The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Michael Jones ()
Date: June 16, 2008 10:53AM

According to the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, there are certain rules members have to follow absolutely in order to continue to receive protection of the Egregore of AMORC. These rules are clearly spelled out in the monographs of AMORC and the Rosicrucian tradition.
Besides paying your membership fee to AMORC and other important points I have mentioned in previous post, members must (or must not):
1 Cannot criticize the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and the teaching of AMORC and its spiritual leaders (terms use for the officer of AMORC visible and invisible)
2 Members must not read writing that is critical of AMORC.
3 Members must voice their opinion against writing that are critical of AMORC (the reason given for this last one is that if a member is not willing to voice opinion against writing that are critical of AMORC, it means that they do not believe deep inside in the teaching of AMORC and is therefore not worthy of the protection of the egregore of AMORC.)
And this is the dilemma. You cannot read a book that is critical of AMORC and you must take position for AMORC against such book. This smells fishy to me.
So fear is the force that push members of AMORC into criticizing so harshly Pierre Freeman for his book “The Prisoner of San Jose”.
I welcome any feed back about this dilemma.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Keir ()
Date: June 16, 2008 11:45PM

It comes down to organizations that wish to propagate their own propaganda and the supression of dissidents, criticism and or critical thought. (One's warning lights should be flickering!)

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Nerveno ()
Date: June 20, 2008 05:55PM

You really have an axe to grind don't you?

Thats not a dilemma at all, i spoke to a current 12+ degree member the other day about this book and he told me if i want to then read it!!

Fear is human nature.
Fear is not a tool of AMORC.
There are no "Invisible Masters" that have the control Michael states. They are a term for people who have achieved mastery of thier own lives. A goal every AMORC student strives to achieve.

I look forward to talking to anyone about this matter and hopefully clear the mis-conceptions.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Nerveno ()
Date: June 21, 2008 07:44AM

I would also like to cite the olden days were anyone who critizied Christians and God were burned at the stake.

Of course if you believe in something you will take thier side in it. Cult or not.

What you are seeming to miss is that all the things you state can be related in the "real world"

And before it is said again. I am not brainwashed by AMORC. i am a member and i am speaking from what i know before joining. I defend them only because my time with them is plesant and i enjoy being a student.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Keir ()
Date: June 21, 2008 09:37AM

Cults take on many forms. Not all groups operate the same way.

One should always hear the side of dissidents of any group. There are always two side of the story.

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Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Vern76 ()
Date: November 15, 2008 11:59PM

I have been a member for over 50 and do not feel I have a dilemma. By using the principles for the Mastery of Life they have provided me I am now confortable in retirement after a 43 career in accounting and finacial mangement. I have been involved in other self improvement orginaizations like Toastmasters and found they supplement the principles taught by the Rosicrucian Order. I did not find any need or requriment to spend untold hours studying and reading the studies and books. On the average there is no need to spend more than 2 hours a week unless you elect to do so. As far as the posts on setting up a home sanctum it takes only 5 minutes to set it up and take down if you keep your stuff orgaized. In fact you can elect to leave it set up if you a space to do so. There are certian obligantions to being a member. But you will find that requriment with most other orginaizations. Your are sworn in when you join the Army to be loyal to the country you are serving, or if you join a church you go through a ceremony where you affirm you loyality to the teaching of that church. This give some sense of structure to our society. I feel free to read whatever I want to read without restrictions. There also are proceduers to follow if for any reason I do not agree with the decissions of any officers of the Order and want to appeal that decission. We need certian rules in order to have order in the world. So we have speed limits, the taking of other persons goods without thier permission is a crime, etc. Need I say more?

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: neverno1 ()
Date: December 08, 2008 12:42PM

Our Imperator Christian Bernard was chosen by the college of the Great White Brotherhood. The election was done in the invisible world in the presence of the Ascended Master Kut-Hu-Mi and H.Spencer Lewis.

The Imperator Christian Bernard is the most spiritually elevated man on Earth.

Our organization AMORC is the only true Spiritual Organization on this planet.

Our members, selected because they are spiritually more advanced than the rest of humanity, are actually working day and night at the level of the Celestial Sanctum to save the world.

These great spiritual works are done under the direction of the Most Holy One the Imperator Christian Bernard.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Nerveno ()
Date: December 09, 2008 12:42AM

Can I please ask why you are using Nerverno1?

And to any who may think it is me posting other another name, ask the admin to do an IP Address check, that will prove it is not me.
I do not share his/her views for the record.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 09, 2008 09:52AM


For the record,to me, yes it sounds like "nerveno1" is a troll trying to mock you and/or others here. To me it sounds like "nerveno1" is trying to get an "attack" on his/her posting. Ignore him/her.

One thing on you will find is it does unfortunately attract a load of trolls who try to belittle users here or cause anger here or to be "apologists" for questionable faiths. Since Rickross is actively moderator, you may wish to send the moderator a complaint on that poster who seems to be trying to usurp your moniker. Click on the "contact" button at the top toolbar and let Mr. Ross know your concerns. Hope that helps.

Re: The dilemma of being a member of AMORC
Posted by: clefwalker ()
Date: January 17, 2009 07:21AM

I have been in AMORC for 27 years and am leaving this year. I do believe that I was supposed to experience the Order and learn from it, but I always felt "out of place." I think the danger is that one subconsciously accepts the fear of being judged not to be a "good member." Any established organization is going to have its own principles and rules - if you are a member, you abide by them. Right now, I feel released from a straitjacket. Being a "Rosicrucian" does not mean being a member of AMORC. It is much deeper and older than that, and beyond any physical organization. Unfortunately, there are some in the administration who are very controlling and force their rigidity on others. I can say that anyone actually practicing being a "walking question mark" was not really accepted, especially if any actions taken by the Order were criticized. Frater Nerveno, you must have more experience in the Order before you can make statements that really mean something. You are being ridiculed here because you sound like a cult member.

Peace to all..

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