Girlfriend in a cult. Need some advice
Posted by: SmileySteve ()
Date: August 09, 2006 11:00AM

I am a Christian. Not involved in any cult, just a regular church.

I have a girlfreind right now who is involved in a cult group. I didn't really realize that it was a cult group until a little while after I met her because she claimed that it was a Christian group. The name of it is Iglesia Ni Cristo, and it originated in the Philippines, and is somewhat similar to Jehovah Witnesses in their doctrines. They use a lot of control and fear in their church to keep people inside.

Normally, I would not get involved with a person in a cult group, but since i found out later about the cult after i met her, I have stayed with her and talked to her about these issues, hoping that she will see this cult for what it is and come out of it. I have also given her an ultimatum, telling her basically that she needs to choose me or this cult because i cannot be a part of the cult.

We have come to a point where she is willing to leave this cult group. The consequences for leaving this group is your family disowning you and the cult trying to make you believe that you are going to hell now among other things.

My question is trying to find out the genuiness of her leaving. My feeling is that even though she is willing to leave it, she is still sitting on the fence. She has grown up in this group her whole life and has always believed it to be true until she met me. I know that these things are hard to leave because they brainwash you your entire life to make you believe that they are the only true church as they say.
I do believe that she will turn away from this group, but i wonder if it is just for me and where her heart really is. Whether her heart is with this cult group or not. I've asked her questions about that before, and she usually asks me not to ask her that because it causes her pain. This leads me to believe that her heart may still be with this cult. I'm not sure though and that is why i am looking for some answers. If you have any insights, I would apreciate it. thank you.


Girlfriend in a cult. Need some advice
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 09, 2006 08:08PM


The prooof might be her willingness to receive meaningful counseling from a professional and discuss the group in-depth within that context.

See []

Recovery from a cult most often takes time and frequently former cult members benefit from such counseling to sort things out.

See []

Here is a directory of resources available.

I hope this is helpful.

Girlfriend in a cult. Need some advice
Date: August 09, 2006 09:23PM


the following site:-


goes through -step by step- claims of the founder's background etc., and the verifiable facts.

it may help.

Girlfriend in a cult. Need some advice
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 09, 2006 09:34PM


There are several Web sites that focus on the group.

See [])

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