Posted by: david mauldin ()
Date: October 10, 2002 06:56AM

Hi folks its me David Mauldin, is anyone interested in starting a website? I would like to but it seems like I can't find enough time. The purpose of the site is open to your suggestions, I think a place where people could chat and share stories would be greatly beneficial to people who have left and young people who are trapped inside the assembly. It is my opinion (and I could be wrong) Rick Ross has done a lot for people like us but his site only goes so far. I would like to discuss a lot more than he has allowed to be posted. To add my 2cents, My experiences with George were mostly being talked down to in a way a General might talk to a private. Most of the time he misunderstood my simple honest questions as an attack on himself. He contradicted his theology concerning divorce and remarriage. when I pointed this out he accussed me of division.
(According to his theology certain divorced and remarried bretheren have no inheritance 1 Cor 6) George has quite a history with the Plymouth Bretheren of whom I have been in fellowship with. To me George is a perfect example of a man who prays to his own ego. He Georges ego) tells him what Gods (Georges) will is. I welcome response

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