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Re: just escaped
Posted by: Zaralla ()
Date: September 25, 2012 07:11AM

May I reply to the statements below-
Why do good healthy adults need a pastor to prevent them from getting a std or pregnant?
It's human nature...even natural to hold hands, kiss or even make love. Whose rules are these?
To hold back from natural living, shall harm people.
If adults need rules for dating from a church establishment in order to respect yourself....well you may ask yourself why ...
Respecting yourself has nothing to do with a church.

" Okay now as for the dating... The reason why it would go to the PATORS NOT LEADERS is so someone could hold you two accountable so you won't mess up and get pregnant or STD and I don't think you want that right? Now as for holding hands and kissing is because it opens the door for temptation to come in and make you want to have sex. Now if a leader told you you were leading them on then you should have gone to a pastor's wife and talked to them and told them what was going on they would have helped you. The last time I checked I didn't feel second class and all the women in there either... all the rules for dating makes you respect yourself"

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: kingmankowboy ()
Date: May 01, 2016 11:55PM

To Start off with, to tracicherise, the pastors daughter, don't come on here trying to defend your cult ways, this type of intimidation does not work for people who have escaped the circus of religion you live in...We hope the light bulb comes on for you some day, and that you can get free...

People should be aware that New Harvest, Potters House, Praise Chapel, Victory Outreach, all started about the same time, and that all the founders of those cults fellowshipped together, In the early days of the 4 fellowships, they were interchangeable and carbon copy, In other words, if you attended praise chapel, but was out of town where there was not a praise chapel, you could go to victory outreach, new harvest, potters house and never miss a beat, and feel like you were in your own town..

These cults all have the same basic theological doctrines which are:

1. Never question leadership, if you do, you are working with the devil, and going to hell.
2. Shut up and pay your tithes, if you don't give your all, you are not welcome in their churches.
3. Do as your told, (I was in the praise chapel fellowship and even pastored several churches with them, and my pastor constantly quoted, "Touch not God's Annointed"
4. Education is bad, in other words, all you need is the Bible, no seminary, no College, no higher education, cause it makes you luke warm
5. Only associate with your fellowship members, any family, friends or aquaintences, not part of the fellowship are off limit.
6. The pastor is the final word, and authority, The church boards are hand picked by the pastor and are only figure heads.

These are just some of the poisons from these cult fellowships, Escape if you can, run like hell, and don't look back....

Jeff Watkins
Former pastor Praise Chapel West Sacramento

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Re: just escaped
Date: January 05, 2017 06:59AM

A question, how do you escape from a group that is not a live-in situation (e.g., not communal)? I understand that members of a group can feel that theirs is an exclusive group, or that they have a higher calling than other groups do, and that therefore they need to be in their group. However, if you don't want to be a part of that group, you can just not show up anymore to the services or meetings. Is there a level of influence involved? I know the original poster put the word "escape" in quotes, but you do say there is a level of difficulty in leaving the group.

Do they have any other influence on you? Do they show up at your door and keep trying to talk to you? Do they have influence over your job (do you also work for the church)?

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Re: just escaped
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 06, 2017 09:48AM

Entrapment comes from a feeling of painful, unquestionable obligation that is instilled in someone.

Imprisonment is more than curtailment of physical freedom. Imprisonment is also a state of mind.

And entrapment doesn't happen all at once. You're led into it gradually, so gradually you don't even notice at first.

Here's another post that describes how this process works.


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Re: just escaped
Date: June 13, 2018 06:22AM

Congrats been in one just like it its horribly
Controlling , i used to believe they somhow had more spiritual power than me . I was verbally abused , financislly
Controled , it almost split up me and my husband

Be strong your not alone
You may feel like your to blame
Or thry might make you feel guilty
Dont let them pull you back in they need your money
Thats all its about in churches anymore

Personally i just stay home read my bible
Its a whole lot safer .. take care and congrats

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