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Re: just escaped
Posted by: ostracizedone ()
Date: March 30, 2010 08:44PM

Hello I am Traci Salazar YOUR EX PASTOR'S DAUGHTER.... Apparently people can't escape your church's reach here even.And as far as someone needing to soften their heart...WOW

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: cultsurvivor22 ()
Date: June 09, 2010 09:36AM

I liked what Shalom wrote "Good luck in finding the church or spirituality / religion that is right for you!" As free people, this is what we can do. We don't need to follow authoritarian or spiritually abusive groups. We choose our own belief systems. We learn that we can think for ourselves and believe what works for us. We can decide on our ideas to live by. We choose how we want to live, not to have it chosen by others.

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: 246810 ()
Date: August 23, 2010 01:38AM

Yeah, this is a bad one! People will be in fear of saying anything about what happened because of years of indoctrination and mind manupulation. New Harvest destroys families, relationships and hurts people bad. I can't speak for every member at NHCF, but the majority of them that I once knew were the most anti-Jesus ever. They would do all the things of the world and yet tell others not to do it. Kind of like a 'do as I say' mentality.

New Harvest Christian Fellowship have a them vs us belief. What I mean by that is instead of working with other people and churches, they persecute them. They believe that they are the only ones and that what they do and the way in which they do it is superior from any other church. That is cult behaviour!

To all of you who have been hurt by this church, please find another church to go to. Don't be afraid, your not on your own and there's hundreds of churches out there that won't hurt you and will care for you. I know myself how hard it becomes after leaving this ministry, it's dangerous and is damaging to peoples salvation. I, like others, have been damaged under this ministry but Jesus can heal me. He can set me free! He can do the same for you!

NHCF abuse people severly, they are demanding of time don't like differences of opinions. They're not open to criticism or correction and will often make you sound silly and embarrassed for even challenging them on something. They like to find out what things have happened to you in the past and twist them so that they can get you to do whatever they say. Once you become a part of this ministry, you will find it tremendously hard to leave as they find out your hopes and ambitions and will be forever dangling carrots infront of you. Most people that have been majorly involved with this movement and have broke away will often find it hard to settle down in another church because they still believe the things they were tought. This is so wrong and needs to be stopped! NHCF is damaging families. When I was there, we couldn't have outside friendships that much. If they were ever challenged, they would quote scriptures and use them out of context. We had to be careful, as instructed, who we associated with (which is kind of right). However, that's not the issue. If we did decide to challenge any one in ministry about something, and they didn't like what we said, we were told that "we're being used by the devil" or "stop letting Satan control you". It's all false. Just because you have a different opinion doesn't mean your listening to Satan. I have left this church now and find that there is no contact between me and any members. They just ignore me!

When you regularly attend NHCF, you feel overwhelming guilt if you so much as miss a service. They have you controlled without you even knowing it. In some cases, feeling disappointed because you've missed a service is normal. But these feeling are completely different. It's almost like it's your duty to attend.

I know people from this ministry who have lost, friends, family, money and basically their lives. They really emphasize on the fact that you have 'unsaved' members of your family. They're very demanding on there numbers. They believe that just one unsaved person in your house or family can destroy what God has for you. That's ridiculous! Basically, they want to control everything about you and your family.

I don't really know where to go from here. I'm happily settled into a loving chuch that really want to do the things of God. However, all that happened at NHCF seems to stop me from moving forward. There's things which happened at that church that aren't nice and no one can voice what they are because they don't know themselves. A lot of what happens there is subtle and wicked. A lot of the time, I went home worse than I went there because I knew something wasn't right but I couldn't (and still can't to this day) put my finger on it.

To all who reads this, don't be discouraged or intimidated. I don't say horrible, untrue things about New Harvest Christian Fellowship, I just tell what I seen happen and share a little piece of my experience there. I know what's tought there and how decieving it is. Most people think they can't recover from leaving New Harvest. Friends, you can! My God is a God of Love and Compassion. He will always forgive you, no matter what you've done. He values you more than anything.

