When dealing with disillusionment
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 10, 2020 12:29AM

Whilst things are different for everyone, disillusionment can be experienced when finding that those that we entrusted as leaders and experts sometimes were out solely for themselves in some way or another.

We may learn about and discover that underhand manipulation tactics have been used to initially engage us when seeking help, only to then keep us enslaved.

Such experiences can lead us to wonder who we can trust, where we can turn, and we might even begin the road back to victimhood and associated painful areas before realising the actual beauty of disillusionment, which is to realise the power of authority in yourself, and over yourself.

Once this is realised, you can recognise that authority over others - as displayed by those who we have become disillusioned with - is a false standpoint that really does nothing as far as personal growth is concerned for as long as it remains running.

For me, disillusionment means to realise something, something else, and I believe that something else to be the inherent nature of each sole individual ready and waiting to be recognised, remembered, and fully accepted into existence.

Enjoy the weekend !

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