Debunking: Levels, Degrees, and Hierarchy
Posted by: facet ()
Date: June 06, 2020 09:22PM

If you’ve been involved in mystery schools, freemasonry, a healing modality, and / or other related groups and subjects (chakras, hell and heaven, angels, ascended masters, caste system) you will no doubt have been exposed to the many “levels” that must be traversed in order to be respected within the circles and / or simply succeed within yourself and society as a whole.

Each level of attainment will likely cost money, and more importantly it will cost you your mind.

Hierarchy thinking involves ensuring that you, the seeker, is fully programmed with a system of thinking that sounds pretty much like this: higher and lower.

There are lower realms of attainment (in whatever form) and higher realms of attainment, with higher being more desirable even when it is openly posited that lower is just as good anyway, the stigma of “lower” remains.

You will find the same model in most computer games that you may have played, which gives you, the player, a false sense of achievement simply because the game has been designed that way, with the people behind the game knowing and never revealing the system.

Hierarchy thinking model is flawed in its use for self growth for one simple reason: it requires a higher and a lower sense of self and others, a higher superior (superiority over others) meaning that an inferior must exist for the higher superior to survive. This will be the lower inferior (inferiority under others).

Any one of us brothers and sisters sharing the Earth will know that each are equal, yet individually free (autonomous) to choose as we wish. There is no need for superior and inferior mindsets when it comes to respecting each other as fellow human beings.

We each have to deal with life’s ups and downs making the best of what we have access to, which doesn’t make anyone better or less than worthy as humans.

If you’re ready and it is your choice, you can feel free to put hierarchy thinking in the bin.

Hope you’l enjoy a nice Saturday !

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