Remember people that keeping these hurts and not moving forward can damage you even more. I'm trying (although it's hard) to forgive these people. We should forgive like Jesus has forgiven us. It isn't easy! But, in order to move on from any bad situation or past, we need to let Jesus take control.

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: wendyjduncan ()
Date: August 25, 2010 08:07AM

Traci Salazar writes: "Okay and you don't touch God's annointed it's in the bible dear alright." How many times have we heard that from a cult leader, or in this case, a cult leader's daughter!

It's folks like Traci who give Christians a bad name.

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: prevailstruth26 ()
Date: January 24, 2011 07:11AM

As noted by Sparky - The bullying is simply atributed to the old adage "the nut does'nt fall too far from the tree". The reality is that this just exemplifies the character of her parents richard and nancy. As she notes in her post "her parents dont care who leaves" is an understatement. Rather than have a heart of a "shepherd" and watching over the flock the Leaders are really insecure in and of themselves. People leaving thier church angers them, and you know that because right after "key people" in the church and or organization (other pastors that once pastored a NH church), the pastors, staff and associates from other New Harvest churches come in and "preach" about all the "devils" that have left and that "thier" departure is truly a work of God cleaning house. In fact the very men who preach themselves fear the HAND OF RICHARD - But they would never admit it. Another testament to the tendencies of not being entirely biblically sound is the "scripture that the daughter quotes" which IS NOT EVEN A SCRIPTURE. Something to the effect " if one leaves i shall send 10 more" - This only serves to prove that thier so called PHENOMINAL YOUTH GROUP has very shallow biblical foundations to the point where High School Students, College groups and even adults dont know the Word of God.

Additionally if anyone challenges them in the Spirit of meekness, inquirees are viewed as devils, in rebellion, not in submission, not right with God, Issues in the heart etc etc. The phrase that many of these churches use with regard to "not touching the Lords annointed" is out of context. The new testament where Jesus modeled servant based leadership does not endorse this Idea, in fact Jesus said (New American Standard Bible ©1995) "but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea" - Jesus then points out the importance of pursueing 1 out of 99 that may stray - But you never hear this philosphy at NH because of the issue of pride controlling the leaders, they could never see themselves stepping down to be the greater servant.

Richard and Nancy really have the Spirit of Saul - a Public personna and then a Private persona. In public they shine like gold, but as noted by one of the other posts behind the doors they are completely and entirely different people. Its like Saul was Mr. Charisma in public but when off the record, he was going to do all that he could to destroy that David Guy. Another unbiblical thing they do is push people all the time for "Pledges for money" because of the so called need they have or the vision that God has given them to embark on some new ministry, The truth is that if GOD IS GUIDING, THEN GOD IS PROVIDING. If churches have to beg or challenge people to get involved in what God wants to do, then really God is not involved in it. Its simply a Fleshly ambition that someone has thought up and is expecting others to help out in it. I think one would rather want to support what is already flowing knowing that if its moving, its moving by God himself, additionally they also make it mandatory for all thier "baby" churches to Tithe back to the corporate church. When you read the New Testament you can clearly define that tithing is still in fact a necessity in the life of the believer and even Jesus endorsed it, however NO WHERE IN THE NEW TESTAMENT IS IT WRITTEN THAT CHURCHES MUST TITHE TO CHURCHES. Just another way working the MLM tactic.

As far as the daughters statement, "dont you think he would expose it if it was bad" - thats really a foolish and untrained mind speaking and again a testament to the lack of bible knowledge, Every bible student in the world knows that in the book of 1 Kings. II Kings, 1 Chronicles, II Chronicles, God allowed wicked kings to rule and reign, yet it was all part of HIS plan and he took care of HIS PEOPLE. God will always take care of his people whenever our human corrupt nature and pride tries to overshadow HIS work and desire in any given group, nation, church etc.

