Posted by: ryan ()
Date: January 10, 2004 01:05AM

The Amish are remarkable to me in a certain way because they managed to form the best lil utopia I think the world has yet seen. I bet ya one day a meglomaniac is going to try to turn the world or his lil country into a giant Amish community. :rolleyes:

But I don't like utopias for obvious reasons.... I think the movie "Shreck" shows us the insanity of utopias in a very pleasing way...

I just want you to know even though I may criticize America
I love America just fine. As far as I can tell... its the best so far. Even though I think it is slipping.... but that is to be expected.

oh yea... and I plan to learn how to spell.. Me thinks I butcher the English lanuage in an most uncivilzed mannor. :D


Posted by: ryan ()
Date: January 10, 2004 01:16AM

I ment to post this on my first thread.. Hello?

e ryan

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