on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: supermonkey ()
Date: June 30, 2004 10:05PM

I found in my investigations that the hares were nice but harmless but I they were brainwashed and believed in superstitious nonscience based hindu ideas. Harmless but very very HINDU. Hindus believe in burning their widows after their husband dies and they support idolatry and think that sex is evil. I disagree with their god but they would not be dangerous to the extent of the moonies or tony alamo was back in the 80s. I spent three weeks on their farm in pennsylvania in 89 . they were nice people I even met one or two of their leaders who were very friendly and did not seem to be into mind control the way "father" moon or some of these crazies are. So I conclude that they are fine but i still saw brain control going on and as an atheist I believe that ANY idea of god is a crutch and a human made conception not based on reality. hindu god or christian god it is all the same and when you die that is it. hindu is not a river it has many temples and people who are hindu and follow the hindu way. i know in my town hindus not hares but others and they call themselves hindu so you are wrong about it not being a cult as it is and it is from india. India is not a place that I would want to visit as it is very poor and the people uneducated. they even worship rats and have child prostitution in some of their temples. this is not what the hares do but it is still related. I know that the british tried to civilize them but they were also into their christian god which was only more of the same. Your guru or "father" may be a nice cult leader( i do not know) but he is still a cult leader and believing in him is falsehope and mind control.

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: Ex-Iskcon ()
Date: June 30, 2004 11:35PM

Being an atheist shows that you are very disappointed and embittered individual, which was hurt in his/her life.
I respect that, it is what you are at the moment.We learn, as long as we live.

Being an atheist is also religion or cult.
Your choice, not mine.

I was in India,and i don't want to comment your uneducated gossip.If some of that is true, it does happen also in civilized countries.
Then my question to you is, what defines civilized culture according to your atheist cult?

Again, my guru doesn't belong to cult or sect.Then every family and school can be sect or cult, according to you.

Be more happier and positive in your life. I was in life treatening situations in war while helping others, and i believed in God, and i have never lost my faith, even after i was abused emotionally, by some Iskcon members previously.

Being an atheist, pagan, satanist or whatever you gonna, or want to be, is your choice and you don't have to impose that on me.As i have said it's your choice.
I know my way, and i don't need assistance from people like you.I joined this forum to share my bad experiences with Iskcon, and that's all.

I will not, and i will repeat that again, I WILL NOT, answer or react to people or beings, which are blaspheming something what they are not, or they do not understand, and the subject they are blaspheming is totally out of their intellectual or human capability to understand and grasp.No offence intended or nerdy elitism here, just levels of understanding in communication.I seriously don't want to lecture anybody about their lives.

People have to grow up and understand each other, not hate each other.There are still millions starving, abused or homeless.Civilizations instead how they used to exploit them in past, should help them as much as possible.

You may be even on higher platform, but please don't share it with me in such way using words like: false hope and mind control. In other way, you are saying that i am a loser. I was never one, nor i will ever be.I am determined to be spiritual human being, and a person which is capable to be open minded and free.And i don't need self help books or seminars to tell me that.

Stay human, shalom and peace to you all, at this forum, past, present and future,

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: Ex-Iskcon ()
Date: July 01, 2004 12:03AM

*** This post will be moderated upon posting and unviewable until approved. ***

Why this?

All the best to all of you on this forum, and take care.
Thanks to moderators for giving me opportunity to post here.

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 01, 2004 04:44AM

Ex-ISKCON and Supermonkey:

Please understand that insulting people and/or their religious faith (e.g. Hindu) will not be allowed at this discussion board.

Also, as said before to Supermonkey--

ISKCON is hardly "harmless" and promoting such false information is not helpful here.

The Hindu religion and its beliefs have existed for thousands of years.

Ex-ISKCON has correctly pointed out that the "Hare Krishna" group has very little to do with mainstream Hinduism.

The links regarding all this were previously posted on this thread.