That's whey he's GOD and we're not :-) People like Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, Phil Aguilar, proved this point time and again - God will let corrupt people sit at the podium or sit on the throne while HE IS overshadowing HIS people, ultimatley its about GODS people not Pastors. Pastors are only under shepherds, men just like the men next door to you with a different calling in thier lives, they are not to be FEARED or BOWED down to, if we begin to SERVE MEN than we've missed it and thats what happen when Saul became King, the people wanted a MAN rather than OUR GOD.

Find a bible believing, bible preaching / teaching church, where the Pastor doesnt monopolize the organizaion, where there is true accountability for him = NOT YES MEN! Men that will look at the Senior Pastor in the eye and say "You were wrong in your action or word or deed" but I love you and I trust you will never do this or that or the other again, and I will serve right along your side. If a man cant recieve that than he is FILLED WITH UNHEALTHY PRIDE. If it comes down to it, you may have to come to the place where the instance of Paul and Barnabas takes place and you may have to part ways.

If you have departed any one of these type of churches, New Harvest, Praise Chapel, The Door - (These all have the same birthmark from the early to mid 70's) God is alive and well, he is moving in every other denomination or non denomination, the crazy idea that GOD is only moving in OUR CHURCH OR CIRLCE OR FELLOWSHIP is rediculous. Check out your local Assembly of GOD, Foursquare, Baptist, Calvary or whatever and start to LIVE A REAL LIFE that is without control, mind manipulation, etc.

May he bless and keep you!

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: CovLass ()
Date: February 17, 2011 01:04AM

Id like to congratulate rmd imps and others who have had the courage to speak out about their experiences of New Harvest Church. Id also like to encourage them and others to continue sharing and finding support here. Ive had no experience of the church but did attend a very controlling and abusive church myself. I looked for years for a safe place where I coould share my experiences and Im grateful that I found through this, that I was not alone. That confirmed what I already thought. This wasnt me. I wasnt the one with the problem. Plenty of other people have had the same experience under the same leaders.

I also found that reading other peoples experiences of different churches that spiritual abuse was more widespread than I had thought. Reading some of your stories and those of others you would think we went to the same church, even though people share their stories from all over the world.

The thing is when you speak out people do get upset. I and others who spoke out, were accused on here, of lying and just being bitter by a member of the church I left. Traci Salazars attitude does more to confirm your story than anything else. Often current members, some well meaning and others just downright rude and nasty will try and discredit and intimidate ex members from speaking out. However there is one thing I have yet to see. Tis is the leader of the said church coming on here and facing up to what is said and giving an account. I can't say for sure its never happened but Ive not seen it yet.

If this was just a case of one of two disgruntled members who left because of a minor upset, surely the leader coming in here humbly and apolgising for any upset caused would go a long way to him or her saving face and proving that they were actually a caring shepherd of the flock and not some egotistical bully boy.

So take heart, dont be afraid to speak up. As wendyjduncan points out. this whole 'touch not mine anointed' verse has been used widely out of context by charlatans and cultists for years. I really do hope you all find some answers, strength, comfort and a way forward. If you are looking for another church there are plenty that are healthy. If you find one you like, pay it a visit, ask questions and perhaps do some research.

May God bless you all

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: RTEiwksvm ()
Date: October 18, 2011 05:50PM

I wish I could say that this was isolated to NHCF of Norwalk, but almost identical tactics were used by Pastor Robert Romero of Modesto New Harvest (same organization) I can only write about what I experienced first hand. Isolation, fear, and intimidation are used to keep people "faithful" to the ministry, any dissenters are excommunicated and demonized. There is a constant push for more and more money that seems to go into a bottomless pit with absolutely no accountabily or transparency as to what the funds are being used for. There is an overshadowing atmosphere of aristocracy. If you don't obey every beck and call of Robert Romero and his son Levi Romero, you characterized as a rebel and immediately black listed. If you dare question their authority or "office" you are going to be cursed, even when questionable statements are being made by them. These men, although they claim to be orthodox Christian, hold many catholic views. Their tactics are reminiscent of the church before the time of the reformation, when believers were told what the will of God was for their lives based on a set of rules and creeds developed by men. As long as you adhere to their man made rules and regulations you will be accepted.
These preachers have no problem adding to and taking away from the Bible, in an attempt to create a "more" perfect system. They exalt their tradition higher than God's law.(any current members can test this by merely standing back and observing. You will see people reprimanded for "breaking the rules" while others who are clearly violating clear Biblical principles are rewarded.)

