Alex Constantine
Posted by: pacifica ()
Date: February 14, 2008 09:04AM

If Constantine's information is corroborated other researchers (and I assume you mean non-CT researchers), please cite them. Please do not cite UFO, crop circle, psychic phenomenon or 9/11 sites. I will accept reputable, peer-reviewed journals or credentialed academic and research institutions.

The label "conspiracy theorist" is a technical term, like "cult", to describe a certain kind of social phenomenon, in which people believe that the world is controlled by hidden conspiracy or conspiracies. Thus:

"A conspiracy theory usually attributes the ultimate cause of an event or chain of events (usually political, social, pop cultural or historical events), or the concealment of such causes from public knowledge, to a secret, and often deceptive plot by a group of powerful or influential people or organizations. Many conspiracy theories imply that major events in history have been dominated by conspirators who manipulate political happenings from behind the scenes."

Charles Darwin was a scientist, and Darwinian theory has nothing to do with conspiracies.

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