George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 16, 2002 06:07AM

Greetings everyone:

I was wondering if anyone ever met a girl from Spfld., Illinois who lived and went to university in the Fullerton area for about 1 semester back in about 1987 or so. Amy D. returned to Spfld and attended 1 meeting and then was never seen again. I can't help but wonder if she had some bad experience while out there. She was a nice gal. Appreciate any info.

George Geftakys
Posted by: terry huffman ()
Date: November 16, 2002 10:15AM

Hello Mark:
I for one wd. be glad if you addressed this topic. Knowing the source(s) of some of his thoughts/theology wd. be very enlightening, especially when his distortions have made for some "a poisoned well" of so many useful things, incl. the Bible itself. For those who have been chewed up and spit out by a supposed servant of god and his dysfunctional system, even the idea of a spiritual life has been made to seem like nonsense, or at least for them, unnattainable. I had better say that I am looking forward to the "positive side" of the subject, too. It is almost devilish, don't you think, when something wonderful is twisted and disfigured into an ugly caricature through being made to serve unintended ends?

An editors note stated( that GG had little education.
Does this mean theological edu. in terms of Greek, etc? He talked about all the philo units he had....

George Geftakys
Posted by: Mark Campbell ()
Date: November 16, 2002 11:33AM

Greg, you have a very clear manner in describing the irony of Assembly rules re. leaving. I know you are feeling the sting of the Valley rejection now. It is great to know that Christ promised to never leave us or forsake us.
One brother from the beach told me he was told the blood of Christ would no longer cover him if he left, as he did not receive the blessing of the leadership. The brother asked if anyone who left ever had received their blessing? The Leaders could not think of any off hand, but were sure there were some.
Joe, I have the address somewhere and will send it to you this weekend. I tried your e-mail before; did you ever get one from me? I will try again. I still have the "Christ" painting that went in the Valley brothers house that Rand did. Al wanted the "Others" painting so I gave it to him (these works are known by us Valleyites).
Eric, Looking forward to your article; it sounds great! It sounds strange that Assembly leaders would feel the need to monitor the internet and look for how their previous victims are presenting the Assembly. I know I was considered part of the "Enroth Group" at one time by some inside. I met Dr. Enroth several times, but he hardly was a leader of some kind of movement to destroy the Assembly. I got the distinct impression Enroth was motivated by the devastation he saw in the lives of those who came out of the Assembly and similar groups. If there are Assembly monitors please feel free to post here and tell us how we are wrong and that the Assembly has changed for the better. Of course you would have to admit that you were wrong in the past, but nothing bad about that, it could bring some wonderful blessings from God for us and you.
Brent, You're revealing my secret weapon ;) She would make a great editor. God Bless, Mark

George Geftakys
Posted by: Eric Buchmann ()
Date: November 16, 2002 04:32PM

Hi David,

<<Does anyone know anything about my former roomates? Greg Brislawn, Mike Smith, Mike Almonzor, Walter Popoff, Steve Taylor, Mike Miller?>>

Since I recently left, I can help you with some names. Greg Tobin would probably remember about the others.

Greg Brislawn is in leadership in the West L.A. assembly. I don't know what his echelon (or rank) is within the leadership there. I don't believe he is the "head of the assembly" there. Mike Almanzor is leading the assembly in Riverside. Walter Popoff is in the West L.A. assembly and has 4 kids, with the 5th one on the way. I think Mike Miller is still in the Midwest, possibly in Norfolk.

The others I'm not sure about.


George Geftakys
Posted by: Mark Campbell ()
Date: November 17, 2002 02:46AM

Yes, you express my feelings exactly re. the benefit of discussing GG's mystical message. "Posioning the well" is exactly the danger! Once people have heard and "tried" GG's false mysticism/holiness pursuit and then failed they are likely to think God has failed them and thus the whole thing is false. I look forward to your contribution on the topic as well as others.
Boy, the new site is a humdinger! I think I will probably try and bring up the topic at the grace and truth section. I had given up on the Assembly, but God in his great love has never given up trying to reach our friends with his truth. I know the site will be a great blessing to many and I hope Assembly folks can see it is God knocking at the door and not "an attack of the enemy".
God Bless, Mark

George Geftakys
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: November 17, 2002 04:52AM

Hello Terry:

I am still monitoring this board, but am spending most of my time over at "the other" place;)

Look for a history article sometime in the future. I have all the facts together, and have verified them independently, but I must get signed affadavits from my sources before I post the article.

