George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 02, 2002 06:18AM

Greetings David + others:
In 1983 I became an insulin-dependent diabetic while living in a "brothers house." After being in the hospital for a week (some were kind enough to visit) I returned a little depressed to the house. One person approached me and asked what it was about my lifestyle (I was running every day almost until my diagnosis and not overweight) that caused me to become diabetic- in other words, it was my fault that I now had a chronic condition. The same week a leader came to me and told me that he had talked to Betty by telephone (Geftakys) and there is no excuse for me to miss any meetings; so I had better be there. Those folks from CA- especially SLO- can probably think of a local example of a double-standard regarding meeting attendance can't they? Hint: his last name begins with a 'G'.
Ironically, the gentleman who told me not to miss any meetings later came down with a condition (Yuppie flu) that made him tired much of the time, thereby causing him to occasionally miss meetings. A side note: Betty Geftakys was his pseudo-doctor, and she had coffee going into him in both ends. Let's see, an enema bag and a coffee can-is there a such a thing as a visual oxymoron?

George Geftakys
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: November 02, 2002 06:20AM

Hello everyone

David, your story is so sad. Even more so because I know it is true. I am assuming that the brother who didn't think your Aunt's death was important was a certain leader who's house you lived in towards the end? Amazing what we are capable of in God's name when we are so full of pride. When I read your posts, it caused me to reflect on what I think is so important, and whether or not it is good for others in my life, mainly my wife and children. We should be careful, not to get our "stewardships" done, but to walk humbly with God. I am always so embarrased when I hear the many stories like this one, I was once a willing participant and enforcer in this charade.

On another note:

Have you all noticed that there are basically four of us that post, yet over 700 views of this thread? The new website does not even show up on the search engines yet, but I had over 900 (nine hundred!) page views on Wednesday. I finally got the hit counter to read on the home page late wednesday evening and we have over 175 visitors since then. (It doesn't count me or my helper) Keep checking the site. Our very own Mark Campbell will have an article up soon.


George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 02, 2002 06:56AM

For the uninformed some assembly members were doing coffee enemas as per Betty Geftakys at one time. Talk about about a caffeine buzz! I'll bet you cd. stay awake at the meeting after a bag of that! Anyway, it wasn't our inherent unworthiness, necessarily, that made us the object of other members/leaders cruel comments or attitudes. We, not being leaders or especially useful to them for one reason or ano were safer targets. Some folks wd. get angry if anyone else seemed to get away with not attending as many meetings, etc. as they "had" to. Cruelty and vindictiveness, in the guise of "speaking the truth in love" were behind a lot of it. Misplaced anger, too. We shd. be glad that it finally came to a point that as reasonably intelligent adults we refused to be useful idiots any longer.
To those readers still in the assembly or about to join up:
Men and movements can only EARN your loyalty or trust. Not everyone or every movement DESERVES loyalty or trust. THEY ARE NOT GOD! No man or group has the right to unqualified loyalty or trust. YOU HAVE THE GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO W-DRAW IT IF THEY PROVE UNWORTHY OR UNTRUSTWORTHY.

George Geftakys
Posted by: joe sperling ()
Date: November 02, 2002 08:11AM

When you mention the Prayer meetings and your requests
being ignored it also brings to mind other things that were easily
ignored when I'd bring them up. I laugh now when I remember the anger expressed towards me for asking a simple question.
Here it is: On several occasions George would say that Phd stood
for "phenomenally dumb" and that Bible Colleges were not in the will of God. He would say that God did not create colleges for people to attend to learn the Bible. Then one day George was talking about Betty and what a holy woman she was, and how he had met her on the campus of Biola University. So, I asked one of the leading brothers "So, if Bible Colleges are out of the will of God, was George out of the will of God when he met Betty at Biola?"(Biola is an acclaimed Bible college). This brother's face turned beet red and he yelled at me for even inferring that George could be out of the will of God. The question was never answered though even though it really was a valid one. How can you claim that Bible colleges are out of the will of God, and then say you were in the will of God when you met your wife at a Bible College? It's really quite hilarious when you think about it! But as is the practice of the Assembly, questions, even questions with validity that in anyway attack a leader are never answered, but are cast aside, and the one who asks them is treated as if he had commited a blasphemous sin. I find some of these things very funny now and wonder how I didn't see through much of the absurdity at the time. --Joe

George Geftakys
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: November 02, 2002 10:50AM

Hello everyone

<<A side note for Brent: Betty Geftakys was his pseudo-doctor, and she had coffee going into him in both ends. Let's see, an enema bag and a coffee can-is there a such a thing as a visual oxymoron?>>

That's some pretty funny prose there Terry! For the record, I never, ever did a coffee enema. I also know that the person who wrote "Coffee Breaks," never did one either....

However, I was there when a bunch of healthy young men, with no yuppie flu, or cancer, or diabetes or lupus or anything else wrong with them except acne, went on a whole Geerson regime.

Her Majesty was kind enough to teach them how. Since they were all 19-22 years old, they really needed her guidance, because they never would have been able to piece together the proper cure without her. Amazingly, it also worked out that they were able to slice her vegetables for her, while doing there own. Isn't that great? Betty was able to cure all of these young, healthy men and they only needed to be her slave labor for payment. :-P


George Geftakys
Posted by: Eric Buchmann ()
Date: November 02, 2002 05:06PM

Hi Everybody,

All right, I'm one of the Cloud of Lurkers. :) When I first visited the site, there were only five posts. Now there's a cazillion of posts. Before I go any further I have to warn all of you that as of Thursday, October 10th, I am a disembodied spirit wandering in the universe in the outer darkness. I am going to wander in a non-existent state and suffer for leaving the assembly. At least that's what the leadership in the San Fernando Valley told me (but in keeping with assembly rules, I won't mention their names here).

