Debunking: Advaita and Restrictive Behaviours
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 10, 2020 01:12AM

Here’s another round of debunking for anyone who’s interested, this time concerning those chatting Advaita teaching over the internet, within cultivating group, or wherever else, and partaking in strict self disciplines for long durations of time, - meant to be temporary before returning to usual living of life.

If Atman is realised as all, and then all is Brahman, there is absolutely no need to life long abstain from what would be considered healthy, natural human behaviours that are of no intentional harm to others.

Brahman is the crisps, the iced birthday cake, the shiny finish on your car, including the nothingness, the seemingly empty bits in between.

Some teachers were maintaining a model of discipline life long for the varied students that came, realised, and continued onwards in their own living of lives.

Why lock yourself up for good?

The teaching is not meant as a means of imprisonment, which many people take upon themselves.

If you become the teacher without the genuine calling, you throw yourself away and become an imprint of something that is not authentic, and are fanatical. You give all of your authentic self up as trash in favour of something outside and idealised, which is passing rather than enduring. In a word, you are fake.

Enjoy being and partaking in the sea of Brahman, if Brahman is your thing, and most of all, enjoy being your own version you :-).

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