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Posted by: cult busters ()
Date: November 17, 2011 09:30AM

*May THE LORD continue to Bless you... sorry had a long day lol

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Posted by: wendyjduncan ()
Date: November 17, 2011 11:16AM

Maybe Timothy has finally met his match. My prayers are with you.

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Posted by: kittiesgalore ()
Date: November 25, 2011 01:11PM

I saw the videos your wife has been making. Very sad. My daughter was making them for a while but not anymore. Obviously, she is doing something for them, or they wouldn't have lured her and my grandkids there to Nebraska. I am not allowed to talk to any of them. This cult is very evil. Timothy knows what he is doing. It is mind control.

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Posted by: braku ()
Date: December 31, 2011 11:45AM

Hey, I am pretty positive that i read somewhere (I thought it was on the trumpet call of God website) that Timothy said that the rapture, or whatever you want to call it, would happen before the end of 2011. The only problem is that i can't find it anywhere anymore. Do any of you remember seeing that at all if you looked at their website?

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Posted by: SelahSelah ()
Date: January 02, 2012 08:22AM

OH YES BRAKU Tim did say this in one letter from 6/04 I believe he said GOD TOLD HIM THAT JESUS WOULD COME AND 'PLUCK THEM FROM THE EARTH' in 7 YEARS and then in another pdf study that is no longer up Tim said the 'innocent and forgiven' would be raptured only, but wait does that mean not ALL Christians are worthy of forgiveness, only those who earn it through Tim right? The Bible clearly says that those who believe on Jesus will be adopted as children of God, who by the way is no respecter of men. IN FACT Braku many thought that halloween 2010 would be the last, and also the feast of trumpets would be the rapture and 'no further past 2011' but then Tim went back on what he said and said something to the like of "well...I can't be sure if that was God talking or just an educated guess..." really? So what else can't you be sure about? EVERYTHING! Like the last letter Tim is obviously grasping at straws and threatening his 'flockers' not to dare listen to any of us who are bringing his LIES to the light. You guys have been BRAINWASHED. I would challenge you all to quit supporting Tim's addiction of playing God and see how long he lasts. You are gonna have some serious counseling to rewire your view of the angry God Tim has portrayed throughout the years. You are going to question your faith BIG TIME all thanks to Tim who didn't care if he crushed you like a bug. And some of your deceived followers printed out the material on the studies pdf files so they have the original REedited PROOF that you said that Tim, not to mention those who had the book and haven't set it on fire yet. Unfortunately I believe many of the followers will just be brainwashed and bullied into dismissing this HUGE failed prophecy as a 'miscalculation'.

Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: SelahSelah ()
Date: January 02, 2012 08:37AM

@ Tig, yes I am not sure if it was from a letter or if it was a sort of ultimatum from Art, but he was not to fully believe the letters until his ex wife came back to him, so all it would take is her returning to him for him to believe. Whether that has changed I do not know. Yes Timothy is saying that 2011 was just an educated guess from him and not God. But there are several letters that state otherwise, whether they were taken/ edited or not (I know there was one letter where Tim changed letters and removed certain people's names from them because "They were God's letters and He could do with them what He wanted" )

@ cult busters. I agree there is hypnosis, thought reform, time control, as well as a rewards system being enforced within the group. The group has a high no talk rule. You are constantly on edge because Timothy uses current events to lead with panic and a 'this is it!' mode. Watching Tiara's enthusiasm in her videos reminds me of the way I was, I wanted to give my all. I also agree and have talked to several others who agree that this causes nightmarish dreams or dreams that seem like they are spiritually inclined. Timothy can tell who he can use and who he can't, some because of age and some because of a lack of parental figures sort of look to Timothy as a father, he finds a weakness and uses it if possible and then a personal letter is delivered. I do not know much about Amy C. other than she "hears from God" also and that she is a sort of 'prophet' in the group. But Timothy is the ultimate authority. In the video of Amy C. yelling at Tiara it reminds me of during a study one time when Tim (being God) yelled at Jayse for not 'speaking from the Lord' and Jayse reluctantly started talking 'from the Lord' Many new followers are young. They remind me a lot of A Mighty Wind, except dangerous in that they are the ultimate remnant. Jason used to make a lot of videos like this and I believe they expected the rapture to occur during Feast of Trumpets because Jason said last Halloween (2010) would be the last time people could celebrate it. One of the main leaders has been in several cults before this one so it is actually very common for one to exit a cult or the occult and enter another one.

If any of you flockers are reading this and you come to the realization that you have been lied to, please do not do anything to harm yourself, because God will always forgive you and many family members are waiting with open arms. These letters have become a reality to many people and I fear some may not know how to accept this. You no longer have to go through Timothy. Release his control over you and give it to God only. I would suggest to pray for discernment from God to help reveal this truth to you. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies and those who use and persecute us, and not to seek retaliation. Many of the followers of the letters were and are much more involved than I ever was. And thanks to God I have moved on with my spiritual life, but I feel a sort of need to expose this one last time to those who may be coming out of the woodwork. God Bless.

Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Ashbeck ()
Date: January 03, 2012 12:19AM

Hey Guys I'm Kinda new to this and not Sure what to Say or do, But i do see a need for the Original Letters, and i can Help you with that, Because i downloaded all Seven Volumes, before leaving this Trumpet call of God.

Here is a Quote from the Original Letters,

Question: Is 2011 the beginning of the Tribulation Period?
Answer: Yes. After I heard God’s voice for the first time, over three years ago, I prayed fervently,
asking when will this tribulation period begin. The Lord answered clearly, “2011”. The Lord is indeed
a revealer of secrets, to those who diligently seek His face at all times and concerning all things...
ADONAI, God, does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

TO the followers of Timothy, I want to say, Don't get angry, It's not Gods fault in fact God has used it in many ways to save you, and bring you closer to him, so Just humble yourself and Ask him to help you walk, I remember when i watched the Zeitgeist Movie, it it calmed that Jesus was actually the SUN( as in the SUN in the SKY) if was not for this,and God using it to protect me, i would have walked away from God and believed the Lie of satan.

You will get angry, and sad and Lonely, Just call on Jesus and he will help you, i know he did for me. because he knows everything and Knows Just what you are feeling.

For those who require it, Please don't bash them, they really have no idea, He makes them read it over and over, because that is a form a mind control, this is what Radical Religious ground do, and make their users comply. It's a form of brain wash, and By attacking them, it makes them go closer to him, Just keep planting seeds, and one day, that seed May sprout.

Q-A Study (Download PDF)

Original Download Date: Thus 26 May 2011 @19:20:42 GMT

Letter Study (Download PDF)
Original download Date: Mon 3 Jan @21:00:28 GMT

If you Guys want the full Volumes Please say, i would be happy to Upload the Full unedited Volumes. I hope this helps someone in some way.

Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: TIG ()
Date: January 03, 2012 12:03PM

Hi Ashbeck

Would you please upload the full unedited volumes if you don't mind. I've been asking around for them so I would be grateful to have them.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: LLG ()
Date: January 03, 2012 07:45PM

@cult busters - thank you for sharing with us your struggles and bringing to light some of the terrible things that happen in the group. I tried recently to watch the video you posted but it looks like someone has taken it down. From what I read in the posts though it was very revealing.

@SelahSelah - I am so happy to hear God has allowed you to move on with your spiritual life. I know how hard it has been and I have been praying for your healing. Your journey has blessed me as well and I am grateful to God for all He has done!

@Ashbeck - I am very happy to hear you have come out of the group!! I echo both SelahSelah and yourself in saying to anyone who is still in the group not to be afraid or angry. It will take some time to heal but you will find many people waiting with open arms and God will use even this for your good and the good of those who love him. God has led me through the darkness of the valley and he will for you as well. There is a whole family of people on here who are more than happy to encourage you and love you through this time as well.

For those of you wondering about timelines expected by the group. One of the leaders sent the following in July of 2010 as an answer to my question, and it shows that the expectation (based on letters) was that the rapture would take place in the year 2011.

Hey sis.
If this Feast of Trumpets is not the date of the rapture ... it is very unlikely that the next one will be in time.
When the next one comes around the state of Israel will be 63.5 years old ... it is 62.5 years old this feast of Trumpets.

" So shall there be threescore and two days, and then seven days, going forth after the Restoration Day of My people to their land. After the seven days have been completed, Messiah shall reign. "

Threescore is a word that means 60. A "score" is 20 so three of them is 60. ... the "and two days" makes it 62 years or so.

This quote if stretched to the maximum it can be 62 years and 364 days. ... Otherwise, it would read "threescore and three days" ... not "and two days" ... see?

The only wrinkle in this we may not be fully discussing is that the restoration year of Israel may be the years beginning and ending from the Torah calendar (not the January to December calendar that we use so often. ... Still using the Torah calendar ... I think that Feast of Trumpets 2011 is too late, but I'd have to do some thinking about it to make sure. Anyway, I hope this helps. In short, it is very unlikely that as we discuss this the first harvest is more than a year away. It is probably less than half a year away ... and 10 months at the very greatest.

Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Ashbeck ()
Date: January 03, 2012 07:47PM

OK, so here are the files, i think i made a mistake with the above dates and they are from 2010 infact, But they are the completed Seven volumes.

VOLUME ONE (Download)

VOLUME TWO (Download)


VOLUME FOUR (Download)

VOLUME FIVE (Download)

VOLUME SIX (Download)


I hope these Help someone and are not used in a malicious way, Because you cannot fight evil with evil,
These are from Around Dec 2010, Anything else Please say.


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