Possible recovery path...
Posted by: hsuchij ()
Date: October 25, 2004 11:30PM

Here is my study path to get myself mentally out of "human potential" (or LGAT) course. I hope it could be helpful to someone who attended the forum and suffered.

1) Perform a detail personal heath examination at any hospital or family doctor you trust. I was getting a high CPK value after my blood test on my last day of LGAT.
2) Read Bible for at least a week immediately after the forum.
3) Talk to the person who introduce you to the forum and tell the person what Bible actually means.
4) Be positive about yourself throughout the whole time, especially it is certain that you would receive phone calls from LGAT people.
5) Whenever you receive phone calls from LGAT people, talk ambiguously or even cheat to them if you have to.
5) Do some GMAT or GRE math problems. It should remind you that you can still be logical.
6) Watch movies that you like in the past.
7) Stay close to your love one.
8) Have faith to yourself throughout the whole time.
9) Read Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" after the first week.
10) Read Sigmund Freud's "The Interpretation of Dream".
11) Follow Freud's method to discover your own dream and know your own wish.
12) Do the exact opposite of what LGAT discussed and physically show to other people that the forum doesn't change anything.
13) If LGAT people ask you to join the next course, tell them that you're still busy reading Bible or something gravely important that you wouldn't have any free time for them.
14) If possible, Chinese ancient book "The book of change" might help. The book was the first natural science book in the five thousand years of Chinese history.
15) If talking to LGAT people is inevitable, talk to them about subjects like science, history, art, and religion but never your own thoughts and personal affairs.

These are the steps which I took to get my self out of the mind disturbance imposed by LGAT. I found this website after I read Hamlet. So I believe one may find his/her own way out through improve one's righteous knowledge.


Possible recovery path...
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: October 31, 2004 12:07PM

Hi hsuchij,

It is good of you to write what worked for you in the hope that others may benefit.

I may add to the list - fresh air, sunlight and exercise.

I'm interested in your blood test with an elevated CPK reading. I am not a medical doctor so I looked up the following website to see what it meant:

Excusing consumption of various substances, physical trauma or medical intervention, this site suggests that readings may be affected by:
"Special considerations

Factors that can affect test results include cardiac catheterization, intramuscular injections, recent surgery, and vigorous and prolonged exercise or immobilization."[/color:24558088f8]

I realise that you are a sample of "one" but the prolonged immobilisation may have been the cause.

Are you able to share with the board more information on your medical the day after your LGAT. What were your symptoms that caused you to see your doctor and what was his prognosis?


Possible recovery path...
Posted by: hsuchij ()
Date: November 01, 2004 05:19AM

Hi, Oz

I thank SarahL for her reply on OSHO overbreathing in my post on LGAT topic. Apparently I was suffered from Hyperventilation after attending a LGAT workshop. Here is a direct quote from Margaret Singer's "Cults in our Midst", P.128-129.

"A former Rajneesh (Osho) follower demonstrated for me what he termed Hoo (Chinese word for breath exhale) meditation.... I asked several medical doctors to give me a brief explanation of hyperventilation, or overbreathing, .... The physicians explained that continuous overbreathing, by causing large volumes of air to pass in and out of the lungs, produces a drop in the carbon dioxide level in the bloodstream, which in turn causes the blood to become more alkaline. This is called respiratory alkalosis."

The book then described the side effects of respiratory alkalosis, those effects included heart pain, as in my case, and many others. I do not have a clear medical report from doctors who treated me so this is as good as I can find out. I remembered a doctor had check my electrocardiogram and blood sample and then said one indicator wasn't quite right (I remembered it was CPK value). Then I was given heart pill to ease the pain at first.

I am an engineer not medical staff. But I still hope this piece of information helps you and others in anyway.


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