While I may sound like disgruntled Christian to some, hopefully those that are thinking about leaving can find some encouragement. You don't have to remain under a man who is always condemning you and forcing his personal agenda on you. God is faithful and HE will keep us in his love. NO man or church can strip that away from us. If you reflect on the story of Saul and David, you'll recall that David did two distinct actions. He Ran, and he spoke up...It's ok to get out of harms way when it comes to protecting yourself and your family, especially from spiritual harm. It's ok to speak out against falsehood. David clearly stated to Saul and to others what Saul had perpetrated against him. In the new testament Paul also rebuked Peter, even though Peter was an elder with much more tenor than Paul. If these men(Robert Romero and Richard Salazar) cannot face themselves, and admit who they are and repent, it just goes to show they are ruled by pride and self deceit .(I do believe God will grant them repentance if they humble themselves)

Speaking from experience, if you leave New Harvest because you want to have a healthy relationship with God, he will honor that he WILL NOT remove an ounce of his blessing, annionting or calling from your life--despite what Mr. Romero or other church members tell you. Find a good church that places an emphasis on scriptural authority. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: RTEiwksvm ()
Date: October 21, 2011 11:07PM

NHCF is set up like as a hierarchy with pastor Richard Salazar being he Sr. President of the organization with other "Leadership" pastors. The next tier of leadership consist of the "Leadership pastors" which is a council of about 10 men from various New Harvest churches (the greatest proportion are form Norwalk) These men collectively run the entire organization and create rules and regulations that all subordinate churches must adhere to. (Not always based on scripture) They publicly claim to be accountable to one another, but when a concern is raised against one of them (the Leadership,) they immediately dismiss your claims. (And you are characterized as an unruly rebel)

Short of one of them falling into adultery or some other blatant and obvious scandal, there is no recourse on behalf of the congregation members who have been wronged by their Pastor(s). While it is understood that we should not be heeding accusations against elders without witnesses, these men will not take heed even when there are multiple witnesses who bring forth concerns.

This Leadership council has an us-vs-them mentallity. They were placed there to be servants of all (as Christ was) but instead have become "Lords over the flock" which is not the Biblical method of pastoralship. (The bible says they are to LEAD BY EXAMPLE--NOT AS LORDS.) These men are above any concerns of their congergation becuase they are"God's Profits." and although they don't say it directly, they believe that they can do not wrong. They therefore, owe no apologies to anyone or don't see need for retracting slanderous statements against congergations members. They believe, becuase of their "office" the retain the right to be Judge, jury, and prosecutor over their congergations.

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New organization to assist those of us from cults
Posted by: LisaKendall ()
Date: January 17, 2012 07:59AM

The cult I lived in is called the Move. My mother joined so I was there from ages 9-19. I had similar experiences with assumptions made about me bc I spent time with boys. People actually spread rumors about my sexual activity despite that I had not been sexually active. This is about mean-spirited and ignorant people even if they mean well. It is not merely a function of the group you were involved in but of a type of people in general.

A new organization is being created to help former cult members from the Pacific NW. Please contact me if you would like more information. Lisa Kendall

I wish everyone happiness.

Lisa in Portland

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: Zaralla ()
Date: September 25, 2012 07:03AM

I must leave my own comment about this attitude from the Harvest daughter I am picking up in her message. The energy is not good but a judging one, and accusing one. IF that is what Christian churches are about, they should all be banned. Moreso, they are legs off the Catholic movement from 2,000 years ago known historically for murdering and being a business for money-making. I find if indeed this Harvest cult was good, there wouldn't be any opposition of the types we are finding here.

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