mother lost 4 kids to St. Pious X. Three came back,son lost
Posted by: laurie22 ()
Date: September 30, 2003 12:31AM

I have been through 4 years of heartbreak since ex-husband had secretly turned my four beautiful children against me to the point that they truly believed I was going to hell. He dominated them completely. They were not allowed to give me any information, including the name of the church, or where they lived. I had not realized that this was going on behind my back for so long, but I knew something was "wrong".\
Now after 2 long years, my daughters will well normal clothes and will go swimming and to the movies, but they still go to a St, Pious church. I do not think they enjoy this church. They are just barely starting to confide in me.
I would like advice as to "perhaps I shouldn't expect too much too fast"
But they would not help me try and get my son away..I haven't seen for two years. But I gave my girls this website and perhaps they can talk to others who have been through similar things.
thanks for listening. How do people expect me to "get over" the loss of a son? I think I have lost him forever. His father has had complete control over him for 5 years now & he is not allowed to have friends. He is 17 years old and has not even been to school since age of 14. If you were "trapped" for many years, and then came back, PLEASE, would mean so much to me...I just want to know

mother lost 4 kids to St. Pious X. Three came back,son lost
Posted by: Ashley ()
Date: October 28, 2003 11:25PM

Everyone responds to love. God is love and in Him is no darkness at all. As you pray for your son's spiritual freedom, reach out in little ways in love. No one likes to be controlled and eventually he will rebel. He will eventually realize who really loves him. Be patient it may take time. This bondagae didn't happen over night and it won't unravel overnight. Stay out of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith means you believe in God to bring to pass a victorious reunion!

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