the legitimacy of its claims to have the keys to Universal Consciousness.
Here are some of the questions that are included in the Open letter to your boss, the Vereble Imperator Christian Bernard. Your foot soldiers (the members of AMORC)are causing great embarrassment to themselves and to AMORC by their attempt to answer these questions . I hope that you, as a lieutenant of Christian Bernard, will will provide answers that make sense .


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