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: supermonkey ()
Date: July 01, 2004 10:36AM

the hindu beliefs as the hare krishna beliefs have caused much pain to people over the years. this guy is in a cult and even if it is not the hare organization he still is following a cult leader. Maybe his "father" is not jim jones or "father" moon but he is still a cult leader. I call a spade a spade. The hares I encountered were nice people harmless but you are very very correct in that they can be dangerous. This is my point that cults are bad and that no matter what cult you follow even harmless ones they mess with your ability to make rational judgements and they are generally based on MYTH and involve EXPLOITATION. I will challenge anyone about this and stand up for rational thinking, Ex iskcon is free to follow whoever he wishes and believe what he wants and maybe his guru father is a nice leader but even nice cults have secrets that they don't want others to find out about. My parents were respectable but that did not stop them from blindly obeying the elder brothers/
I do respect this forum and appreciate the opportunity to reach people and warn them about the harm and abuse that takes place in cults

I also have found that even organized religion tends to offer the same negative fear based nonscientific approach to living. True they may not make their members drink grape kool aid laced with death but they enourage people to be zombies/ jesus and hindu and buddha were all cult leaders and false prophets from what I can tell even if they did live thousands of years ago and much of what we know is not factual but what scholars know to be pure myth and not history.

I am curious what cult that ex iskcon is now involved in and WHO is his guru.. I think that members of this forum need to know that this man does not agree with our views...

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: Ex-Iskcon ()
Date: July 03, 2004 12:00AM

Dear moderator,

With this final words i will say thank you, and wish you all here all the best.I tried, but it didn't go.

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: prajalpaspeaker ()
Date: October 09, 2004 09:39PM

I am just posting here to see what I can see!

I have "excaped" from the Hare Krishna's and live now on my own, and in my years with the "cult" I saw very much. I was directly part from '77' to 94' and got to travel the world around because of it.

One thing that I have found, is that many like me who got out of the corruption, still hold on to the religious parts of the movement, and are actually not bitter!

And one more thing, although many "hindus" reject the movement, there are many thousands upon thousands who do not reject it. I personally know of about 100 who live in my rural state and are a part, since it is really their religion and they are niave about the corruption, i think.

So this is my first post and I hope that I have followed the rules here properly, and will be allowed more in the future.

love and a hare krishna, prajalpaspeaker!

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 09, 2004 11:13PM


One thing that I have found, is that many like me who got out of the corruption, still hold on to the religious parts of the movement, and are actually not bitter!

Welcome to the board. However, if one's phase of recovery requires feeling anger and grief one has disowned for many, many years, thats a necessary part of recovery and must not be dismissed or criticized as 'being bitter.'

Groups that emphasize bliss, happiness and Bhakti Yoga, would be likely to inculcate a fear of 'negativity' in members. After leaving such a group, former devotees may have difficulty allowing themselves to experience painful emotions.

RR.com has assembled extensive files on ISKON from many sources in the media


and there a website dedicated to a devotee, Solcana Das who was murdered when he wrote an expose


A big part of recovery is owning all one's emotions and learning to experience the full array of emotions disowned during one's time in a group.

Implying that persons working to recover thier disowned anger and grief are being 'bitter' does them a dreadful dis-service.

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: prajalpaspeaker ()
Date: October 10, 2004 12:07AM

I am asking this question, because Krishna Consciousness, although full of corruption is actually a "bonafide religion". Like the Catholic church there is great corruption, because there is corrupt members, Krishna consciousness is Bonafide and does have good results for those who are not corrupt. I would argue that it has better results than lets say the other corrupt religions like catholic, muhamadean etc.

What do you think?

Are all religions Cults?

on leaving ISKCON
Posted by: supermonkey ()
Date: October 10, 2004 12:42AM

I say that you are in a cult and you are saying that you are sorry for its wrong doing and sleazy beliefs and painful practices..

you are brainwashed and while you may be a nice man you need to get out while you still can reason..

ALL religions in my view are based on MYTH and not ratioinal fact or logical science. Jesus started christianity hindu started hinduism and buddha founded the budda teachings but they were all mind controllers

The harm outweighs anyfalse ideas of god or peace that you might feel

to say that we are biter is a diserve and hurtful to us..you insult vicitmswho have had their lives destroyed by parasite cult leaders and zombie cultists who gave upcritical thinking to follow a foolish lie and pipe dream

do what you want but do not expect us to agree with you or allow you to push your mumbo jumbo new age suet here lies need to be stoopped and truth and freedom is most important

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