The best defense against libel is Truth.

I can tell you this:

"According to our records, Mr. George Geftakys attended the Bible Institute
of Los Angeles, now known as Biola University, and graduated with a Bachelor
of Theology in June of 1951 and with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible in June of
1952. Mr. Geftakys began his enrollment in the Spring semester of 1946.

If you require additional information please feel free to contact us in the
Office of the Registrar.

Bill van Beek
Manager of Student Record Services
Office of the Registrar
Biola University
13800 Biola Avenue"

Everyone who goes to Biola gets a BA in Bible, even if one's major is welding. So, George got a 4 year degree in 6 and one half years if I understand it right.

His "graduate level courses in philosophy" have some wrinkles attached, on which I won't comment yet. However, he does not hold any degree other than what is mentioned above. He does not hold a Masters in Philosophy, let alone a PHD.

"Remember, it's what you learn after you know it all that really counts."

This is quite true, but George never "knew it all," not by a long shot.


George Geftakys
Posted by: Mark Campbell ()
Date: November 17, 2002 11:52PM

Hi All,
I have been enjoying the new site and trust everyone has been over to take a look. Brent, you and your co-workers have done a great job!
I want to know how it is that I am no longer a "Junior Member", but am now designated as a "Member" without the "Junior"?
God Bless, Mark

George Geftakys
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: November 18, 2002 06:52AM

Hello Everyone

Lets stick around just so we can get the post-a-thon meter over 2000! should only take a couple days. Of course, we will not really leave, I'll check this board regularly, and post as well!

On the bulletin board:

0 posts-newbie
0-10 posts-junior member
11-100 posts full member
101-500 senoir member
501 and up-Overcoming member!


George Geftakys
Posted by: Mark Campbell ()
Date: November 18, 2002 10:42AM

Hi Brent and Others.
I get it now; but that would make you a Member as well.
I just had a great conversation with Eric on the phone. It was so good to be able to hear his voice and share in his joy in knowing there is life after the Assembly. Pray for healing for him as he has a blood disease (I hope it is alright to mention this Eric).
I tried to access the bulletin board over at the new site at 6:35PM on 11/17 and the button was gone. Maybe you are making improvements to the site?
I started a topic under "Grace and Truth" over there re. "Union and Communion" and hope to hear everyone's opinion. I especially would like to invite Assembly Monitors to review my post and offer comment. It's okay as you can use a phony name or something and I promise to treat your comments seriously. The topic is a difficult one and possibly I have a misunderstanding re. George's teaching on same. I was a good note taker for 20 years and know what he said, but maybe his views have changed. Let's talk. God Bless, Mark

George Geftakys
Posted by: david mauldin ()
Date: November 19, 2002 09:11AM

Hey I just want to explain the doctrine I learned while in the Assembly It goes like this, A few pages from "Ethics" by Bohnhoffer, and a few pages from "Purity of heart is to will One Thing" by Kirkagarred. Before they fell, Adam and Eve Knew only One thing, "The will of God" This "One Thing" corassponds to the Psalmst "One thing have I desired..." and Pauls "... that I might know Him..." what this shows us is that we (Like Adam and Eve) have the same dynamic relationship with God (That is without the knowlege of good and evil.) So we as Christians can have an undivided pure heart. Uh excuse me I am realy thirsty right now-be right back!...O.K. like I was saying an undivided , pure heart! Total commitment! I can dothis because I am "In Christ" and a person "In Christ" can do nothing but the will of God. No maby halfway you either are or aren't .Oh excuse me I need to use the restroom, Be right back,...O.K. I'm back as I was saying Undivided, Pure and total committment.
Oh excuse me I need to pay my bills- be right back. O.K. You might be saying

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