The Palmarian Church / Palmar De Troya
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Date: October 28, 2007 05:15AM

Hey Guys,

I was wondering have any of you guys heard or have direct experience with The Palmarian Catholic Church.
This is a splinter Catholic group based in the Desert of Spain just south of Seville.

In the late 1960's three young girls witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary above an Olive tree in a field just outside the village of Palmar De Troya, from this incident many "Seers" came and a large congregation gathered to pray etc.

Among these people came two Spanish individuals, Clemente Dominguez y Gomez (an accountant with an erratic history) & Alonso Manuel Corral (a shrewd Lawyer). These two guys in particular Clemente rose to become the leaders of what transformed from a congregation of religious people into a full blown Cult with Clemente crowning himself Pope (Gregory XVII) with Corral as his Secretary of State (Fr Isidore).

Clemente claimed visions, prophecies & staged stigmata & other sacred wounds, he also lost his eyes in a car crash & was blind from 76 until 05 when he died & now Corral heads it up as the new Pope (Peter II)

Does anyone here know anything of these guys? I was brought up in this Cult and have personally met Clemente & Corral & know of the corruption that lies within the heart of the organization & wish to strike up a conversation regarding this subject.

If anyone has any questions please ask away - or if anyone was a member of the Plamarian Church please leave comments, you can check these guys out on wikipedia for more info.

They also called themselves The Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face.

They are a corrupt & destructive Cult, they have destroyed families (including my own) and wrecked many lives.


Comments are welcome




Palmar Support Website for ex Members, contains good information:

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Re: The Palmarian Church / Palmar De Troya
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Date: November 08, 2007 05:22AM


I think its important to get information about this Cult out, so here is a news report from 1982, if an ex-members are reading this it is a direct result of this incident that Clemente (Gregory XVII) put the ban on entering Churches in place.

As someone told me he stated: "If they won't let me in - no one goes in!!!" (paraphrase)

Copyright 1982 U.P.I.

United Press International

May 18, 1982, Tuesday, PM cycle

SECTION: International

LENGTH: 298 words


A self-proclaimed pope and eight ''bishops'' of his tiny sect narrowly ecaped lynching when some 200 people attacked them, fearing they would try to steal relics from a convent, authorities said today.

Police said Clemente Dominguez, who calls himself Pope Gregor X, and his followers burst into a Carmelite convent in Alba de Tormes in western Spain Monday night, shouting insults against a leader of the order.

Dominguez, who failed entrance exams into a seminary, proclaimed himself pope in 1978 after the death of Pope Paul VI, saying the pope in Rome ''was controlled by free masons and communists.''

The eight men who came with him to Alba de Tormes are called bishops by sect members, who maintain a large cathedral in the village of Palmar de Troya,where Dominguez said he had visions of Mary.

Some 15 pilgrims visiting the convent to prepare for Pope John Paul II's visit to Spain in October heard the cries when Dominguez quarreled with the Carmelite leader, who ushered Dominguez and his ''bishops'' into the street.

Another 200 people rushed to the convent when the Carmelites rang the bells, apparently fearing the men would try to snatch the relics of Santa Teresa de Jesus from the convent chapel.
Police said the crowd stoned Dominguez and his followers and dragged them from their two cars when the sect members tried to flee.

Roman Acevedo, mayor of Alba de Tormes, tried to calm the crowd but could not stop them from beating the intruders until Civil Guards arrived and took Dominguez and his members away.

''I tried to stop them from lynching these people, but it was close,'' Acevedo said.

The nine were treated for their injuries in a Carmelite clinic, police said.

A judge released them after booking them for disturbing the peace, police said.

Thanks for reading


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