Since leaving the Valley Assembly, I have peace and [u:a8767915ca]real[/u:a8767915ca] joy. It's sad to see the false repentance displayed by the leaders. The current members just "believe the best" rather than the truth.

I have to say to all you out there who haven't left yet. Don't be afraid of confronting the leadership in your assembly. As strong as they appear to be, they are all cowards and will back down. It still amazes me how these bullies "ran for cover". The chief bully, Diotrophes (as I call him), could not say a word. Of course, after I left, the false accusations came.

I would also like to mention the dramatic change after Mark left. Thank you, Mark for showing me the beginning of hypocrisy. Diotrophes was ..."so humble" for a few years. Then gradually he tightened his grip on the assembly. In the scripture it speaks about a spirit leaving the man and going through waterless places. When he returns, he finds the place swept clean and brings in seven worse than himself (Matt. 12:43-45). Well, I saw him many times worse. He couldn't fake his humility when he went into a rage. Now with this renewed false repentance, I can only wonder how bad 49 times is. I don't want to be around!

George Geftakys
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: November 03, 2002 12:05AM

Hello Eric

<<Thursday, October 10th, I am a disembodied spirit wandering in the universe in the outer darkness. I am going to wander in a non-existent state and suffer for leaving the assembly. >>

You know, for a long time I believed this sort of thing, as did most of the people in the Assembly. For everyone out there who is confused about the outer darkness idea, "I don't know what that means, but I sure don't want to find out!" I have a great article posted on the webiste:

What I like most about this article is the author's proper hermeneutics, something we were never exposed to from listening to the man, "who learned after he knew it all."

Looking at things differently (correctly) freed up my understanding to hear what Jesus was saying in His parables, as opposed to what George and his disciples were saying. As you might imagine, these two somethimes have different things to say...

We have all kinds of surprises on the new site, but some of them will take a few weeks. I have lots of documents to scan and edit.

Look for a history article soon. I have interviewed 3 people who were there from the beginning, as well as some who knew GG before the assembly. I have independently verified my facts, and will begin writing soon. I think you will find it interesting.


George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 03, 2002 02:18AM

Brent + others:
My apologies Brent, for assuming that you were the author of the article. Also, I didn't mean to suggest that the author of the article on the RR website - see Coffee Breaks- personally participated in this "therapy" referred to in my last posting.
It takes time to process all the experiences, doctrine, and other baggage one picks up during their involvement in the assembly.
As one matures emotionally we tend to not be so easily manipulated. I remember GG saying that old people are set in their ways, implying that they are a waste of time, and shdn.'t be listened to -especially if they had a hard time w/ their children's involvement in the assembly. Basically, God cd.n't do much with them. Since when is maturity and experience and the attendant wisdom that goes along with them so bad? What if one is set in good ways that don't need to be changed? Nothing is wrong with being young and idealistic, but often we think we know it all better (set in our ways). "We follow the NT pattern," or "we are the faithful remnant...." It is a point in life that one can be more easily manipulated.

George Geftakys
Posted by: Mark Campbell ()
Date: November 03, 2002 04:16AM

Hello Eric!
It was so good to see your post. I also was very angry at the "brothers" when I first left, but consider: They're still there and you are out! The joke is on them; cruel joke that it is.
Of course our greatest concern is for those trapped under the burden of the Assembly system. I think the Leaders must know that they are wrong and yet their ego's are so invested in "the ministry" they can only defend their false position.
I knew from early on that there were problems, but thought there was a way that I could change things for the better. How wrong I was! I didn't have the foundation with which to properly judge the erroneous teaching that I was receiving. I trust the new website will be a great help to many. I'm just finishing up an article for the new site on false holiness (yes, Brent, I'm almost done and will send it out today).
I am suprised to hear that I had any effect at all on T. Mc. Maybe he felt bad about all the lies and deception regarding my ousting? I honestly feel very sorry for these poor leading brethren as they are doing great damage to their own souls and their families (as Dave and Judy). But, my sorrow for them is exceeded by my outrage at the abuse the members suffer at their hands!
We don't labor alone in our attempt to reach these poor trapped souls and God can do wonderful things, as he did for you.
Brent-- Great article re. Galatians and the history article was accurate as far as I know. You have talked to the right people who were there to see it all. I think we could write a much larger book from the responses we will get from the web site as old members come and recount their experiences.
God Bless, Mark

George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 03, 2002 11:29AM

Greetings Mr. Buchmann and everyone else:

I was told by a current assembly member that one shd. give the benefit of the doubt to others (in context it was re. George Geftakys). I very much agree with the principle, and believe it to be the christian thing to do. But when someone's behavior too often belies their words, they remove enough of the doubt and the associated benefits. One must act on the evidence, and not be sentimental or fearful. For various reasons we don't act upon what we already know and see to be true. For instance, no one will actually say that George or some leader is perfect, but people under them are expected- one of many unwritten rules-to act as if they were! George is intelligent enough not to say,at least publicly, that he is only accountable to God; but that is essentially how he is viewed by all assembly members. It can finally become an issue of conscience and personal integrity-not to mention personal sanity- where you finally ask yourself: Why wd. I want to support "this?" I wish Eric B. as well as everyone else the best.

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